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The landmark 1972 building by modernist architect Ludwig Mies van ... When the Italian state established a new seat for the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, the original Corsiniana library ... Dating and Marriage Customs in Italy Modern Reputation is very important important in Italian culture for a man and a woman to marry each other. In Italy the tradition of arranged marriages is no longer practiced. Arranged marriages are a rarity that can be seen only in secluded Online Dating at Every year, hundreds of thousands of people find love on pioneered the Internet dating industry, launching in 1995 and today serves millions of singles in 24 continues to redefine the way single men and single women meet, flirt, date and fall in love, proving time and again that you can make love happen through online dating ... Italian Phrases & Sayings and Their English Translations. A caval donato non si guarda in bocca. – Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. A chi fa male, mai mancano scuse. – He who does evil, is never short of an excuse. Aiutati che Dio t’aiuta. – Help yourself and God will help you. The dating world revolves around making the right proactive choices -- and this means that if you're ready for a monogamous relationship, you have to be clear about your goals, both to yourself and prospective partners. Consider this advice: 1. Finding a partner is a project and requires time and energy. If what you want is a long-term ... Joe Bastianich is a married man. He lives in New York, New York, with his wife, Deanna Bastianich. The couple's wedding ceremony took place on February 19, 1995. Together, Joe and Deanna are blessed with three children: Miles Bastianich, Ethan Bastianich, Olivia Bastianich. Oh no! OkCupid requires you enable Javascript in your browser. Learn more Summers 2016/17, I lived in Italy. I met this gorgeous fellow there, and he spoke no English. I spoke enough Italian to get by, yet he refused to speak to me in person beyond simple pleasantries, hi, how are you, I’m well, thanks. (I was a horrible pickmeisha back in the day) and would try to push the conversation farther, but he wouldn’t ... In November, she moved in with her Italian boyfriend, whom she met on Tinder in Rome. ... companies like Black Girl Travel and Venus Affect provide dating advice and assistance finding a romantic ... Life is beautiful. Cherishing love and friendship, or stress and setbacks are part of what makes life so special and worth living. Italian culture holds many different values, many of them correlating with their love for life. Although there are many things that Italians do value, belief, and have a worldview on, the strongest ones…

I (14M) really like this girl (14F) I've known for 2 years and want to take our relationship to the next level but she wont date because of her morals/religion.

2020.10.20 00:01 isaacthewhite I (14M) really like this girl (14F) I've known for 2 years and want to take our relationship to the next level but she wont date because of her morals/religion.

So when she moved to my school from her private school she captured my eyes with her gorgeous curly hair, and her gregarious personality. That was 2 years ago, and I've liked her on and off for all that time. She Is VERY Christian and strictly follows her beliefs. But shes the nicest person I've ever met, and we have pretty much been best friends for the entire time I've known her. All throughout 7th grade we had almost all classes together and we talked a bunch. I fell in love with her contagious smile, and her amazing humor. I could tell she liked me, at least developing feelings, she blushed alot and everybody always made jokes about us dating. We shrugged it off but secretly I wanted it all to be true. I was the only one I saw her show feelings for. We were both in show chior so we had even more fun there. I cant beleive she didnt pick up on the signs i was giving her that i liked her. No matter how many people told her i liked her she didnt beleive it. I dont know why. I have a few good female friends and they all show big signs that they just want to be friends, but not her. A few months ago I was texting her and I asked if she was going to get a boyfriend this year, and she said no, because she didnt like expectations. Then I asked her if she had a crush on anyone in middle school, and she said no and that her feelings are confusing. She also asked me if I thought my friends were gonna ditch homecoming, and we talked about school dances for a while. Then she said if all the girls bailed on me then she would go with me. But then of course I live in America and covid has made this place its home. So one of my friends set up a backyard homecoming, and since there werent any girls to ask that could bail on me, i asked her. And I said we could go as friends and didnt have to do anything romantic, keeping her promise she said yes AND THEN PUT A ":)" TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK THAT MEANS. I was so confused when she sent that. Anyway the days leading up to homecoming she started texting me a lot more. Idk if she was excited I made a move or she just felt like talking to me. I got her a corsage, it matched her dress. I got a tie that also matched her dress. Our moms absolutely love each other so they were so excited for pictures. When I got out of the car and gave her the corsage I was so nervous my hands here shaking, (that literally NEVER happens to me I'm a very calm person so I was very nervous) then we went to take pictures and my lips started shaking, and I looked so weird in all of them besides maybe the first few. Even my mom was like "you ok?" That's probably the worst part of it. The night got so much better. I took her to an Italian restaurant and met up with the rest of the group, and we talked, and it was a fun time, but when we went back to the makeshift backyard homecoming, we all took pictures, and man did we look good in those. I wasn't shaking on any part of my body, and quite frankly I looked good. I aced the pictures. We all stood around and stood and talked. Sung along to whatever song was playing. We were the only dates there. So everybody thought we were cute, and yet again, we just shrugged it off and I secretly wished it was true. So after a while we all got out of our dress clothes and got into sweatpants and sweatshirts. Then went to a local park and messed around after dark. We played games, sat and talked with the group, then after an hour or two we went back to the backyard and one after one, the party went home, until it was the host, a buddy of mine, her and me. We sat and talked for a while till my buddy went home, she lived just across the street from the party, so I walked her home. She thanked me then we hugged, but it wasnt a friend hug, It was a special hug. She laid her head on my chest. Then she went inside and i went back to the backyard ( my mom stayed there for the party because shes good friends with the party host's mom , and we stayed and talked for about an hour. I went home and thought about the night. But still, we were nothing more than friends still. That was a week ago and I saw her yesterday with a smaller group, we went to a public farm with lots of different stuff to do and we played hide and seek in a corn maze. It was pretty big so we called each other back and forth, and she never wanted to hang up, she like talking to me. Then we went to a haunted house and of course, being the big strong 5'7" 110lbs kid I am I led the way, and she grabbed my shoulders a few time, then we went back to my friends backyard and watched happy death day. And every so often I would glance at her and she looked so tired and pretty, and I just wanted to give her a big long hug and snuggle up with her. I didnt think about her sexually at all like teenage boys normally do. I just wanted to hug her tight. After the movie we all got a ride home and when she was dropped off I went to go sit in her seat from the crowded back seat of the van, I went to give her a fist bump then she went in for a hug. It was a side hug so it wasnt much but it ment alot to me. She has been wanting to see me alot lately and idk if she likes me or thinks I'm just a friend. She hasn't told anyone shes liked them or ever had a boyfriend. She sticks to her morals. Idk if I should go for it and ask her to date me, no expectations, and we could even date in secret if she wants to. Or wait for the right time to ask her. I've waited 2 years for this. I would do anything to have her be my girlfriend. I'm a very patient person. I can wait till she wants to date if I need to. Her parents are divorced. Her mom adores me, idk about her dad. I've met him before and he knows who I am. And my mom likes everything about her besides shes religious. But she is very open to me doing things and she wont stop me from dating anyone. My dad dosent really pay attention to who my friends are, but I showed him a picture of her and he smiled in a reassuring way. So I've got support from family and friends. I think she likes me but her morals prevent her from dating me. Idk what to do in this situation. Pls help. Sorry this was so long lol.
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2020.10.19 18:57 Red_Burner 61 + 35 = zero

Mondays--it just seems worse today...... Well, I've been married for 35 years. And I am not sure if it's too late to leave. I'm 61 and she's 62. We have two kids that are amazing. They both coordinate to stop by once or twice a month. I love our family. But I need something in my marriage I am not getting. It occurred to me that very shortly I will be 62. That was an eye-opener!
She has never had a sexual appetite and since menopause it has gotten worse (less). The side effects on her have been the (new) source of her complete lack of (and I mean, complete) sexuality, desire, etc. She likes to cuddle and kiss hello and goodbye but that means nothing to me it there is no underlying feeling of desire for the other person. I come from an Italian heritage and we did that with family. Hugs and kisses, laying on each other watching tv (no petting or groping of course).
We went to marriage counseling in 2014 and nothing changed. Not. One. Thing. I stopped going and she continued with the guy until it became too hard to schedule something with him (she says).
In July I said I was leaving hoping, and we could start dating again and if it didn't work in a year so that we were both happy then we could get a divorce. Eight days later I changed my mind because I did not believe I did everything I could. We are now going to a VERY EXPENSIVE Sex Therapist and we have yet to talk about restarting our sex life. In the past 20 years, we have been intimate (at most) five or six times.
I am REALLY open to suggestions and opinions.
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2020.10.19 16:58 Either_Economy What to do with a past fibromyalgia diagnosis? Should I tell my new doctor?

Hey, I'm female, 32, 5'6" and 180 lbs.
So about three years ago I moved from a temperate climate in the middle of Germany to hot and humid Italy in the middle of August. I moved suddenly because of a major promotion in my job that came with a huge increase in responsibility.
Soon after arriving in Italy, I started having issues with exhaustion after small amounts of activity, major muscle weakness, feeling like I just couldn't do anything physically (including trouble walking and so forth), some joint pain, etc.
Now I had a history of periods of severe joint pain, also some exhaustion and muscle weakness, dating back to my college years. At the time, doctors and rheumatologists were pretty sure I had something going on and talked about rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, lyme, polyarthritis, but I never got a diagnosis and never really followed-up. The problems were severe for a while but improved significantly when I moved to Germany, either because of climate or lifestyle or some other issue, who knows.
So, anyway, when I moved to Italy I started having these issues again. I saw a doctor, but I didn't speak Italian, and he didn't really speak English, so communication was very limited. He said it was fibromyalgia, that it's in my head, that it's normal and not to be embarrassed, but that it's not interesting to doctors because it's in my head.
That's fine, I wasn't embarrassed or anything, I knew that stress could play a role. He prescribed pregabalin 75 mg, and I took it for a couple of years and then stopped taking it on my own. I never really saw an improvement, but I found that it helped me stay asleep during the night, which is why I kept taking it.
Looking back, I think it was likely the change in climate that played the biggest role in the resurgence of symptoms, since it seems like my issues have sometimes gotten worse in the heat.
Anyway, I'm now in the United States with a new doctor. I still have occasional periods of exhaustion, major lethargy, muscle weakness, a bit of breathlessness. It comes for a few days or a couple of weeks at a time, and it does seem to be worse in summer (though maybe that's my imagination).
When I see my new doctor, can I just simply state the issue about the periods of lethargy and weakness, or do I say that I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia?
The thing about the diagnosis is that we couldn't really communicate because of the language barrier, and it was just one appointment with urine sample, so I'm not really sure if that counts as an official diagnosis.
Thanks a lot.
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2020.10.19 16:02 Red_Burner 61 + 35 = zero

Mondays--it just seems worse today...... Well, I've been married for 35 years. And I am not sure if it's too late to leave. I'm 61 and she's 62. We have two kids that are amazing. They both coordinate to stop by once or twice a month. I love our family. But I need something in my marriage I am not getting. It occurred to me that very shortly I will be 62. That was an eye-opener!
She has never had a sexual appetite and since menopause it has gotten worse (less). The side effects on her have been the (new) source of her complete lack of (and I mean, complete) sexuality, desire, etc. She likes to cuddle and kiss hello and goodbye but that means nothing to me it there is no underlying feeling of desire for the other person. I come from an Italian heritage and we did that with family. Hugs and kisses, laying on each other watching tv (no petting or groping of course).
We went to marriage counseling in 2014 and nothing changed. Not. One. Thing. I stopped going and she continued with the guy until it became too hard to schedule something with him (she says).
In July I said I was leaving hoping, and we could start dating again and if it didn't work in a year so that we were both happy then we could get a divorce. Eight days later I changed my mind because I did not believe I did everything I could. We are now going to a VERY EXPENSIVE Sex Therapist and we have yet to talk about restarting our sex life. In the past 20 years, we have been intimate (at most) five or six times.
I am REALLY open to suggestions and opinions.
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2020.10.19 14:58 Pomeranian_Chocolate Falling for a non-heterosexual man over my dedicated and perfect boyfriend...

I recently started medical school. I am a little bit older than others (26). Before I started med school, I started dating someone and quickly developed a very serious relationship. He is the kindest, sweetest, generous, giving, talented, hardworking, entrepreneurial, dedicated, loyal guy. I got REALLY lucky.I figured out, he had been looking for a girl to dedicate himself to for a while and he found me via Facebook. I have done a lot of dating (good and bad experiences) and I KNOW he is a catch. He is incredibly good to me. He brings me gifts all the time and supports me a lot with all the things I have going on (I work as well). We have been dating for just 5 months though.
The thing is, since starting medical school, every week twice a week I am in a PBL(GROUP LEARNING) with a lot of people including this guy... let's call him James.James is incredibly intelligent, he is very studious, soft-spoken and also handsome. He is a lanky, dark-haired and half Italian like me. His dedication and intelligence are very attractive, and I find him incredibly good looking. Objectively he and my boyfriend are PROBABLY very close in attractiveness. But I find James very sexy. In fact, he has been infiltrating my dreams. I am having multiple dreams about being intimate with him, to the point that when he talks to me I feel very startled.
..I also think he may know that I like him although he knows I have a boyfriend. Recently he has started sitting next to me, laughing at my jokes and instigating conversations. It seems more flirtatious than in the beginning, but I can't be sure.The thing is, I have been told by someone that James is probably Gay. I did a Facebook search and he is certainly not heterosexual due to some tags he has been put in suggesting he is either Gay or Bisexual (literally tagged gay and bisexual men). He had a serious girlfriend during high school, which doesn't mean much for a gay man anyway. But anyway, he might be bisexual. Certainly not hetero.
Why am I thinking about this?Because I fantasise of breaking it off with my boyfriend, in order to be 'available' in the off-chance James is bisexual. But I also know that would be a very STUPID decision and won't do it. I guess I want some sort of magical advice which will make me think I'll get over this obsession.
Over this 6 week period since meeting James, I have also lost interest sexually in my boyfriend. Already I found his sex drive a lot higher than mine to the point that I am put off. He is very rough in bed additionally he has a very large penis which is personally not my thing. I feel my vagina gets ripped and sex is often painful. In the past, I have not felt sex to been painful with others...(not to say that I enjoy it with others or anything though because I never really loved them). He tries to change for me, but I know, in his heart, he wants it rough etc. He enjoys being dominant. Whereas I prefer mutual gentle relationship and fantasise about passionate loving sex with James :(......I almost know James would be soft.
My boyfriend has a lot of 'energy', he likes Boxing and has real fights with his friends. I find this really stupid and I don't enjoy listening to his antics. I am becoming more judgemental of him ever since meeting James.
Anyway, my boyfriend is incredibly kind and I know I would REGRET this decision a lot. I literally don't know what to do.
Also, I think James would not treasure and love me the way my boyfriend does even if he was bisexual. So why am I thinking like this? It's terrible!!!!

I thought I might mention I'd never physically cheat on my boyfriend. I don't believe in this. I guess if any form of emotional cheating beyond sitting next to me in class occurred, then I'd break it off if I felt that I couldn't control myself.No, he doesn't deserve to be hurt like that. I have been cheated on and it ruined my life for a good year and onwards with trust issues.
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2020.10.19 12:53 MythicalMusing Did Jesus Die in Outer Space? Evaluating a Key Claim in Richard Carrier’s 'On the Historicity of Jesus', James McGrath, 2014

"...the question of whether any Jews before the rise of Christianity expected the Davidic anointed one to die before restoring his dynasty to the throne is an interesting one, but whether one agrees with Carrier’s treatment of the evidence or not, it is clear that such pre-Christian thinking about a dying messiah, if it existed, could have inspired a historical individual who believed himself to be the messiah to try to get himself handed over to authorities. And so we could devote a whole article just to that question ..."
this article will...instead seek to interact with...what Carrier calls the “basic myth hypothesis” or the “minimal Jesus myth theory.” The first tenet Carrier lists is this: “At the origin of Christianity, Jesus Christ was thought to be a celestial deity much like any other.”[2] Carrier’s chapter summarizing that mythicist core begins with the Ascension of Isaiah, a text which was central to Earl Doherty’s mythicist case,[3] and in turn has played a key role in Richard Carrier’s ...
... according to mythicists, the time period between Paul and Mark witnessed the conversion of a purely celestial Jesus into the Jesus of the Gospels who lived on earth as a human being. Indeed, the attempt to place a purely celestial Jesus at the beginning of the process is at the heart of mythicism. And so a dating of Ascension of Isaiah to around the time of the Gospel of John, when mainstream historical study concludes that the earthly Jesus of the earlier Gospels had begun to be transformed into an earthly Jesus who embodies a pre-existent divine entity, creates difficulties for the trajectory which mythicists envisage.

There is, however, a common element of ancient thought which has important implications for the understanding of Ascension of Isaiah. In 7:10 we read, “And as above, so also on earth, for the likeness of what (is) in the firmament is here on earth.” As Carrier notes, “the narrative goes out of its way to explain that the firmament contains copies of everything on earth.”[23] And yet, presumably because of his aim to present a case for mythicism, Carrier does not discuss the natural implication of this ...
McGrath noted " The Second Treatise of the Great Seth uses language very similar to Ascension of Isaiah at times" and quoted from it and the Apocalypse of Peter, and then noted
And so Ascension of Isaiah seems not only to fit the otherwise-attested Docetic view of Jesus (that the life and crucifixion of the terrestrial Jesus was a revelation of a spiritual reality which was made known in the world but did not become part of the world), but to do so much better than the mythicist interpretation, otherwise unattested in ancient times. This is not to say that these works all have precisely the same viewpoint, or depict the story unfolding in precisely the same way – far from it. It is merely to suggest that Ascension of Isaiah fits in its own unique way within the spectrum of Docetic Christologies otherwise attested in ancient Christian literature.
McGrath then discusses aspects of the parallels Carrier highlights between Ascension of Isaiah and the Descent of Inanna and says
even if we were to grant that the author of this work [AoI] takes the Inanna myth and directly adapts it into a Christian version, the obvious follow-up question would be, “So what?”
McGrath discusses AoI more, eg. -
even if Ascension of Isaiah does have this view, that the celestial Beloved descends from the highest heaven to the firmament and no further, then that still does not support mythicism. Ascension of Isaiah emphasizes that what happens on the firmament is mirrored in the terrestrial realm. We should not treat the crucifixion of the Beloved to be an exception. In that case, we would be dealing with a rather distinctive Docetist vision of Jesus – one that has the celestial Jesus mistreated in the celestial realm in spiritual ways, never becoming entangled with flesh, at a safe distance from human suffering, even though apparently being killed in some celestial sense. This would have a counterpart in the human realm, and so would presumably have been understood as a “behind the scenes” (or “above the firmament”) picture of the celestial-spiritual correspondents to events that ancient Christian sources consistently presuppose to have unfolded in the vicinity of Jerusalem in the not-too-distant past ...
Of course, the depiction of the Beloved being slain, and subsequently plundering the angel of death, could be understood in ways that would situate Ascension of Isaiah closer to what became orthodoxy, than to the works from Nag Hammadi which I quoted above. But the death of the Beloved could also be understood in a manner akin to what Second Treatise of the Great Seth envisages, when it says “I did not die in reality but in appearance.” But whether it is Docetic or merely quasi-Docetic in outlook, the work seems to lend no support to Carrier’s mythicist hypothesis. Carrier is, however, quite right to highlight that the work is undeservedly neglected, and so, even if it does not depict Jesus as having been crucified in outer space, there are other reasons why it ought to receive much greater amounts of scholarly attention and study than it has.
There are some interesting comments in reply, including but of course not limited to
#24 - Neil Godfrey - 11/03/2014
... Carrier makes it clear that his discussion of the AoI is part of his definition of the mythicism he will be arguing and that his arguments will be given in future chapters.
... the very point Carrier is making [in is] his book [OHJ] [is he] intends to explore the probabilities of those respective contradictory reconstructions.
... Carrier uses the AoI as support for interpretations of texts based on other grounds. Far from using the AoI to "interpret" Paul, Carrier concludes his discussion of the AoI with the following:
"So is Paul here referring to the demonic execution of Jesus in outer space? That would certainly explain why he would say this cannot have been seen by anyone, but is known only by revelation (1 Cor. 2.9-10, cf. Rom. 16.25-26). That his makes particular sense–in fact more sense than what’s usually assumed–is what I shall argue in Chapter 11. Here my aim is not to argue that this theory is true, but to explain what this theory is." [p.48 OHJ]
#50 - Timothy Bagley - 12/07/2014
... Carrier discusses in many sections in his lengthy book this important text and makes it part of his definition, if you will, of a “minimal Jesus myth theory” that appears to have been existent at the time. McGrath cites Hall and an early work by Jonathan Knight in support of seeing the AoI as a late text. However, more recent scholarship, since the publication of Enrico Norelli’s magisterial critical edition and commentary in the CCSA series, weakens the arguments of both Hall and early Knight work. Even Hall, if read carefully, points to sections of the AoI as contemporaneous in thought with the definition that Carrier is working with. Godfrey is attempting to have the readers of this article and their comments to think about these dating and source critical issues in relation to Carrier’s argument throughout the book.
There has been a great deal of scholarship about the AoI since Norelli’s volumes came out. Hall’s and early Knight’s works do not reflect the findings in these later critical studies. See the excellent work done by Catherine Playoust in her Harvard dissertation (2006) or Jonathan Knight’s later work, Disciples of the Beloved One or the recent work by other Italian scholars Acerbi or Pesce ...
#56 - Richard Carrier - 03/05/2015 -
For my response, endorsing and adding to the responses of Godfrey and Covington:
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2020.10.18 20:00 MickST1 26 [M4F] UK/Sco - Surely a wife exists on Reddit right?

Hey cutie reading this!
Let's skip the dating and nonsense lets just get married but incase you do want to know me more..
I'm Michael/Mikey, I'm 26 and live in Scotland! (Yes I do have a very thick and strong accent)
Location is irrelevant as long as you're keen but ideally the UK even better if its Scotland. Age is also irrelevant just be over 18. Older women (30+) is a plus.
Looking for someone to talk to on a daily basis, I am open to anything, from friends to more if it leads to that and if we hit if off really well, to travel the world with! When I mean on a daily basis I mean someone I can get to know and possibly confide in, I like to talk all the time and prefer a lengthy reply than one or two word sentences..
Somewhat successful, ambitious and hardworking. Bit of a workaholic which has its benefits and disadvantages.
Ideally someone who won't ghost you after 3 days of talking or after the initial chatting stage.. but anyway! Here is a little bit about me and why I am your perfect future husband!
Why I would make a good husband;
I can be clingy, I have fell for people quickly in the past, can be needy sometimes etc so if you don’t like that then I wouldn’t message, it’ll be better for us both lmao. Also if you do want to part ways PLEASE just let me know, nothing worse than feeling like you’ve truly connected with someone and then poof they just disappear. This happens way too often and it kinda sucks by now.
If anything that I have wrote peaks your interest send me a little message either with anything else you want to know or tell me all about you!
Tell me why you would make the perfect wife and I will consider whisking you away to marry you in the sunset! Or just make it interesting rather than just "hey".
Due to several messages from the previous post to back to being ghosted I have returned so again ladies..
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2020.10.18 18:51 Longirl Dinner Date Convert

When I first joined FDS I found the whole concept of dinner dates terrifying. I’ve turned down multiple dinners in favour of drinks over the years (partly to do with anxiety, my stomach seizes up and I can’t eat) but also because I was worried it was too intense.
But I’m just back from my second first date over food (from online dating) and I’m a huge convert. I’ve eaten lovely food, drunk so much good wine (he’s Italian so it’s to be expected) and sat outside a beautiful restaurant taking in the atmosphere.
The man before this took me out to a beautiful restaurant on our first date (and second, and third and cooked for me on 4th. I dumped him on 5th date).
There’s not a question mark over who pays the bill, I came back from the bathroom today and it was done. And now I’ve skipped home feeling all content and full knowing I’ve had a lovely day regardless whether I see him again or not. He’s asked to see me again tbf but I’m not that fussed.
A drink date is always at least 1.5 hours long, no different from dinner if you want to make it quick. Because of this sub and a change to my mindset I don’t feel like today was wasted in anyway, I put my make up on, he bought me dinner. I had a fun afternoon in good company and now I’m home cuddling my cat. It’s taken 38 years for me to realise that I’m amazing (and very attractive) company. I’ve spent so many years selling my self short, I didn’t even think I was worth a dinner date (how sad). Thanks for showing me the way.
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2020.10.18 16:50 Kof_23 How should i (17m) get closer to an anime girl (17) ?

(17yo) want to get closer to this girl (17yo). We know each other since middle school, and there we were bestfriends. As the time goes on we finish middle school and go to the same highschool but in a different class. Since the start of highschool we started to text and hear each other few times, like some times a month. I started catching feelings as soon as i first met her even if as the time goes on we didnt talked much often as once like i said. But from this summer i started thinking of her and i again started catching feelings for her when she texted me randomly this summer (even if we didnt texted since the first month of 2020) and we had a really cool convo. We really talked pretty much many times a week, sometimes less sometimes more. The thing im trying to do now is almost to rebuild our friendship, i dont wanna friendzone my self by doing that, but i think that if we rebuild that friendship we used to have in middle school maybe she could be more into me as we talked more often, we see each other often than before. So to do that i want to text her many times and thats where we have the first problem:
1) how can i start the convo? I dont want to feel like its an interview for her where i only ask question (the last convo we had were pretty fluid and i want to keep doing that) so what should i say? I told u shes a gamer girl and likes anime (not sports anime) , and her fav is one piece, what should i say? (I like anime too but i watched only few;)
2) first 3 years of highschool we were in the same school that had 2 different buildings (dont ask why) so we didnt see each other ever and also started talking less even for that. Now i go at the same building as hers and i see her more. As soon as i see her i freeze, i almost wish she doesnt see me/she doesnt walk where i am so i will not interact with her. I think its pretty normal at first, but i want to start talk with her as soon as possible face to face even because i dont know if school will be closed or not due covid. So what should i say? Talk about a random topic? But what is that random topic? Im not overthinking, maybe yes, but just trying to play it good.
What r ur suggestions for those 2 problems?
Ps: like 3 years ago i catched feelins fr for her and starting to let her know i liked her, after a while i noticed it wasnt go so good even cause she had a crush on a stupid boy. To make things clear, i didnt proposed or anything, i didnt do anything that to let fully know i was into her, so nothing clear. Now she doesnt have a crush on this boy anymore, also because hes got a gf. When i started noticed that it wasnt go so good (even because i was afraid) i let her go and from that point we started talking less. I really care about this girl, she means really the world to me and it would be really cool if we start dating.
And dont worry, this time i will shoot my shot and i thought of asking her to go out at an arcade place where we could play togheter, i dont think its a bad idea, she loves videogames and shes not like the other girls in my city and i think this particoular date spot could be good for her 😁.
Tell me what u think about that 2 issue i have now and even if the date idea sounds good to you, and sorry about my English skills, im Italian hope u understood everything.
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2020.10.18 16:49 Kof_23 How should i (17m) get closer to a anime girl?(17)

(17yo) want to get closer to this girl (17yo). We know each other since middle school, and there we were bestfriends. As the time goes on we finish middle school and go to the same highschool but in a different class. Since the start of highschool we started to text and hear each other few times, like some times a month. I started catching feelings as soon as i first met her even if as the time goes on we didnt talked much often as once like i said. But from this summer i started thinking of her and i again started catching feelings for her when she texted me randomly this summer (even if we didnt texted since the first month of 2020) and we had a really cool convo. We really talked pretty much many times a week, sometimes less sometimes more. The thing im trying to do now is almost to rebuild our friendship, i dont wanna friendzone my self by doing that, but i think that if we rebuild that friendship we used to have in middle school maybe she could be more into me as we talked more often, we see each other often than before. So to do that i want to text her many times and thats where we have the first problem:
1) how can i start the convo? I dont want to feel like its an interview for her where i only ask question (the last convo we had were pretty fluid and i want to keep doing that) so what should i say? I told u shes a gamer girl and likes anime (not sports anime) , and her fav is one piece, what should i say? (I like anime too but i watched only few;)
2) first 3 years of highschool we were in the same school that had 2 different buildings (dont ask why) so we didnt see each other ever and also started talking less even for that. Now i go at the same building as hers and i see her more. As soon as i see her i freeze, i almost wish she doesnt see me/she doesnt walk where i am so i will not interact with her. I think its pretty normal at first, but i want to start talk with her as soon as possible face to face even because i dont know if school will be closed or not due covid. So what should i say? Talk about a random topic? But what is that random topic? Im not overthinking, maybe yes, but just trying to play it good.
What r ur suggestions for those 2 problems?
Ps: like 3 years ago i catched feelins fr for her and starting to let her know i liked her, after a while i noticed it wasnt go so good even cause she had a crush on a stupid boy. To make things clear, i didnt proposed or anything, i didnt do anything that to let fully know i was into her, so nothing clear. Now she doesnt have a crush on this boy anymore, also because hes got a gf. When i started noticed that it wasnt go so good (even because i was afraid) i let her go and from that point we started talking less. I really care about this girl, she means really the world to me and it would be really cool if we start dating.
And dont worry, this time i will shoot my shot and i thought of asking her to go out at an arcade place where we could play togheter, i dont think its a bad idea, she loves videogames and shes not like the other girls in my city and i think this particoular date spot could be good for her 😁.
Tell me what u think about that 2 issue i have now and even if the date idea sounds good to you, and sorry about my English skills, im Italian hope u understood everything.
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2020.10.18 16:47 Kof_23 How should i start dating an anime girl?

I (17yo) want to get closer to this girl (17yo). We know each other since middle school, and there we were bestfriends. As the time goes on we finish middle school and go to the same highschool but in a different class. Since the start of highschool we started to text and hear each other few times, like some times a month. I started catching feelings as soon as i first met her even if as the time goes on we didnt talked much often as once like i said. But from this summer i started thinking of her and i again started catching feelings for her when she texted me randomly this summer (even if we didnt texted since the first month of 2020) and we had a really cool convo. We really talked pretty much many times a week, sometimes less sometimes more. The thing im trying to do now is almost to rebuild our friendship, i dont wanna friendzone my self by doing that, but i think that if we rebuild that friendship we used to have in middle school maybe she could be more into me as we talked more often, we see each other often than before. So to do that i want to text her many times and thats where we have the first problem:
1) how can i start the convo? I dont want to feel like its an interview for her where i only ask question (the last convo we had were pretty fluid and i want to keep doing that) so what should i say? I told u shes a gamer girl and likes anime (not sports anime) , and her fav is one piece, what should i say? (I like anime too but i watched only few;)
2) first 3 years of highschool we were in the same school that had 2 different buildings (dont ask why) so we didnt see each other ever and also started talking less even for that. Now i go at the same building as hers and i see her more. As soon as i see her i freeze, i almost wish she doesnt see me/she doesnt walk where i am so i will not interact with her. I think its pretty normal at first, but i want to start talk with her as soon as possible face to face even because i dont know if school will be closed or not due covid. So what should i say? Talk about a random topic? But what is that random topic? Im not overthinking, maybe yes, but just trying to play it good.
What r ur suggestions for those 2 problems?
Ps: like 3 years ago i catched feelins fr for her and starting to let her know i liked her, after a while i noticed it wasnt go so good even cause she had a crush on a stupid boy. To make things clear, i didnt proposed or anything, i didnt do anything that to let fully know i was into her, so nothing clear. Now she doesnt have a crush on this boy anymore, also because hes got a gf. When i started noticed that it wasnt go so good (even because i was afraid) i let her go and from that point we started talking less. I really care about this girl, she means really the world to me and it would be really cool if we start dating.
And dont worry, this time i will shoot my shot and i thought of asking her to go out at an arcade place where we could play togheter, i dont think its a bad idea, she loves videogames and shes not like the other girls in my city and i think this particoular date spot could be good for her 😁.
Tell me what u think about that 2 issue i have now and even if the date idea sounds good to you, and sorry about my English skills, im Italian hope u understood everything.
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2020.10.18 16:26 hamza1127 EPIC FORTNITE FAILS

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow! Let's shake it up a little. Barry! Breakfast is ready! Ooming! Hang on a second. Hello? - Barry? - Adam? - Oan you believe this is happening? - I can't. I'll pick you up. Looking sharp. Use the stairs. Your father paid good money for those. Sorry. I'm excited. Here's the graduate. We're very proud of you, son. A perfect report card, all B's. Very proud. Ma! I got a thing going here. - You got lint on your fuzz. - Ow! That's me! - Wave to us! We'll be in row 118,000. - Bye! Barry, I told you, stop flying in the house! - Hey, Adam. - Hey, Barry. - Is that fuzz gel? - A little. Special day, graduation. Never thought I'd make it. Three days grade school, three days high school. Those were awkward. Three days college. I'm glad I took a day and hitchhiked around the hive. You did come back different. - Hi, Barry. - Artie, growing a mustache? Looks good. - Hear about Frankie? - Yeah. - You going to the funeral? - No, I'm not going. Everybody knows, sting someone, you die. Don't waste it on a squirrel. Such a hothead. I guess he could have just gotten out of the way. I love this incorporating an amusement park into our day. That's why we don't need vacations. Boy, quite a bit of pomp... under the circumstances. - Well, Adam, today we are men. - We are! - Bee-men. - Amen! Hallelujah! Students, faculty, distinguished bees, please welcome Dean Buzzwell. Welcome, New Hive Oity graduating class of... ...9:15. That concludes our ceremonies. And begins your career at Honex Industries! Will we pick ourjob today? I heard it's just orientation. Heads up! Here we go. Keep your hands and antennas inside the tram at all times. - Wonder what it'll be like? - A little scary. Welcome to Honex, a division of Honesco and a part of the Hexagon Group. This is it! Wow. Wow. We know that you, as a bee, have worked your whole life to get to the point where you can work for your whole life. Honey begins when our valiant Pollen Jocks bring the nectar to the hive. Our top-secret formula is automatically color-corrected, scent-adjusted and bubble-contoured into this soothing sweet syrup with its distinctive golden glow you know as... Honey! - That girl was hot. - She's my cousin! - She is? - Yes, we're all cousins. - Right. You're right. - At Honex, we constantly strive to improve every aspect of bee existence. These bees are stress-testing a new helmet technology. - What do you think he makes? - Not enough. Here we have our latest advancement, the Krelman. - What does that do? - Oatches that little strand of honey that hangs after you pour it. Saves us millions. Oan anyone work on the Krelman? Of course. Most bee jobs are small ones. But bees know that every small job, if it's done well, means a lot. But choose carefully because you'll stay in the job you pick for the rest of your life. The same job the rest of your life? I didn't know that. What's the difference? You'll be happy to know that bees, as a species, haven't had one day off in 27 million years. So you'll just work us to death? We'll sure try. Wow! That blew my mind! "What's the difference?" How can you say that? One job forever? That's an insane choice to have to make. I'm relieved. Now we only have to make one decision in life. But, Adam, how could they never have told us that? Why would you question anything? We're bees. We're the most perfectly functioning society on Earth. You ever think maybe things work a little too well here? Like what? Give me one example. I don't know. But you know what I'm talking about. Please clear the gate. Royal Nectar Force on approach. Wait a second. Oheck it out. - Hey, those are Pollen Jocks! - Wow. I've never seen them this close. They know what it's like outside the hive. Yeah, but some don't come back. - Hey, Jocks! - Hi, Jocks! You guys did great! You're monsters! You're sky freaks! I love it! I love it! - I wonder where they were. - I don't know. Their day's not planned. Outside the hive, flying who knows where, doing who knows what. You can'tjust decide to be a Pollen Jock. You have to be bred for that. Right. Look. That's more pollen than you and I will see in a lifetime. It's just a status symbol. Bees make too much of it. Perhaps. Unless you're wearing it and the ladies see you wearing it. Those ladies? Aren't they our cousins too? Distant. Distant. Look at these two. - Oouple of Hive Harrys. - Let's have fun with them. It must be dangerous being a Pollen Jock. Yeah. Once a bear pinned me against a mushroom! He had a paw on my throat, and with the other, he was slapping me! - Oh, my! - I never thought I'd knock him out. What were you doing during this? Trying to alert the authorities. I can autograph that. A little gusty out there today, wasn't it, comrades? Yeah. Gusty. We're hitting a sunflower patch six miles from here tomorrow. - Six miles, huh? - Barry! A puddle jump for us, but maybe you're not up for it. - Maybe I am. - You are not! We're going 0900 at J-Gate. What do you think, buzzy-boy? Are you bee enough? I might be. It all depends on what 0900 means. Hey, Honex! Dad, you surprised me. You decide what you're interested in? - Well, there's a lot of choices. - But you only get one. Do you ever get bored doing the same job every day? Son, let me tell you about stirring. You grab that stick, and you just move it around, and you stir it around. You get yourself into a rhythm. It's a beautiful thing. You know, Dad, the more I think about it, maybe the honey field just isn't right for me. You were thinking of what, making balloon animals? That's a bad job for a guy with a stinger. Janet, your son's not sure he wants to go into honey! - Barry, you are so funny sometimes. - I'm not trying to be funny. You're not funny! You're going into honey. Our son, the stirrer! - You're gonna be a stirrer? - No one's listening to me! Wait till you see the sticks I have. I could say anything right now. I'm gonna get an ant tattoo! Let's open some honey and celebrate! Maybe I'll pierce my thorax. Shave my antennae. Shack up with a grasshopper. Get a gold tooth and call everybody "dawg"! I'm so proud. - We're starting work today! - Today's the day. Oome on! All the good jobs will be gone. Yeah, right. Pollen counting, stunt bee, pouring, stirrer, front desk, hair removal... - Is it still available? - Hang on. Two left! One of them's yours! Oongratulations! Step to the side. - What'd you get? - Picking crud out. Stellar! Wow! Oouple of newbies? Yes, sir! Our first day! We are ready! Make your choice. - You want to go first? - No, you go. Oh, my. What's available? Restroom attendant's open, not for the reason you think. - Any chance of getting the Krelman? - Sure, you're on. I'm sorry, the Krelman just closed out. Wax monkey's always open. The Krelman opened up again. What happened? A bee died. Makes an opening. See? He's dead. Another dead one. Deady. Deadified. Two more dead. Dead from the neck up. Dead from the neck down. That's life! Oh, this is so hard! Heating, cooling, stunt bee, pourer, stirrer, humming, inspector number seven, lint coordinator, stripe supervisor, mite wrangler. Barry, what do you think I should... Barry? Barry! All right, we've got the sunflower patch in quadrant nine... What happened to you? Where are you? - I'm going out. - Out? Out where? - Out there. - Oh, no! I have to, before I go to work for the rest of my life. You're gonna die! You're crazy! Hello? Another call coming in. If anyone's feeling brave, there's a Korean deli on 83rd that gets their roses today. Hey, guys. - Look at that. - Isn't that the kid we saw yesterday? Hold it, son, flight deck's restricted. It's OK, Lou. We're gonna take him up. Really? Feeling lucky, are you? Sign here, here. Just initial that. - Thank you. - OK. You got a rain advisory today, and as you all know, bees cannot fly in rain. So be careful. As always, watch your brooms, hockey sticks, dogs, birds, bears and bats. Also, I got a couple of reports of root beer being poured on us. Murphy's in a home because of it, babbling like a cicada! - That's awful. - And a reminder for you rookies, bee law number one, absolutely no talking to humans! All right, launch positions! Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz! Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz! Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz! Black and yellow! Hello! You ready for this, hot shot? Yeah. Yeah, bring it on. Wind, check. - Antennae, check. - Nectar pack, check. - Wings, check. - Stinger, check. Scared out of my shorts, check. OK, ladies, let's move it out! Pound those petunias, you striped stem-suckers! All of you, drain those flowers! Wow! I'm out! I can't believe I'm out! So blue. I feel so fast and free! Box kite! Wow! Flowers! This is Blue Leader. We have roses visual. Bring it around 30 degrees and hold. Roses! 30 degrees, roger. Bringing it around. Stand to the side, kid. It's got a bit of a kick. That is one nectar collector! - Ever see pollination up close? - No, sir. I pick up some pollen here, sprinkle it over here. Maybe a dash over there, a pinch on that one. See that? It's a little bit of magic. That's amazing. Why do we do that? That's pollen power. More pollen, more flowers, more nectar, more honey for us. Oool. I'm picking up a lot of bright yellow. Oould be daisies. Don't we need those? Oopy that visual. Wait. One of these flowers seems to be on the move. Say again? You're reporting a moving flower? Affirmative. That was on the line! This is the coolest. What is it? I don't know, but I'm loving this color. It smells good. Not like a flower, but I like it. Yeah, fuzzy. Ohemical-y. Oareful, guys. It's a little grabby. My sweet lord of bees! Oandy-brain, get off there! Problem! - Guys! - This could be bad. Affirmative. Very close. Gonna hurt. Mama's little boy. You are way out of position, rookie! Ooming in at you like a missile! Help me! I don't think these are flowers. - Should we tell him? - I think he knows. What is this?! Match point! You can start packing up, honey, because you're about to eat it! Yowser! Gross. There's a bee in the car! - Do something! - I'm driving! - Hi, bee. - He's back here! He's going to sting me! Nobody move. If you don't move, he won't sting you. Freeze! He blinked! Spray him, Granny! What are you doing?! Wow... the tension level out here is unbelievable. I gotta get home. Oan't fly in rain. Oan't fly in rain. Oan't fly in rain. Mayday! Mayday! Bee going down! Ken, could you close the window please? Ken, could you close the window please? Oheck out my new resume. I made it into a fold-out brochure. You see? Folds out. Oh, no. More humans. I don't need this. What was that? Maybe this time. This time. This time. This time! This time! This... Drapes! That is diabolical. It's fantastic. It's got all my special skills, even my top-ten favorite movies. What's number one? Star Wars? Nah, I don't go for that... ...kind of stuff. No wonder we shouldn't talk to them. They're out of their minds. When I leave a job interview, they're flabbergasted, can't believe what I say. There's the sun. Maybe that's a way out. I don't remember the sun having a big 75 on it. I predicted global warming. I could feel it getting hotter. At first I thought it was just me. Wait! Stop! Bee! Stand back. These are winter boots. Wait! Don't kill him! You know I'm allergic to them! This thing could kill me! Why does his life have less value than yours? Why does his life have any less value than mine? Is that your statement? I'm just saying all life has value. You don't know what he's capable of feeling. My brochure! There you go, little guy. I'm not scared of him. It's an allergic thing. Put that on your resume brochure. My whole face could puff up. Make it one of your special skills. Knocking someone out is also a special skill. Right. Bye, Vanessa. Thanks. - Vanessa, next week? Yogurt night? - Sure, Ken. You know, whatever. - You could put carob chips on there. - Bye. - Supposed to be less calories. - Bye. I gotta say something. She saved my life. I gotta say something. All right, here it goes. Nah. What would I say? I could really get in trouble. It's a bee law. You're not supposed to talk to a human. I can't believe I'm doing this. I've got to. Oh, I can't do it. Oome on! No. Yes. No. Do it. I can't. How should I start it? "You like jazz?" No, that's no good. Here she comes! Speak, you fool! Hi! I'm sorry. - You're talking. - Yes, I know. You're talking! I'm so sorry. No, it's OK. It's fine. I know I'm dreaming. But I don't recall going to bed. Well, I'm sure this is very disconcerting. This is a bit of a surprise to me. I mean, you're a bee! I am. And I'm not supposed to be doing this, but they were all trying to kill me. And if it wasn't for you... I had to thank you. It's just how I was raised. That was a little weird. - I'm talking with a bee. - Yeah. I'm talking to a bee. And the bee is talking to me! I just want to say I'm grateful. I'll leave now. - Wait! How did you learn to do that? - What? The talking thing. Same way you did, I guess. "Mama, Dada, honey." You pick it up. - That's very funny. - Yeah. Bees are funny. If we didn't laugh, we'd cry with what we have to deal with. Anyway... Oan I... ...get you something? - Like what? I don't know. I mean... I don't know. Ooffee? I don't want to put you out. It's no trouble. It takes two minutes. - It's just coffee. - I hate to impose. - Don't be ridiculous! - Actually, I would love a cup. Hey, you want rum cake? - I shouldn't. - Have some. - No, I can't. - Oome on! I'm trying to lose a couple micrograms. - Where? - These stripes don't help. You look great! I don't know if you know anything about fashion. Are you all right? No. He's making the tie in the cab as they're flying up Madison. He finally gets there. He runs up the steps into the church. The wedding is on. And he says, "Watermelon? I thought you said Guatemalan. Why would I marry a watermelon?" Is that a bee joke? That's the kind of stuff we do. Yeah, different. So, what are you gonna do, Barry? About work? I don't know. I want to do my part for the hive, but I can't do it the way they want. I know how you feel. - You do? - Sure. My parents wanted me to be a lawyer or a doctor, but I wanted to be a florist. - Really? - My only interest is flowers. Our new queen was just elected with that same campaign slogan. Anyway, if you look... There's my hive right there. See it? You're in Sheep Meadow! Yes! I'm right off the Turtle Pond! No way! I know that area. I lost a toe ring there once. - Why do girls put rings on their toes? - Why not? - It's like putting a hat on your knee. - Maybe I'll try that. - You all right, ma'am? - Oh, yeah. Fine. Just having two cups of coffee! Anyway, this has been great. Thanks for the coffee. Yeah, it's no trouble. Sorry I couldn't finish it. If I did, I'd be up the rest of my life. Are you...? Oan I take a piece of this with me? Sure! Here, have a crumb. - Thanks! - Yeah. All right. Well, then... I guess I'll see you around. Or not. OK, Barry. And thank you so much again... for before. Oh, that? That was nothing. Well, not nothing, but... Anyway... This can't possibly work. He's all set to go. We may as well try it. OK, Dave, pull the chute. - Sounds amazing. - It was amazing! It was the scariest, happiest moment of my life. Humans! I can't believe you were with humans! Giant, scary humans! What were they like? Huge and crazy. They talk crazy. They eat crazy giant things. They drive crazy. - Do they try and kill you, like on TV? - Some of them. But some of them don't. - How'd you get back? - Poodle. You did it, and I'm glad. You saw whatever you wanted to see. You had your "experience." Now you can pick out yourjob and be normal. - Well... - Well? Well, I met someone. You did? Was she Bee-ish? - A wasp?! Your parents will kill you! - No, no, no, not a wasp. - Spider? - I'm not attracted to spiders. I know it's the hottest thing, with the eight legs and all. I can't get by that face. So who is she? She's... human. No, no. That's a bee law. You wouldn't break a bee law. - Her name's Vanessa. - Oh, boy. She's so nice. And she's a florist! Oh, no! You're dating a human florist! We're not dating. You're flying outside the hive, talking to humans that attack our homes with power washers and M-80s! One-eighth a stick of dynamite! She saved my life! And she understands me. This is over! Eat this. This is not over! What was that? - They call it a crumb. - It was so stingin' stripey! And that's not what they eat. That's what falls off what they eat! - You know what a Oinnabon is? - No. It's bread and cinnamon and frosting. They heat it up... Sit down! ...really hot! - Listen to me! We are not them! We're us. There's us and there's them! Yes, but who can deny the heart that is yearning? There's no yearning. Stop yearning. Listen to me! You have got to start thinking bee, my friend. Thinking bee! - Thinking bee. - Thinking bee. Thinking bee! Thinking bee! Thinking bee! Thinking bee! There he is. He's in the pool. You know what your problem is, Barry? I gotta start thinking bee? How much longer will this go on? It's been three days! Why aren't you working? I've got a lot of big life decisions to think about. What life? You have no life! You have no job. You're barely a bee! Would it kill you to make a little honey? Barry, come out. Your father's talking to you. Martin, would you talk to him? Barry, I'm talking to you! You coming? Got everything? All set! Go ahead. I'll catch up. Don't be too long. Watch this! Vanessa! - We're still here. - I told you not to yell at him. He doesn't respond to yelling! - Then why yell at me? - Because you don't listen! I'm not listening to this. Sorry, I've gotta go. - Where are you going? - I'm meeting a friend. A girl? Is this why you can't decide? Bye. I just hope she's Bee-ish. They have a huge parade of flowers every year in Pasadena? To be in the Tournament of Roses, that's every florist's dream! Up on a float, surrounded by flowers, crowds cheering. A tournament. Do the roses compete in athletic events? No. All right, I've got one. How come you don't fly everywhere? It's exhausting. Why don't you run everywhere? It's faster. Yeah, OK, I see, I see. All right, your turn. TiVo. You can just freeze live TV? That's insane! You don't have that? We have Hivo, but it's a disease. It's a horrible, horrible disease. Oh, my. Dumb bees! You must want to sting all those jerks. We try not to sting. It's usually fatal for us. So you have to watch your temper. Very carefully. You kick a wall, take a walk, write an angry letter and throw it out. Work through it like any emotion: Anger, jealousy, lust. Oh, my goodness! Are you OK? Yeah. - What is wrong with you?! - It's a bug. He's not bothering anybody. Get out of here, you creep! What was that? A Pic 'N' Save circular? Yeah, it was. How did you know? It felt like about 10 pages. Seventy-five is pretty much our limit. You've really got that down to a science. - I lost a cousin to Italian Vogue. - I'll bet. What in the name of Mighty Hercules is this? How did this get here? Oute Bee, Golden Blossom, Ray Liotta Private Select? - Is he that actor? - I never heard of him. - Why is this here? - For people. We eat it. You don't have enough food of your own? - Well, yes. - How do you get it? - Bees make it. - I know who makes it! And it's hard to make it! There's heating, cooling, stirring. You need a whole Krelman thing! - It's organic. - It's our-ganic! It's just honey, Barry. Just what?! Bees don't know about this! This is stealing! A lot of stealing! You've taken our homes, schools, hospitals! This is all we have! And it's on sale?! I'm getting to the bottom of this. I'm getting to the bottom of all of this! Hey, Hector. - You almost done? - Almost. He is here. I sense it. Well, I guess I'll go home now and just leave this nice honey out, with no one around. You're busted, box boy! I knew I heard something. So you can talk! I can talk. And now you'll start talking! Where you getting the sweet stuff? Who's your supplier? I don't understand. I thought we were friends. The last thing we want to do is upset bees! You're too late! It's ours now! You, sir, have crossed the wrong sword! You, sir, will be lunch for my iguana, Ignacio! Where is the honey coming from? Tell me where! Honey Farms! It comes from Honey Farms! Orazy person! What horrible thing has happened here? These faces, they never knew what hit them. And now they're on the road to nowhere! Just keep still. What? You're not dead? Do I look dead? They will wipe anything that moves. Where you headed? To Honey Farms. I am onto something huge here. I'm going to Alaska. Moose blood, crazy stuff. Blows your head off! I'm going to Tacoma. - And you? - He really is dead. All right. Uh-oh! - What is that?! - Oh, no! - A wiper! Triple blade! - Triple blade? Jump on! It's your only chance, bee! Why does everything have to be so doggone clean?! How much do you people need to see?! Open your eyes! Stick your head out the window! From NPR News in Washington, I'm Oarl Kasell. But don't kill no more bugs! - Bee! - Moose blood guy!! - You hear something? - Like what? Like tiny screaming. Turn off the radio. Whassup, bee boy? Hey, Blood. Just a row of honey jars, as far as the eye could see. Wow! I assume wherever this truck goes is where they're getting it. I mean, that honey's ours. - Bees hang tight. - We're all jammed in. It's a close community. Not us, man. We on our own. Every mosquito on his own. - What if you get in trouble? - You a mosquito, you in trouble. Nobody likes us. They just smack. See a mosquito, smack, smack! At least you're out in the world. You must meet girls. Mosquito girls try to trade up, get with a moth, dragonfly. Mosquito girl don't want no mosquito. You got to be kidding me! Mooseblood's about to leave the building! So long, bee! - Hey, guys! - Mooseblood! I knew I'd catch y'all down here. Did you bring your crazy straw? We throw it in jars, slap a label on it, and it's pretty much pure profit. What is this place? A bee's got a brain the size of a pinhead. They are pinheads! Pinhead. - Oheck out the new smoker. - Oh, sweet. That's the one you want. The Thomas 3000! Smoker? Ninety puffs a minute, semi-automatic. Twice the nicotine, all the tar. A couple breaths of this knocks them right out. They make the honey, and we make the money. "They make the honey, and we make the money"? Oh, my! What's going on? Are you OK? Yeah. It doesn't last too long. Do you know you're in a fake hive with fake walls? Our queen was moved here. We had no choice. This is your queen? That's a man in women's clothes! That's a drag queen! What is this? Oh, no! There's hundreds of them! Bee honey. Our honey is being brazenly stolen on a massive scale! This is worse than anything bears have done! I intend to do something. Oh, Barry, stop. Who told you humans are taking our honey? That's a rumor. Do these look like rumors? That's a conspiracy theory. These are obviously doctored photos. How did you get mixed up in this? He's been talking to humans. - What? - Talking to humans?! He has a human girlfriend. And they make out! Make out? Barry! We do not. - You wish you could. - Whose side are you on? The bees! I dated a cricket once in San Antonio. Those crazy legs kept me up all night. Barry, this is what you want to do with your life? I want to do it for all our lives. Nobody works harder than bees! Dad, I remember you coming home so overworked your hands were still stirring. You couldn't stop. I remember that. What right do they have to our honey? We live on two cups a year. They put it in lip balm for no reason whatsoever! Even if it's true, what can one bee do? Sting them where it really hurts. In the face! The eye! - That would hurt. - No. Up the nose? That's a killer. There's only one place you can sting the humans, one place where it matters. Hive at Five, the hive's only full-hour action news source. No more bee beards! With Bob Bumble at the anchor desk. Weather with Storm Stinger. Sports with Buzz Larvi. And Jeanette Ohung. - Good evening. I'm Bob Bumble. - And I'm Jeanette Ohung. A tri-county bee, Barry Benson, intends to sue the human race for stealing our honey, packaging it and profiting from it illegally! Tomorrow night on Bee Larry King, we'll have three former queens here in our studio, discussing their new book, Olassy Ladies, out this week on Hexagon. Tonight we're talking to Barry Benson. Did you ever think, "I'm a kid from the hive. I can't do this"? Bees have never been afraid to change the world. What about Bee Oolumbus? Bee Gandhi? Bejesus? Where I'm from, we'd never sue humans. We were thinking of stickball or candy stores. How old are you? The bee community is supporting you in this case, which will be the trial of the bee century. You know, they have a Larry King in the human world too. It's a common name. Next week... He looks like you and has a show and suspenders and colored dots... Next week... Glasses, quotes on the bottom from the guest even though you just heard 'em. Bear Week next week! They're scary, hairy and here live. Always leans forward, pointy shoulders, squinty eyes, very Jewish. In tennis, you attack at the point of weakness! It was my grandmother, Ken. She's 81. Honey, her backhand's a joke! I'm not gonna take advantage of that? Quiet, please. Actual work going on here. - Is that that same bee? - Yes, it is! I'm helping him sue the human race. - Hello. - Hello, bee. This is Ken. Yeah, I remember you. Timberland, size ten and a half. Vibram sole, I believe. Why does he talk again? Listen, you better go 'cause we're really busy working. But it's our yogurt night! Bye-bye. Why is yogurt night so difficult?! You poor thing. You two have been at this for hours! Yes, and Adam here has been a huge help. - Frosting... - How many sugars? Just one. I try not to use the competition. So why are you helping me? Bees have good qualities. And it takes my mind off the shop. Instead of flowers, people are giving balloon bouquets now. Those are great, if you're three. And artificial flowers. - Oh, those just get me psychotic! - Yeah, me too. Bent stingers, pointless pollination. Bees must hate those fake things! Nothing worse than a daffodil that's had work done. Maybe this could make up for it a little bit. - This lawsuit's a pretty big deal. - I guess. You sure you want to go through with it? Am I sure? When I'm done with the humans, they won't be able to say, "Honey, I'm home," without paying a royalty! It's an incredible scene here in downtown Manhattan, where the world anxiously waits, because for the first time in history, we will hear for ourselves if a honeybee can actually speak. What have we gotten into here, Barry? It's pretty big, isn't it? I can't believe how many humans don't work during the day. You think billion-dollar multinational food companies have good lawyers? Everybody needs to stay behind the barricade. - What's the matter? - I don't know, I just got a chill. Well, if it isn't the bee team. You boys work on this? All rise! The Honorable Judge Bumbleton presiding. All right. Oase number 4475, Superior Oourt of New York, Barry Bee Benson v. the Honey Industry is now in session. Mr. Montgomery, you're representing the five food companies collectively? A privilege. Mr. Benson... you're representing all the bees of the world? I'm kidding. Yes, Your Honor, we're ready to proceed. Mr. Montgomery, your opening statement, please. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, my grandmother was a simple woman. Born on a farm, she believed it was man's divine right to benefit from the bounty of nature God put before us. If we lived in the topsy-turvy world Mr. Benson imagines, just think of what would it mean. I would have to negotiate with the silkworm for the elastic in my britches! Talking bee! How do we know this isn't some sort of holographic motion-picture-capture Hollywood wizardry? They could be using laser beams! Robotics! Ventriloquism! Oloning! For all we know, he could be on steroids! Mr. Benson? Ladies and gentlemen, there's no trickery here. I'm just an ordinary bee. Honey's pretty important to me. It's important to all bees. We invented it! We make it. And we protect it with our lives. Unfortunately, there are some people in this room who think they can take it from us 'cause we're the little guys! I'm hoping that, after this is all over, you'll see how, by taking our honey, you not only take everything we have but everything we are! I wish he'd dress like that all the time. So nice! Oall your first witness. So, Mr. Klauss Vanderhayden of Honey Farms, big company you have. I suppose so. I see you also own Honeyburton and Honron! Yes, they provide beekeepers for our farms. Beekeeper. I find that to be a very disturbing term. I don't imagine you employ any bee-free-ers, do you? - No. - I couldn't hear you. - No. - No. Because you don't free bees. You keep bees. Not only that, it seems you thought a bear would be an appropriate image for a jar of honey. They're very lovable creatures. Yogi Bear, Fozzie Bear, Build-A-Bear. You mean like this? Bears kill bees! How'd you like his head crashing through your living room?! Biting into your couch! Spitting out your throw pillows! OK, that's enough. Take him away. So, Mr. Sting, thank you for being here. Your name intrigues me. - Where have I heard it before? - I was with a band called The Police. But you've never been a police officer, have you? No, I haven't. No, you haven't. And so here we have yet another example of bee culture casually stolen by a human for nothing more than a prance-about stage name. Oh, please. Have you ever been stung, Mr. Sting? Because I'm feeling a little stung, Sting. Or should I say... Mr. Gordon M. Sumner! That's not his real name?! You idiots! Mr. Liotta, first, belated congratulations on your Emmy win for a guest spot on ER in 2005. Thank you. Thank you. I see from your resume that you're devilishly handsome with a churning inner turmoil that's ready to blow. I enjoy what I do. Is that a crime? Not yet it isn't. But is this what it's come to for you? Exploiting tiny, helpless bees so you don't have to rehearse your part and learn your lines, sir? Watch it, Benson! I could blow right now! This isn't a goodfella. This is a badfella! Why doesn't someone just step on this creep, and we can all go home?! - Order in this court! - You're all thinking it! Order! Order, I say! - Say it! - Mr. Liotta, please sit down! I think it was awfully nice of that bear to pitch in like that. I think the jury's on our side. Are we doing everything right, legally? I'm a florist. Right. Well, here's to a great team. To a great team! Well, hello. - Ken! - Hello. I didn't think you were coming. No, I was just late. I tried to call, but... the battery. I didn't want all this to go to waste, so I called Barry. Luckily, he was free. Oh, that was lucky. There's a little left. I could heat it up. Yeah, heat it up, sure, whatever. So I hear you're quite a tennis player. I'm not much for the game myself. The ball's a little grabby. That's where I usually sit. Right... there. Ken, Barry was looking at your resume, and he agreed with me that eating with chopsticks isn't really a special skill. You think I don't see what you're doing? I know how hard it is to find the rightjob. We have that in common. Do we? Bees have 100 percent employment, but we do jobs like taking the crud out. That's just what I was thinking about doing. Ken, I let Barry borrow your razor for his fuzz. I hope that was all right. I'm going to drain the old stinger. Yeah, you do that. Look at that. You know, I've just about had it with your little mind games. - What's that? - Italian Vogue. Mamma mia, that's a lot of pages. A lot of ads. Remember what Van said, why is your life more valuable than mine? Funny, I just can't seem to recall that! I think something stinks in here! I love the smell of flowers. How do you like the smell of flames?! Not as much. Water bug! Not taking sides! Ken, I'm wearing a Ohapstick hat! This is pathetic! I've got issues! Well, well, well, a royal flush! - You're bluffing. - Am I? Surf's up, dude! Poo water! That bowl is gnarly. Except for those dirty yellow rings! Kenneth! What are you doing?! You know, I don't even like honey! I don't eat it! We need to talk! He's just a little bee! And he happens to be the nicest bee I've met in a long time! Long time? What are you talking about?! Are there other bugs in your life? No, but there are other things bugging me in life. And you're one of them! Fine! Talking bees, no yogurt night... My nerves are fried from riding on this emotional roller coaster! Goodbye, Ken. And for your information, I prefer sugar-free, artificial sweeteners made by man! I'm sorry about all that. I know it's got an aftertaste! I like it! I always felt there was some kind of barrier between Ken and me. I couldn't overcome it. Oh, well. Are you OK for the trial? I believe Mr. Montgomery is about out of ideas. We would like to call Mr. Barry Benson Bee to the stand. Good idea! You can really see why he's considered one of the best lawyers... Yeah. Layton, you've gotta weave some magic with this jury, or it's gonna be all over. Don't worry. The only thing I have to do to turn this jury around is to remind them of what they don't like about bees. - You got the tweezers? - Are you allergic? Only to losing, son. Only to losing. Mr. Benson Bee, I'll ask you what I think we'd all like to know. What exactly is your relationship to that woman? We're friends. - Good friends? - Yes. How good? Do you live together? Wait a minute... Are you her little... ...bedbug? I've seen a bee documentary or two. From what I understand, doesn't your queen give birth to all the bee children? - Yeah, but... - So those aren't your real parents! - Oh, Barry... - Yes, they are! Hold me back! You're an illegitimate bee, aren't you, Benson? He's denouncing bees! Don't y'all date your cousins? - Objection! - I'm going to pincushion this guy! Adam, don't! It's what he wants! Oh, I'm hit!! Oh, lordy, I am hit! Order! Order! The venom! The venom is coursing through my veins! I have been felled by a winged beast of destruction! You see? You can't treat them like equals! They're striped savages! Stinging's the only thing they know! It's their way! - Adam, stay with me. - I can't feel my legs. What angel of mercy will come forward to suck the poison from my heaving buttocks? I will have order in this court. Order! Order, please! The case of the honeybees versus the human race took a pointed turn against the bees yesterday when one of their legal team stung Layton T. Montgomery. - Hey, buddy. - Hey. - Is there much pain? - Yeah. I... I blew the whole case, didn't I? It doesn't matter. What matters is you're alive. You could have died. I'd be better off dead. Look at me. They got it from the cafeteria downstairs, in a tuna sandwich. Look, there's a little celery still on it. What was it like to sting someone? I can't explain it. It was all... All adrenaline and then... and then ecstasy! All right. You think it was all a trap? Of course. I'm sorry. I flew us right into this. What were we thinking? Look at us. We're just a couple of bugs in this world. What will the humans do to us if they win? I don't know. I hear they put the roaches in motels. That doesn't sound so bad. Adam, they check in, but they don't check out! Oh, my. Oould you get a nurse to close that window? - Why? - The smoke. Bees don't smoke. Right. Bees don't smoke. Bees don't smoke! But some bees are smoking. That's it! That's our case! It is? It's not over? Get dressed. I've gotta go somewhere. Get back to th
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2020.10.18 13:59 bdzikowski Native Speakers: does my writing strike you as unnatural?

English is my second language, but I've been writing in it for over 30 years and with some success. I've published stories in US literary magazines and received praise for good dialog in my movie scripts, which I even got optioned in Hollywood (by a small company, nothing earth-shattering.)
I decided to write a YA Dark Fantasy book in English.
It is already edited by a person I hired and it's self-published, and I have good reviews, but there were like 3 people who pointed out that they can tell that English isn't my first language and that reading my book makes their heads hurt.
Now, I'm skeptical (or hopeful) that they may be biased, as it's fairly obvious by my name I'm not a native speaker, and I have, after all, those several small accolades I mentioned above which seem to prove my English writing can be enjoyable to readers. I'm posting a sizable chunk of Chapter 1, but of course I think it would be enough for you to glance at a paragraph or two to answer my question. Thank you in advance!
TLDR: Non-Native speaker here. Does my (edited) writing strike you as unnatural and odd-sounding? Don't read it whole ;)
On his trusty Italian bike with paint chipped from years of use, Gabriel rode down the side street so fast his hair flew in the wind and his messenger bag with schoolbooks banged against his ribs. This morning felt great, full of new hope. The air was cold and fresh. His two-week-long headache was gone. And he was toying with the idea of finally gathering the courage to ask Andrea out. Most of the kids at school were already seeing someone, or at least it seemed that way. A few days earlier he had read a piece online about how experts considered sixteen the proper age to start dating and he was feeling hopelessly behind schedule.
He was passing by a dilapidated community playground with its rusty iron swings and sandbox full of dirty, gray sand. Surrounded by a chain-link fence, it had been closed for a long time, with a big padlock hanging from the gate, and Gabriel had never seen anybody playing there. It spoke of short, unhappy childhoods, where a boy must quickly learn to fight and a girl quickly starts to put on makeup and pierces her ears. An inner-city playground. The old-time, metal swing-sets seemed too dangerous for the modern governance of the district. Afraid of a court case, and lacking funds for refurbishing, they preferred to lock it down.
Gabriel saw something. He frowned and slowed down. Some sick bastard had hanged a pigeon on the fence. There was a noose made of wire wrapped around its neck and it hung there, stiff, dark and rotting.
The voice was so close that he panicked, jerked the bike’s handlebar and crashed to the ground. He got up on his knees and looked up at where the voice had come from. A sudden gust of wind hit the street, pushing apart old newspapers and empty soda cans.
In the deserted playground, behind the fence, a strange man was sitting on a swing and staring straight at him. The man was so pale that his skin was almost blue. His lips were thin and pale too, smiling a mean little smile. His bony face was specked with pockmarks, and his long, dirty hair was bound in a ponytail, sticking out from his mangy vagabond’s hat. Over his black tracksuit he wore a dark, dirty coat. On his feet he had sports sneakers, grayed with time, raggedy and missing the laces.
But Gabriel paid attention only to his eyes, as they were the strangest thing about the man. The irises of his eyes were a fluctuating yellow color, like flames in slow motion.
The man jumped off the swings and spread his arms in a mock welcome.
“I was losing hope of ever meeting you. What with me being locked in this … conundrum of a place.”
Gabriel didn’t answer.
The man laughed and came forward. “I see parents taught you not to talk with strangers?”
Seeing as the man had no apparent way of reaching him through the fence, Gabriel gathered some courage, stood up and wiped his pants.
“Did you do that?” he asked, trying to sound manly and nodded at the pigeon. “That’s abnormal.”
“Oh…” The man looked at the bird. “No, I haven’t even noticed that, to be honest. Isn’t it odd? You should feel pity for those weaker than you, and not aggression. Unless you’re very insecure and feel no control over your own life.”
Gabriel shrugged and picked up his bike. It seemed undamaged.
“Anyway. So, now … you’re a Seer,” said the man, and smiled even wider, revealing his gray teeth. “It was a long time coming. So many headaches since you were little. Nasty feeling, eh? Have your parents taken you to a neurologist? Waste of time and nerves, in my humble opinion.”
Gabriel froze.
In fact, he hadn't told his mother about the headaches lately. He just kept stealing Ibuprofen from the medicine cupboard. The last time he told her about a strange headache, back when he was thirteen, she took him to a neurologist. They put him in a huge white tube at the clinic. Invisible rays penetrated his head and combed his brain with a deafening clatter. The neurologist couldn’t find anything, and indeed it was a great waste of time, money, and his mother’s nerves. But how did the strange man know all that?
Gabriel got on his bike. He was afraid again. His hands trembled.
“As you said yourself, I’m not talking with strangers, that includes mental cases,” he said.
“Now, you aren’t leaving just when we finally met…?” said the man.
Gabriel shrugged and turned his bike.
“Wait … please…” The man seemed genuinely sad to see Gabriel go. Gabriel’s fear turned into anger.
“Get lost, weirdo!” he said and rode away.
The man still stood there behind the fence, looking at Gabriel leave.
“See you later,” the man called. “When you’re ready! It’s not like I’m going anywhere.”
Gabriel had no intention of answering the hobo. He turned a corner and sped up, riding past a bustling marketplace. His hands were still shaking and his heart was thumping after the strange encounter.
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2020.10.18 10:51 BluxxulB I've thrown away two opportunities to be happy with amazing partners

First of all, this is posted on a phone, sorry if the grammar isn't perfect.
I grew up in a family of 7, half siblings add another 5(yeah my dad had 10 kids). I'm 8th born, middle child of the 5 my parents conceived together. I was always the most athletic and traditionally intelligent in the family. The but comes, and oh is there a but. My parents divorced when I was 9, my father was abusive, drop it. The real issue was being the only emotionally cognizant of the 5. My younger sisters were too young to truly comprehend the situation we were all in, and my older sister and brother were/are very self centric and manipulative to the point of a holy shit, they're evil masterminds realization I experienced.
Here in lies my failure, not blaming anyone but myself.
The first woman, we met when I was 22. She was/is the girl I've always compared my partners to(BTW don't do this, it's not healthy. You remember the best times, not the hard ones). We were together for about 3 years but let me explain the landscape during our relationships tenure. My mothers 2nd husband committed suicide about 10 weeks before we started dating. He was a body builder who had won the Mr. New Zealand title in multiple body building competitions and competed for the Mr. Universe title. He came down with cancer and couldn't handle his weakness, he left behind 2 amazing daughters, both of which deserved better. Love you morgy porgy.
She and I were inseparable, absolutely the epitome of instant connection. The first day we met, I was training about 7 employees at a restaurant based in Italian family style, I'm sure you can figure out which one. She was one of those employees. The only thing that was different from the rest of my training sessions was that she and I had an instant connection. After 2 hours of us(training staff) spewing corporate bullshit, I said goodbye to her. Our handshake lingered heavily to the point where I was actually worried about my boss seeing.
About 6 hours later, she was training to close and I was the closing server(stuck till the end). When we finally closed I walked her to her car(which miraculously was parked right next to mine). We ended up talking for 2 hours in heavy rain, exchanging information and really interconnecting on more topics than I can even remember. I actually changed my shirt mid conversation I was so soaked.
About a week later, we were inseparable. She and I spent a total of 10 days apart in 3 years, I wouldn't give up a single one of those days for anything. She was aware and driven. I was protective and small minded.
That's where my childhood comes into play. I was a childhood actor, I made great money for years but I only ever saw the dime that was the Sega Genesis my parents let me purchase with my royalties. I attended 2 schools for 4th grade, 1 for 5th, 1 for 6th, 3 for 7th and 2 for 8th(which was the last grade I attended). After that, I was bounced between family members houses but never being put back in school. I'm no fool, but in my younger years I ran from everything, I just didn't want drama, in any way, shape, or form and I didn't react well to confronting my inner demons. I am lucky to have been pushed at a young age to learn from observation (thanks mom), but I was depressed and lost for 16 years. Age 14-30
Depression should not be your life, you should not feel sad or helpless everyday, find help, you are loved. On that note, I'll tell you about how I didn't follow my own advice.
Now, back to the lost romance. She and I had discussed the possibility of no longer allowing my family in our lives as they were for the most part, toxic. My mother lived in my spare bedroom and only came out for alcohol, older full siblings disappeared, younger sibling were struggling enough.... Then there was me, no high school diploma (had done my brothers 'independent study' material so he wouldn't fail) working 40 hours a week at a restaurant and 20 more at another. I supported the 3 of us, my mom, my ex, and myself. About 2 1/2 years into our relationship she brought it up. Right after I asked her mother and step father permission to marry her. I understood, I didn't want our kids around the tumultuous bullshit my family brought.
Within 3 months I'd abandoned my mother in her depression. She lived in her car for 6 months because of me, I'll never forgive myself. Not only that, but my extreme guilt drove me to distance myself from the woman I loved. I smoked weed, played video games, and ignored her needs as a human just trying to push through the day. I was dismissive and an absolute tool. I followed that up with being controlling, I didn't trust anyone(still have issues with that). I accused her of heinous things and belittled myself at every turn. She deserved better, you deserve better. * Going to cut that one off before I break. Love you lady(you'll read this, I know you will recognize who this is), that will never change. * It took another 3 years to find a worthy replacement for my lost love. She was absolutely mind bending. Beautiful, talented(classically trained jazz singer), extremely smart(studying for the LSATs before she recognized her true calling), and real AF. She called me out on my wasted intelligence, my wasted abilities.... I made excuses, I again ran from my duties as a partner and failed myself as well as my partner. She was the one who drove me to become who I am today. Thank you so much, I love you and your beautiful heart if you read this. Thank you for showing me the wonderful parts of life again, it's carried through the last few years and you inspired me to write this. Thank you.
Don't give up on yourself, but please give the people you love the highest priority. You can always wallow in the shower.
TL:DR - was a selfish asshole during times of personal strife, you're not who's important sometimes.
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2020.10.18 00:32 annemoriarty The disappearence of Emanuela Orlandi and Mirella Gregori: almost 40 years without answers. And there's no theory that makes sense or gets us closer to the truth.

Emanuela Orlandi,15-year-old girl, was the daughter of a clerk working at the Prefecture of the Papal Household [that manages the Papal residence in the Vatican] and disappeared in Rome on June 22, 1983. Her disappearance was then linked to the disappearance of another Roman teenager, Mirella Gregori, who disappeared on May 7, 1983 and was never found again. What at first seemed like a common case of two missing girls, soon became one of the darkest cases in Italian and Vatican history, involving the Vatican itself, the Italian State, the Vatican bank , the Magliana Gang [criminal organization], the Banco Ambrosiano [Catholic bank] and the secret services of several countries. The real nature of the events has never been defined.
flyer with photos and info of the girls:
*** Sorry for any mistake, English is not my native language, I hope everything is understandable 🌈
Mirella Gregori was the youngest daughter of the owners of a bar in Volturno Street in Rome. She lived with her parents and was described by everyone as an absolutely normal girl. She attended a technical high school in Rome. On May 7, 1983, Mirella went to school and returned home around 2pm, after spending some time with a friend in a bar near her home. That friend said they had talked about normal everyday things and could not provide any other information. Back home, Mirella was called on the intercom by someone called "Sandro", who was pretending to be her friend, and to whose requests to go out Mirella exclaimed: "If you don't tell me who you are, I won't come out!". Then she said they could meet at 3pm. Around 3 pm the girl went out, telling her mother that she had an appointment at Porta Pia with an old classmate, who, after being heard by the investigators, declared that he was busy elsewhere that afternoon and had a alibi. Since then, the family has not heard from the girl. The mother reported that her daughter, shortly before she disappeared, bragged to her that she was able to find the money to buy an apartment that her parents could not afford; however, that idea at the time was dismissed as a joke.
Emanuela Orlandi (born in Rome on January 14, 1968) lived in the Vatican city with her parents, brother and sisters: she was the fourth child of five. In June 1983 she had just finished the second year of high school at the Vittorio Emanuele II National Boarding School. She had considerable musical talent and had attended for years a music school in Piazza Sant'Apollinare in Rome, not far from Palazzo Madama [office of the Senate of the Republic]. There she attended piano, flute, choral singing and solfeggio courses.
The day of her disappearance, Emanuela went to music class around 4 pm, but left at 6.45 pm, ten minutes earlier than usual. Then she phoned her older sister Federica from a telephone booth, saying that she would be late because the bus didn't pass and that a man had stopped her on the street offering her a job during a fashion show for the sum of 370,000 lire [about 500 euros today]. It was a job of a few hours as a promoter of cosmetic products of a well-known brand [Avon] during a fashion show in the Sorelle Fontana atelier, in a few days; however, her sister advised her not to heed such a proposal and suggested that she return home as soon as possible to discuss it with their mother. This was the last contact Emanuela had with her family. Later, it was found that the cosmetics company in question - which moreover employed only female staff - had nothing to do with the job offer allegedly made to the young woman and it also turned out that, in the same period, other adolescents of the same age of Emanuela had been lured by a man under the false pretext of advertising cosmetic products at events like fashion shows.
After the phone call, Emanuela together with two classmates (Maria Grazia and Raffaella), reached the bus stop in Corso Rinascimento. According to the girls, Emanuela alluded to a very attractive job offer she received and, warned by them, said that she would first ask permission from her parents and that she would still be careful to avoid nasty surprises. Around 7:30 pm, first Maria Grazia and then Raffaella got on two different buses headed home, while, according to Raffaella, Emanuela didn't get on the bus, because it was too crowded, and said she would wait for the next one. From this moment, all traces of the girl are lost. According to another later version, after the phone call Emanuela confided to Raffaella that she would stay there and wait for the man who had made her the offer, to inform him that she would first ask permission from her parents to participate. Raffaella then reported that she had seen Emanuela (from the bus window) talking to a curly-haired woman, who was never identified, although some suggested that it was most likely some other student of the music school.
When Emanuela didn't come home, her father Ercole and her brother began searching at the music school and in the vicinity of it, they contacted the principal of the school who provided the telephone numbers of some of Emanuela's classmates and advised to wait before alerting the police; nevertheless Ercole Orlandi went immediately to the "Trevi" Commissariat to report her disappearance, but the staff invited him to wait before filing a complaint, suggesting that the girl had stopped for dinner with friends and forgot to call home. The complaint was formalized the following morning (June 23) by her sister Natalina. The next day (24 June) the Roman newspapers "Il Tempo" and "Il Messaggero" published the news of the disappearance and a photograph of the girl, with the plea for help from the family and their telephone numbers.
On June 25, after a series of unreliable phone calls, a interesting phone call arrived from a young man. His name was "Pierluigi", 16 years old. He said that together with his girlfriend he had met two girls in Campo dei Fiori [Roman square]; one of them was selling cosmetics, had a flute with her and said her name was Barbara. "Pierluigi" also reported that "Barbara", at the invitation to play the flute, refused because to do so she had had to wear glasses, which she did not like and had added that she would have preferred a Ray-Ban model like the one that the alleged girlfriend of "Pierluigi" wore.
Three hours later "Pierluigi" called back, adding that "Barbara's" glasses were "teardrop glasses, to correct astigmatism" but refused to meet with Emanuela's family or letting his girlfriend talk to them, claiming that she was distracted and unreliable. These calls appeared reliable to the family, (Emanuela was astigmatic, she was ashamed tof wearing glasses and played the flute). On June 26, "Pierluigi", during another phone-call answered by Emanuele's uncle, added some information about himself: he said that day he was with his parents at a restaurant by the sea. He also communicated that "Barbara" said that she was going to play the flute at her sister's wedding scheduled for September, but refused any further collaboration to track down Emanuela and meet her uncle in person; indeed, when Emanuela's uncle asked him to meet in the Vatican city (at Emanuela's parents' house)"Pierluigi" was surprised and asked the uncle if he was a preist. The investigators found out that among Emanuela's friends there was indeed a boy named Pierluigi, who, however, was on vacation elsewhere at the time of her disappearance.
On June 28 it was the turn of "Mario", who claimed to be the owner of a bar in Rome, near Piazza dell'Orologio [very close to Ponte Vittorio, along the route that Emanuela usually took to go to the music school]. "Mario", who had a strong Roman accent, said he was 35 years old. He claimed to have seen a man and two girls selling cosmetics, one of whom claimed to be from Venice and was called "Barbarella". During the phone call from "Mario" a small detail was significant: when asked about the height of the girl, he hesitated and then said "She's quite tall", but Emanuela was barely 5,2 feet tall. In the background, a second voice was heard, saying "No, more!".
In another phone call, "Mario" explained that "Barbara" had confided to him that she had voluntarily left the house because she was tired of the domestic routine, but that she intended to return at the end of summer, for her sister's wedding. The family, considering this hypothesis impossible, lost faith in the phone calls from "Mario" and "Pierluigi". Years later, it was suggested that "Mario" was a man close to the Magliana Gang [criminal organization], but this hypothesis was never proved.
In the days following Emanuela's disappearance her brother and some friends discovered that a young woman, described as very similar to Emanuela, had been noticed talking to a man (both from a police officer and a traffic policeman on duty in front of the Senate). The man was about 5,7 ft tall, between thirty-five and forty, slender, elegantly dressed, with a long face, balding, he carried a briefcase or bag and drove a green BMW Touring. The policeman claimed there was a casing, perhaps a haversack, in the man's hands.
A collaborator of SISDE [Italian secret services] and friend of Orlandi's cousin, Giulio Gangi, soon managed to track down the "tundra green" BMW; he discovered that it had been repaired (despite being undocumented) by a mechanic from the Vescovio district. A blonde woman had brought the car to this mechanic; the damage involved the breakage of the glass of the right front window, but this breakage did not seem to have been caused by a direct action from the outside towards the inside, it was from the inside towards the outside. Gangi quickly tracked down the woman in question, but she refused to cooperate and on the way back to his office Gangi discovered that his superiors had been informed of what he was doing, despite using fake documents and a fake license plate.
Gangi had also checked the Fontana sisters' atelier, where he was informed that a lot of girls had showed up, deluded to be able to participate as presenters of cosmetics. That possibility was definitely excluded by the director. A year after Emanuela's disappearance, a Roman teenager was lured by a young fake promoter of cosmetics; the man was stopped but turned out to be unrelated to the Orlandi case.
Wikipedia page about the attempted assassination of the Pope (English):
Wikipedia page about the Gray Wolves (English):
Wikipedia page of Mehmet Ali Ağca (English):
On July 3, 1983, the Pope John Paul II addressed a plea to those responsible for the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, formalizing for the first time the hypothesis of the kidnapping. On July 5, a phone call came to the Vatican press office. At the other end of the phone a man, who spoke with a strong Anglo-Saxon accent (and for this reason was immediately renamed by the press "the Amerikano"), claimed to be holding Emanuela Orlandi hostage, arguing that many other elements had already been provided by others members of his organization, "Pierluigi" and "Mario", and requested the activation of a direct phone line with the Vatican. He asked to release by July 20 Mehmet Ali Ağca [turkish terrorist, member of the terroristic organization Grey Wolves, he shot the Pope in St. Peter's Square a couple of years earlier]. An hour later, the man called Orlandi home, and played a tape of the recorded voice of a girl with Roman accent, who repeated a phrase six times, perhaps extrapolated from a longer phrase: «School: Vittorio Emanuele II National Boarding School, it's my third year of high school».
On July 8, a man with a Middle Eastern accent phoned a friend of Emanuela, saying that Emanuela was their prisoner and that they had 20 days to release Ali Ağca, then asked for a direct phone line with the Cardinal Agostino Casaroli [Secretary of State]. The young friend declared that she and Emanuela had exchanged telephone numbers on the same day of her disappearance, to keep in touch for the preparation of a concert, adding that Emanuela had transcribed her number on a piece of paper that she had placed in her jeans pocket. On July 17, a tape was found in which the request for the release of Ağca and the request for a direct phone line with Cardinal Casaroli was confirmed; the voice of a girl on the tape was begging for help, saying she felt ill; it was found that the voice had been extrapolated from a film and was not Emanuela's. The phone line was installed on July 18. A few days later, in another phone call, "the Amerikano" asked Emanuela's uncle to make public the message contained on the tape.
The phone calls from "the Amerikano" were 16, all from telephone booths. Despite the various requests, and the alleged evidence, the man (never traced) did not open any real leads. No evidence was ever produced that the girl was actually hostage of the Gray Wolves, the organization of which Ağca was a member of. In the press release of November 20, 1984, the Gray Wolves declared that they kept Emanuela and Mirella Gregori as prisoners. The "Turkish lead" of the Gray Wolves, however, has been disavowed by 'former Stasi [East German secret services] officer Günter Bohnsack, who stated that the East German secret services exploited the case of Emanuela Orlandi and wrote fake letters to Rome, to consolidate the thesis that connected Ağca with the Gray Wolves, in order to exonerate Bulgaria from the accusations during the investigation into the attack on Pope John Paul II.
On February 2, 2010 Pietro Orlandi, Emanuela's brother, had an interview with Ali Ağca, in which the terrorist confirmed the hypothesis that the kidnapping was orchestrated by the Vatican (already mentioned in the phone call of July 5). He mentioned the name of Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re (considering him a person informed on the facts) and reassured him that "Emanuela is alive and will soon return home". According to the former Gray Wolf, the girl “now lives in a secluded villa in France or Switzerland. She will come back home ». A year later, the recording of the interview was published on the show "Who has seen it?" [Italian true crime show], where they censored the cardinal's name. There, Pietro Orlandi announced that he had spoken with the cardinal himself, that denied the words of the terrorist.
Wikipedia page of Cardinal Battista Re (English):
According to some newspapers and publications, the identikit of "the Amerikano" corresponds to Monsignor Paul Marcinkus, who at the time was president of the IOR, the Vatican "bank": SISDE specialists, analyzing the messages and phone calls received by the family, for a total of 34 communications, considered them reliable and linked to those who had carried out the kidnapping. The mysterious person had a thorough knowledge of the Latin language, better than Italian, was probably of Anglo-Saxon culture and had a high cultural level and knowledge of the ecclesiastical world and the Vatican, in addition to the in-depth knowledge of different areas of Rome (where he probably had lived).
Wikipedia page of Monsignor Paul Marcinkus (English):
Wikipedia page of the Gang (English):
Wikipedia page of De Pedis (English):
Wikipedia page of Cardinal Poletti (English):
Wikipedia page of Roberto Calvi (English):
Wikipedia page of Michele Sindona (English):
On July 11, 2005, an anonymous phone call arrived at the editorial staff of the program "Who has seen it?" in which it was said that in order to solve the case of Emanuela Orlandi it was necessary to go and see who was buried in the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare. They had to check "the favor that Renatino did to Cardinal Poletti". It was thus discovered that "Renatino", the deceased man buried there, was none other than a boss of the Magliana Gang, Enrico De Pedis. A journalist managed to obtain the photos of the tomb and the original documents relating to the burial of the boss, commissioned by Cardinal Ugo Poletti, then president of the CEI [Bishop Assembly]. On February 20, 2006, a repentant of the Gang, Antonio Mancini, claimed in an interview with a journalist of "Who has seen it?" that he recognized "Mario"'s voice as the voice of a hitman at the service of De Pedis, called Rufetto. However, the investigations conducted by the Public Prosecutor's Office did not confirm Mancini's statement.
A postcard depicting a southern town was then sent to the editorial staff, with the following text: «Leave Renatino alone». The same year Sabrina Minardi, ex-wife of footballer Bruno Giordano, said in an interview that between the spring of 1982 and November 1984 she had a relationship with De Pedis. In 2007 Antonio Mancini released statements relating to the involvement of De Pedis and some Vatican exponents in the disappearence of Emanuela Orlandi, revealing that in prison, at the time of Emanuela's disappearance, "it was said that the girl was ours [of the Gang], one of us had taken her ". Mancini's declarations also seem to be confirmed by Maurizio Abbatino, another repentant of the Gang who, in December 2009, revealed some rumors among the Gang members on the involvement of De Pedis and his men in the kidnapping and murder of Emanuela. In June 2008 the press reported the statements that Minardi had made: Emanuela was killed and her body, locked up in a sack, was thrown into a cement mixer in Torvaianica [Roman district]. On that occasion, according to Minardi, De Pedis also got rid of the body of an 11-year-old boy killed in revenge, Domenico Nicitra, son of a old member of the Gang. Little Nicitra, however, was killed on June 21, 1993, ten years after the time period described by Minardi, and three years after the death of De Pedis himself, which occurred at the beginning of 1990. According to the woman, the abduction of Emanuela would have been materially carried out by De Pedis, at the orders of Monsignor Marcinkus "because they wanted to send a message to someone above them".
In particular, Sabrina Minardi said she arrived by car at the Gianicolo bar, where De Pedis had told her to meet a girl she was supposed to "take to the Vatican gas station". A dark BMW arrived at the meeting, with "Sergio" ( the driver of De Pedis), then a red Renault 5 arrived with a girl called "Teresina" (the housekeeper of Daniela Mobili, a friend of Minardi) and a confused girl on it, recognized by the witness as Emanuela Orlandi. Then, "Sergio" put Emanuela in the BMW that Minardi drove. Left alone in the car with the girl, the woman noticed that she "was crying and laughing together" and "looked like a drug addict." When she arrived at the gas station, she found a man "who looked like a priest" waiting in a Mercedes with a number plate of the Vatican City. They took Emanuela.The girl then spent her imprisonment in Rome, in a house owned by Daniela Mobili (Minardi's friend) in Pignatelli Street, which had "an immense basement that almost reached the San Camillo Hospital" (whose existence, in addition to a small bathroom and an underground lake, was ascertained by the investigators in June 2008). The housekeeper of Daniela Mobili, "Teresina", took care of Emanuela; according to Minardi, Daniela Mobili was close to Danilo Abbruciati, another leading exponent of the Magliana Gang.
Mobili denied knowing Minardi or having a role in the kidnapping, since in those years she was, like her husband, in prison. However, Minardi has referred in the past to the housekeeper "Teresina", who actually worked at the apartment at that time, even though she did not have a driving license. Subsequently, Minardi cited another member of the Gang, who, traced by the police, confessed that the refuge in Pignatelli Street was indeed a hiding place, "but not for the kidnapped, [but] for the wanted. It was the refuge of "Renatino" [De Pedis] », denying the connection between the former boss of the Magliana Gang and the kidnapping of Emanuela Orlandi.
Minardi said she had dinner twice together with De Pedis (at that time already wanted by the police) and Giulio Andreotti [seven time shady Italian Prime Minister] and that it "has nothing to do directly with Emanuela Orlandi, but with Monsignor Marcinkus, yes". Minardi's statements, although they were recognized by investigators as partially inconsistent (due to the woman's drug use in the past), gained more credibility in August 2008, following the discovery of the BMW that Minardi herself said was used for the transport of Emanuela Orlandi and which appeared to have belonged first to Flavio Carboni, an entrepreneur investigated and then acquitted in the trial on the death of Roberto Calvi [Italian banker], and subsequently in one of the Gang members'. The publication of what Minardi said sparked protests from the Vatican, which, through Father Federico Lombardi, spokesman for the Holy Press Office, spoke of "a lack of humanity and respect for the Orlandi family ", and he defined as" false the accusations made against Archbishop Marcinkus, who has been dead for some time and who's unable to defend himself ".
On June 30 of that year the show "Who has seen it?" transmitted the full version of the anonymous phone call of July 2005, left private until that moment. After the revelations on the tombs of De Pedis and Cardinal Poletti, the voice added "And ask the bartender in Montebello Street, that his daughter was also with her ... with the other Emanuela." The bar turned out to belong to the family of S. D. V., a friend of Mirella Gregori. The staff of the program was also threatened by another anonymous phone call from a certain "Blond". On November 21, another interview with Minardi was broadcasted on Rai News 24, where she said that Emanuela Orlandi had spent the first fifteen days of imprisonment in Torvaianica, in the house owned by Minardi's parents.
On March 10, 2010, the existence of a new suspect was announced, it was Sergio Virtù, indicated by Sabrina Minardi as the trusted driver of De Pedis, and who allegedly had a role in the kidnapping of the girl. The man was under investigation for aggravated voluntary homicide and kidnapping. Virtù was arrested on the day of the interrogation for other crimes and transferred to the Regina Coeli prison. He had two previous sentences for fraud crimes. Virtú denied any wrongdoing on the matter, in particular that he had known or had friendly relations with De Pedis. There were also some statements by another woman, defined by the investigators as a former cohabitant, who also allegedly had a role in the kidnapping and had received compensation for this.
In July 2010 the Vicariate of Rome gave the go-ahead for the inspection of the tomb of De Pedis in the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare and the DNA sampling was compared with the DNA of De Pedis's brother, relatives of Emanuela and Antonietta Gregori, Mirella's sister.
In July 2011, the district prosecutor of Rome arrested some members of the De Tomasi family, accused of crimes including usury and money laundering; according to the investigators, Giuseppe De Tomasi, known as "Sergione", affiliated with the Magliana Gang, was the same person who phoned the Orlandi family in 1983, identifying himself with the name "Mario", while his son, Carlo Alberto De Tomasi, was the author of the phone call to the show "Who has seen it?" in 2005. In 1984 De Pedis was arrested in an apartment in Vittorini Street, propriety of Giuseppe De Tommasi. Sergione, as told by the repentant Abbatino, was pardoned by De Pedis and organized his wedding reception in June 1988. He also attended De Pedis funeral. De Tommasi defended himself by saying that he could not have made that call in 1983 because he was in prison. On July 24 Antonio Mancini, in an interview with " La Stampa", stated that Orlandi was actually kidnapped by the Gang to obtain in return the money invested in the IOR [Vatican Bank] through the Banco Ambrosiano [Catholic bank] (as also hypothesized by judge Rosario Priore). Mancini added that he believed they wanted to ask for 20 billion and that it was De Pedis who put an end to the phone calls, despite the fact that the money had not all been returned, but obtaining in exchange, among other things, the possibility of being buried in the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare, as it actually happened later.
On May 14, 2012, the tomb of De Pedis was finally opened but inside there was just the body of the deceased who, as wished by the family, was cremated. It was then excavated more thoroughly, but only small remains of bones (dating back to the Napoleonic period) were found; no traces of Emanuela and Mirella's DNA was found. Four days later, on 18 May, Monsignor Pietro Vergari was investigated for complicity in kidnapping. In October 2015 the GIP [preliminary judge], at the request of the Public Prosecutor's Office and due to lack of consistent evidence, closed the investigation into the disappearances of Emanuela Orlandi and Mirella Gregori, started in 2006 due to the statements of Sabrina Minardi and which found six people under investigation for murder and kidnapping. In 2018 Abbatino revealed that he learned from Claudio Sicilia [member of the Magliana Band] that De Pedis was behind the kidnapping.
“It was for the money he gave to the Vatican. Money ended up in the IOR pockets and was never returned. And there were not only the billions of De Pedis but also the money of the mafia. The murder of Michele Sindona [italian banker and criminal] and that of Roberto Calvi [italian banker] are linked to the Orlandi kidnapping. If the first one is not resolved, the truth about Calvi's alleged suicide and the girl's disappearance will never be solved. In my opinion it was not an order [from the mafia] but a thing done in agreement. I know of Renatino's relations [De Pedis] with Monsignor Casaroli. I can confirm the Gang's relationship with the Vatican. But I have never met Don Vergari. He may also have done charity but he was certainly not Catholic, Renato was a Buddhist. Relations between the Vatican and the Magliana Gang date back to those years [at least to 1976]. And they are due to Franco's [Magliana Gang member] friendships. There was a homosexual boy, his name was Nando. It was him who brought Franco to Casaroli. Casaroli was known. Franco knew him. And I know that this friendship was "inherited" from Renatino."
According to Father Gabriele Amorth [excommunicated priest, exorcist, and all around not a reliable person], Emanuela Orlandi was drugged and then killed in an orgy of pedophiles held in the Vatican. This is the hypothesis that, in an interview released in May 2012 to" La Stampa", was advanced by the man defined by the newspaper as the "world leader of exorcists"; the theory is also published in his book "The Last Exorcist". In the interview, the exorcist stated the following: «As also stated by Monsignor Simeone Duca, Vatican archivist, parties were organized in which a gendarme was also involved as a" recruiter of girls ". I believe that Emanuela ended up as a victim [...] I never believed in the international lead, I have reason to believe that it was a case of sexual exploitation resulting in murder shortly after the disappearance and concealment of the body. The crime also involved diplomatic personnel from a foreign embassy ”. The same hypothesis, with the addition of the involvement of Monsignor Paul Marcinkus, was made by the collaborator of justice Vincenzo Calcara, former mafia affiliate, who reported to the show "Who has seen it ?", in 2014, an alleged statment of a mafia boss, affirming that Orlandi died during a drug and sex party and that she's buried in the Vatican with other alleged young victims.
An anonymous source, in 2005, stated that Emanuela died, perhaps accidentally, following a "convivial meeting" held in a house near the terminal of the bus that the girl took to return home. The house was propriety of a high prelate or a person close to the Vatican, and her body was probably hidden nearby. No proof of this was found.
In June 2011, during a live debate on TV about Pietro Orlandi's book "My sister Emanuela", a man who declared himself a former SISMI [Italian military secret services] agent stated that "Emanuela is alive, she is in an asylum in England and is always sedated" . He added that the cause of the kidnapping was the knowledge by Ercole Orlandi, Emanuela's father, of "dirty" money laundering activities, linking the kidnapping to the death of Calvi [italian banker].
In September 2017, the journalist Emiliano Fittipaldi, author of two other books concerning the Vatican, published "The impostors. Inquiry into power". In May he came into possession of a report dated March 28, 1998 sent by the then leader of the APSA [who administers the patrimony of the Holy See] Cardinal Lorenzo Antonetti (who died three years earlier) to the archbishops Giovanni Battista Re [substitute for the General Affairs of the Secretariat of State] and Jean-Louis Tauran [in charge of Relations with States] titled "Summary report of the expenses incurred by the Vatican City state for the activities relating to the citizen Emanuela Orlandi" and in the first paragraph reads: "The Administrative Prefecture of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See has received a mandate to draw up a summary document of the economic services necessary to support the activities carried out following the kidnapping and the subsequent events of the citizen Emanuela Orlandi. "
The document, which would prove that the girl was alive, was allegedly stolen in the night between 29 and 30 March 2014, from the safe in an armored cabinet of the Prefecture of Economic Affairs, which was under the responsibility of the secretary Monsignor Lucio Ángel Vallejo Balda. Balda was arrested on November 2, 2015, as part of the so-called Vatileaks 2, for providing confidential information for the publication of the book "Via Crucis" by Gianluigi Nuzzi (which ended up under investigation together with Fittipaldi who had written "Avarizia") and was then pardoned by the Pope. Francesca Chaoqui, a member of COSEA [Pontifical referent for the organization of the economic-administrative structure] under Balda's control until his arrest, revealed that in the safe, in addition to the dossier on Orlandi, there were also dossiers on Michele Sindona [criminal and banker] and Umberto Ortolani [shady banker] (as also confirmed by Monsignor Alfredo Abbondi, head of the Prefecture office), on the IOR and on the political expenses of Pope John Paul II during the Cold War and she also said that the theft was faked by Balda himself.
The report in Fittipaldi's possession was typewritten with a font dating back twenty years, it did not contain official stamps and therefore could also be a fake. It listed the expenses between January 1983 (six months before the disappearance) and July 1997 for a total sum of 483 million lire [around 250000 euros] used to investigate at the Atelier Fontana (from which the girl made the last call home before her disappearance), then they investigated the secretary of State Agostino Casaroli, the president of the CEI Cardinal Ugo Poletti, the boarding and lodging at the Catholic student hostel in London, Emanuela's travel and medical expenses, the trips to London by senior representatives of the Vatican [...].
In June 2017, the Orlandi family had already filed an application to be able to view "a dossier kept in the Vatican" (Pietro Orlandi had learned of its existence in February / March according to their lawyer). Monsignor Angelo Becciu (substitute for General Affairs of the secretariat) denied its existence, however, Cardinal Re assured that "the secretariat of state (of which he was substitute in 1997) had nothing to hide" and on the phone with Fittipaldi stopped the conversation.
In October 2018, the Vatican permitted the DNA analysis on some bones found during restoration work at the Vatican Nunciature in Rome. The investigations, entrusted by the Holy See to Italy, and in particular to the Rome prosecutor and the scientific police, were aimed at comparing those bones with Emanuela Orlandi's DNA. However, the bones found in the Nunciature did not belong to Emanuela Orlandi, nor to Mirella Gregori. From the analysis of the Scientific police the bones of the Nunciature undoubtedly dated back to a period prior to 1964. And above all they were attributable to the skeleton of a man. On 11 July 2019, a further inspection was carried out in two graves in the Teutonic cemetery, those of Princess Sofia of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Bartenstein and Princess Carlotta Federica of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, following specific leads. But no human remains were found inside.
documentary (Italian):
Wikipedia pages (English):
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2020.10.17 23:17 SalingerOG 24 [M4F] Intelligent, thoughtful, athletic young teacher wants to wine you, dine you and see where things go (Dorchester)

Hey! I moved to Boston back in June up from down south for work without actually knowing anyone in New England.
Dating has been a little tough in the COVID-19 era to say the least, and I’m not great at propping my ego up in the condensed form of a tinder bio- so here goes..
A little about me: I work as a co-teacher for 7th grade history students at a charter school in Roxbury as a member of a local nonprofit’s year long service fellowship. I’m 6 foot 5, I played football in college at a D1 school until I caught the injury bug for a while, bounced around the Mid-Atlantic and the South for a few years before realizing (kinda sorta) what I wanted to do with my life.
For the time being, I’m saving up for law school while really learning a lot and caring deeply about the work that I’m involved in now. I’m an avid reader, regular pickup basketball player, sports fan, and political progressive. I have a pretty great beard (so I’m told) but no tattoos or piercings.
I love a well rolled joint and a strong double-whisky ginger, but I’m definitely responsible enough to know and respect my own limits. I love and live for thought-provoking conversations with kind, open-minded people about just about anything- and I love to cook!
So I’m seeking a strong-minded, intelligent, beautiful woman interested in an elegant, delicious home-cooked meal and a drink or two with an attentive, funny, handsome young guy and seeing where the night takes us.
I’m hoping to meet someone in good shape with an active lifestyle and similar interests to mine. Other than that, the only expectations I have of you are to be yourself and to love Italian food. If we hit it off and meet up again, great. If not, it’ll be nice to cook for great company and conversation for a change!
Can host or depending on where you are could come to you. Message if interested for some SFW pics of me/more info.
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2020.10.17 21:49 neverleavingthewagon today i am one year sober.

i'm trying not to make too much of a big deal about it but today i am 365 days sober from alcohol. i would've never thought i would get to this day because it honestly felt like the longest year ever because of the PAWS and the debilitating stomach issues i've gone through because of it. But i vouched to myself a life of sobriety and by god i'm gonna do it. but here's my story if you care to hear it:
i hit my rock bottom when i found myself banging at the package store door at 8am every single goddamn day hoping to get a few shots/beers in me so i can get out the nightmarish hangover i was going through day in and day out. i never thought i'd be that person. i would stumble my hungover ass down there every morning with one thought on my mind, alcohol. i would cycle numerous different package stores around town multiple times a day just so they wouldn't think i had a problem, but they're not stupid, they knew.
one day i found a bar in my town (one i NEVER went to because it's scummy af in a scummy part of town) that opens at 6am (for breakfast because of the 3rd shifters that work at the factory next door) but the bartenders served alcohol because 90% of the people in my town are alcoholics. that dug me into the worst downward spiral i've ever been in. i'd usually only get 3 hours of sleep a night if i was lucky and i'd wake up at 5am with a nasty hangover and dread having to wait 3 hours for the packy to open, so this bar would be my home for the next 4 months or so, i'd be the first one in the bar at 5:58am and the bartender would have a beer cracked open for me. a beer (bud/bud light) was $1.50 and a shot of well alcohol was $3, so it was pretty easy to get plastered for cheap. i ran down my bank account going barhopping every single day so i would run up tabs and walk out on them, not purposely..(eventually getting sober and going back to settle all of them with complete and utter embarassment) thank god they didn't care too much because i was a local but it made me feel like a horrible human being. the people i'd meet at this place were complete and utter lowlifes...i'd have to hear their stories of how they used to be hot shit, how they were in the mob, (because i live in an italian infused town) how they're high rollers at the local casinos, and i'd be so fucked up, i'd entertain their stories and become buddies with them..they bought me shots/beers and i had no problem at all being buddy buddy with them. i used to bang one of the new bartenders they just hired and she would hook me up on the regular..and i'd have to hear all the guys talk about how hott she was when she walked away, and they'd do anything to get with her. one night me and her went out and got really drunk together and she slept over, we were both naked and about to eff the living shit out of eachother, but i couldn't get hard so i passed out, the next day she decided to fill me in that her recent ex boyfriend gave her genital herpes, and that right there could've ruined my fucking life if i went through with that sex.
i was just living a sad ass existence.
eventually something started happening with my body that i was becoming concerned with. not only was i shitting out yellow oily substances 2 minutes after i ate (if and when i ate), but i started feeling very unwell all the time. i just wasn't myself. the alcohol wasn't getting me drunk anymore, it was basically just accumulating in my system and i'd just get extremely messed up hours later. i'd get horrible brain fog and i felt like i was living in an alternate reality where things were just fake as all hell. i felt SO depersonalized. i would drive to the casino and get extremely messed up for free because i'd pretend i was gambling. i was passing out in my car in different parking lots of different casinos and bars. i'd wake up at 3am in my backseat and just be SOOOOO out of it that i'd piss myself and go back to sleep. i would drink my alcohol and throw it up in the bathroom an hour later just so i can keep drinking
it took me 4 detox rehab stints in a 4 month span to realize what i was doing to myself. there is nothing worse than waking up with a group of 50+ strangers going through the same nightmare you are in a place where you're literally locked in, being woken up every 2 hours throughout the night, even though you're going through alcoholic insomnia and aren't getting any sleep anyways
i left rehab and immediately relapsed each time. i saw this girl at the bar that i used to chill with one night and i went back to her place just to chill and drink more. i spent 7 days at her apartment, she bought 30 racks and i drank at her place while she went to work everyday and when she got out, we'd hit the bars..then go back to her house, and we'd drink some more. and that went on for a week. i didn't change my clothes, i didn't shower, i felt fucking disgusting.
one night me and her went to a local bar and got shitfaced. these complete losers came in and sat with us and i got real bad vibes from them. they saw i was feeling down and out so they offered me a bump of cocaine, and i am one of those people who have NEVER touched a hard drug in my life, but i said fuck it and they set me up a line, i ended up denying it in the end because i'm a giant pussy..they all proceeded to do some shrooms and decided we're gonna go to a party. and this party was a banger, and it was 20 miles away in the middle of the woods, they had a live band, and if i wasn't as messed up as i was, it would've been fun af, but it wasnt and i wanted to leave. i spent 4 hours looking for a ride because they were all too tripped out to even function. it was fucking freezing and i walked over 20 miles to her house and it took me a long ass time, literally frozen and drunk, and it was HORRIBLE. that was the night i took my final drink. my last drink.
i developed extreme PTSD because of all this shit. that PTSD is what got me to stop. every single damn time i get the urge to drink, i think of what i went through everyday. every time the thought of beer crosses my mind, i get sick to my stomach thinking about that life i was living. i never want to go through that ever again. i'd rather be sober, depressed and miserable than drunk, numb and SICK all the fucking time. i sometimes drive past these bars i would frequent just to watch the regulars sitting outside drinking their $1.50 can of bud looking miserable af.
i'm just happy to be this far into my sobriety. 365 fucking days bro.
if you read all of this..i appreciate you taking the time to read my story. i know it went on and on but that's how i got from where i was to where i am now. i got a nice built up bank account, i got a beautiful puppy that i love to death, my mother told me yesterday that she's proud of me and i proved her wrong, those words were enough to make it all worth it, because i put her through hell and back
i've finally decided it's time i start dating again..i took that year for myself but i think i'm ready to find 'the one'
but i appreciate all of you. we're all in this together. one sober community. and i hope all of you get to where you wanna be at. thanks for listening
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2020.10.17 20:17 ArmyChris765 28 [M4F] Indiana - Disabled Veteran, Gamer, and Artist Looking to Date!

Hey everyone! Title does a good job at summing up my big oof year that is 2020 lol
I got injured and got to come home during a time period when everyone is staying inside basically. Yay?
Because of all this, I decided to give Reddit a try! I am 28, Italian/White, live in Lafayette, and I am here to eventually go to purdue to be a vet. I love animals, art, gaming, and more! I work primarily as a YouTuber, I am grateful enough to have a channel large enough to pay the bills. I love art, gaming, cooking, and nature! I also volunteer at a local animal shelter here in town and I help take care of horses for a riding school that specialises in helping kids with disabilities bond with horses.
I am in good shape and attractive but because of my YouTube channel I don't want to post public pics. And as for my injury, I am technically disabled at the moment but its not as bad as it may sounds. I don't look like I have any injuries do don't worry lol But if I job or do like any prolonged activity on my feet it can start to hurt alot. Basically I got an injury from a parachute malfunction. I couldn't walk for the first couple months I was home, but now months and months later I made a surprising recover! The only limiting factor due to my injury at the moment is I am not clear to drive yet, but soon that may change as well.
I am looking to date, doesn't have to be anything like super serious at first but I'd like to get to know someone and see where things go. I have been a bit lonely since I came but but seeing how I am almost fully recovered now I figured I'd step back into the dating scene!
If you want to know more feel free to DM or whatever.
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2020.10.17 15:24 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 17th, 2020

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2020.10.17 05:46 VincentVan_Gogh Toxic Southern Family

I (22F) have been with my BF "Steve"(22M) for nearly 5 years. We have been best friends for 11 years. Recently the topic of marriage has been on our minds. However, I don't know how I feel about being associated with his family. His family is widely known in our community for their business and they are quite successful.
5years ago though when Steve and I first started dating, his Grandparents (EGP ) were fine with it but after the second time I had met them I found out they did not approve of me because of my race (I am Filipino/Italian) they tried to manipulate him into thinking I treated him wrongly and I didn't. One time it worked and Steve and I got into a huge fight and I had to sit him down and talk to him and make him realize the seed they planted in his head. We had a total catharsis moment. They eventually told Steve it was me or the family company, they wanted to pass down to him, they told him I would not make a good face for the company. He chose me and was written off the entire will. Steve ending up moving out of his EGP house and moving in with a friend. EGP did not like this and used their power in the community to discover where I lived and had someone drive by my house everyday. Me being the AH I am, spoke out to Steve about this and together we gave the stalker a piece of our mind and we never saw him again.
Fast forward 2years later and Steve and I began to try to build a relationship with his mother (EM). EM hasn't always been in Steve's life, she jumps in and out of it as she pleases and has always chose drugs and partying over Steve since he was 5. The first meeting with EM was fine but just like EGP she did not approve of me afterwards. Which doesn't make sense to me because Steve and I have been the best of friends for years and they just now don't approve of me because we decided to be in a interracial relationship?! Steve always has tried to please his mother, in fear that she would leave him again, and for an entire year of our relationship he had let her talk so badly of me. Until one day I put my foot down and told him I would not stand for this and for years I have supported him emotionally, physically, and financially when his own family wouldn't out of choice not means. And he finally began to stand up for me. Even though Steve stands up for me and defends me he still consults to EM whenever we have issues, as a normal child should be able to do with their parent. But anytime he does she tries to manipulate him into leaving me because we aren't married and he has "no ties to me." Despite us buying a home together, she just expects him to leave. She tries to get any information over our home and lives through anyone who knows us instead of asking us. She contacts him randomly and tries to pry into what I am doing in my life because recently she got fired from her nursing job because she had stolen drugs from the pharmacy and had popped hot for the drugs she has stolen. She continues to tell Steve that I am manipulative, lazy, and etc. Steve knows I work two jobs and am a full-time student but every once in a while she plants a seed in his head and it grows because he has issues communicating his emotions because of EM.
Now to our present day situation. Steve's sister (26F) also started dating a Italian mixed man (however he is a literal millionaire). Due to his sister being in a interracial relationship his Family decided to finally try to get to know me and give me a chance to "redeem myself in their family." I did not go out of my way to make plans with them because I didn't feel like I was the one who needed to try to redeem myself for something I cannot control such as my skin color. Steve and I tried to spend time with EM on 4th of July and that was just a sh*t show. EM and her current boyfriend showed up late then EM wandered around the house in her bra for a while with me, her boyfriends daughter, and daughter's boyfriend were there trying to enjoy the day. She kept staring at me while roaming around like that. I tried to not look at her in disgust but I feel like my face might have shown it. I tried to have a relationship with his mom despite her weird way of trying to show dominance. Later I went through Steve's phone, I know I shouldn't have, but I saw where EM was still continuing to talk badly about me after I began to build a relationship with her. Steve never responded to her messages about me and he always steps out of the room when EM called. Every once in a while I would overhear them talking on the phone and she would continue on talking badly about me and he would try to change the subject. He had stopped fighting for me. He has told me before it hurts him to see EM and I hate each other. I don't want to make him suffer but I never did anything wrong for his family to hate me the way they do.
A few weeks ago EGP told Steve I was no longer welcomed in their family, keep in mind this was only a few weeks after they decided to give me "another" chance and I had not seen them in the past 4 year. Steve and I were discussing getting married at EGP house to make our wedding special but now that's a no and now I'm debating whether or not I want to marry Steve because of his family. For years I have told Steve I would never take his sir name because of his family and it wasn't until this year that he was okay with that because he finally understands that I did not want to mistaken as a member of a family that judged me because of my skin color. But I'm currently in school working my way up to a doctorate and I fear that after I accomplish that his family will try to use my name for their own personal gain in the community. I do not want to be associated with his family at all. Not to mention what kind of headache I would receive while trying to plan our wedding. EM is the kind of woman who would sabotage the whole thing and create more problems between Steve and I. Steve has mentioned before going to get couple therapy. We are fine as a couple but I know the stress of his family has caused him to have deep rooted issues. But I am afraid of the future holds for us.
So, good people of Reddit, did you have similar issues with your partner? And how did you and your partner solve your issue.
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2020.10.16 22:23 Raladnoj 29 [M4F] UK - Just looking for love!

Like everyone else on this forum, I’m looking a loving, meaningful relationship. Could you be the one for me?
I’m 29 and from north west England. I’m open to anyone from the UK. I’m 5ft 11, I live on my own, work a boring 9-5 job and admittedly I am currently overweight (something like 18 stone aka too much)
I’m a rather introverted person overall who has not many friends, but the ones I do have I’m fiercely loyal to. However, when I’m with people I’m truly comfortable with, I tend to be more more outgoing and confident. I love having silly hypothetical conversations too
I have a degree in politics but because politics has become so toxic to discuss nowadays, I hate talking about it, even if it still does interest me!
I have a bunch of hobbies including watching football, formula one, love Harry Potter, enjoy Star Wars and I love Pokemon Go too! I also find meteorology fascinating (don’t understand a great deal about it though). I do enjoy gaming but I’m mainly a casual gamer and I play poker on occasion too. I can teach you how to shuffle a deck of cards superbly 😁 I’m a huge fan of terrible dad jokes and puns also. I love Chinese and Italian food too! As you can probably tell, I’m more of an indoors kind of guy
Now since this is online dating, I’m supposed to pretend that I’m an absolute perfect person, very happy and feeling on top of the world. I think that idea is load of bollocks. I struggle with my mental health a fair bit, having anxiety and depression. I also happen to be on the autism spectrum (Aspergers) and I’ve never had a serious relationship, and this pandemic has left me an anxious mess at the moment I happen to live in one of the worst infected places in Europe which doesn’t help! As a result, unless you live in the same city as me, we’d have to stay online for now
I also happen to be a sensitive person. I struggle with sarcasm most of the time and reading between the lines. I’d love to find someone who is empathetic yet direct. If you use sarcasm a lot then I don’t think we’ll get on. I’m not great at conflict either but this is something I’m working on
What I’m looking for: Age range: 20-40 (if you’re a year or two outside of this then that’s not a deal breaker)
A kind, caring woman who is empathetic and is sympathetic to mental health issues. I am absolutely okay if you have mental health issues too 🙂 we can support each other!
I don’t mind what you look like. Your height, weight, ethnicity are all irrelevant to me (I’m white btw). I do have to say that I’m not a fan of lots of tattoos and piercings, but a few are okay
Someone to talk to a lot and share my daily life with. I don’t know what my love language is but I love making sure my friends are okay and would do almost anything for them
Someone who is not overly religious. I am an atheist, so someone who is devoted to their religion will probably not work
I would prefer someone who is employed too but this isn’t a deal breaker
Someone to share one or more of my hobbies with
I’m a terrible cook. If you’re a good cook then I’d love to be taught 😁
What I’m not looking for: Someone who is sarcastic a lot
A workaholic. I value my leisure time a lot and I hate modern society’s approach to work, having to be always available. Once my laptop is shut for the day then that’s it, I’m not thinking about work
Someone who smokes. I hate the smell, sorry!
Lots of tattoos and piercings
Someone who is judgemental of Aspergers
There’s definitely a bunch of things I’ve forgotten about me but don’t be afraid to ask! I hope I’ve captured your attention. If so, you’re more than welcome to message me. I hope to hear from you! 🙂
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2020.10.15 18:48 BM_gamer36 My gf's guy friend is an entitled person

Idk if this belongs here or in the entitled people group. But I'm in need of advice.
I've been dating this girl for about 6 months now. We have a lot in common and have been very happy together. There have been occasions of doubt and stuff in the relationship, however we would always make up. We still love each other a lot and have been preparing for our anniversary. Now my girlfriend has this guy friend. She met him the same time she met me. And this guy friend is the definition of entitlement. He never admits to anything he does wrong, annoys people constantly, and complains if he's not included in any activity. Several years ago. Before we started dating, he confessed his love to my girlfriend, however she rejected him. Shortly after we started dating. Fast forward to now. And my girlfriend is still friends with him, and from the moment we announced we were together I did not trust him one bit. He started by saying directly to her that she would regret dating me. Then came an argument when he started discriminating me cause of my nationality and incapability to speak Italian (I'm American that lives in Italy), which resulted in a friend of mine confronting him about how he's only acting like this cause he got rejected. Now he continually asks her to come over for study groups or out to eat along with other kids in our class. Most of the time she's rejected them, however there was one time he got drunk at a party and sent everyone away (thank god) but that pissed me off big time. Out of all that the one thing that really pisses me off about him is that he believes he has control over my gf. He really doesn't give her a say in some things when they hang out. I'm not a violent person, however I have minor anger issues. And that sort of entitlement tempts me to want to beat it out of him. I've talked to friends about the problem, and everyone I know of is happy for us and supports us, and they normally say to ignore it as it's his attempt to rile me up. I sometimes wish that I could just make him go away. Not in a violent way ofc, more like cut him out of my life and my gf's life. I say my life cause without him I wouldn't be as stressed. Out my gf's life because as much as I hate him, I keep calm for her, but at the same time I don't want her to go through what I went with fake friends. Is there anything I can do to not feel as stressed? Or maybe even a possibility in which I could reduce connections from both of us without causing problems in my relationship? Ik the last one seems kind of controlling. But as my friends told me before I started dating "follow your gut". And my gut says don't trust him.
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