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Mafia battle royale

2020.10.24 06:31 MissouriGiant Mafia battle royale

All there protagonists of the Mafia games face each other to the death. All fighters are in their prime.
Characters are Tommy Angelo from Mafia 1. Vito Scaletta from Mafia 2. Lincoln Clay from Mafia 3.
R1: A fist fight
R2:A shootout
R3: Same as round 3 but with teams. Tommy gets Pauline as a partner. Vito gets Joe Barbara as his partner. Lincoln gets John Donovan as his partner.
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2020.10.24 02:51 ConorCulture Book British Strong Style on the Main Roster - Part 1: The Commonwealth

British Strong Style are an official/unofficial NXT faction formed in the famous UK independent promotion - PROGRESS, where they ran the show holding all the gold. They’ve yet to have a big break through in NXT or NXT UK, but that’s bound to happen. What’s really on my mind is - how do they fare on the main roster? That’s a question we’ll answer. We have to wait for the Coronavirus pandemic to be gone or at least at a smaller level, so we’re going to skip ahead into 2022. We start where so many famous debuts do - the Royal Rumble.
Royal Rumble 2022:
30-man Men’s Royal Rumble Match
Opening the show tonight we start off with the prestigious Royal Rumble match. Last year in 2021 we saw “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and Sasha Banks win the two royal rumbles, but it’s a new year and a new road to a new WrestleMania. Starting off the show and starting off the Royal Rumble with a bang, it’s Tyler Bate! The baseball stadium go mental at the arrival of Bate, who twiddles his moustache, shakes everyone’s hand and awaits his two to tango. The arena goes to darkness...and then guitar string. “Hello, my name is Elias.”
Elias comes out playing a song about how much he hates Britain and strong style. He finishes on one last delayed note - AND THEN GUITAR SHOT!! BATE DROPKICKS THE GUITAR INTO ELIAS’ FACE!!! The match is underway and we’ve started with a bang. UPPERCUT TO ELIAS! HE CLUTCHES HIM AROUND THE WAIST; GERMAN SUPLEXS ELIAS OVER THE TOP!! HE’S OUT!!! Bate strokes his moustache and shakes his hand in Elias’ direction as the fans applaud. Elias is furious and bangs his fists on the apron in frustration. Then number 3....IS DOLPH ZIGGLER!!!
Ziggler comes down and starts to work technical with Bate. Ziggler goes for a Zigzag but Tyler pushes him off and hits a Hip Toss! OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX INTO THE CORNER!! Ziggler sells like he’s had his spine stabbed and writhes on the mat. Bate then throws him out and waits for Number 4...BOBBY LASHLEY!! Tyler has finally met his match, and someone who can probably eat Bate and be looking for seconds. Lashley powers Tyler out of his restholds and dominates the small man. The ring then fills but most of them are eaten by Lashley. That’s until number 8 comes out...BRAUN STROWMAN! Lashley and Strowman both rush for each other and start to beat each other to all hell. They throw fists and slams until they got caught up in the corner. TYLER BATE THEN SLIDES UP BEHIND AND SLIPS BOTH LASHLEY AND STROWMAN OUT!
Kyle O’Reilly enters at Number 9 and is soon followed by Bobby Fish at Number 11. They gang up on Bate until TRENT SEVEN MAKES THE SAVE AT NUMBER 12!! MOUSTACHE MOUNTAIN ARE HIRE AND FIGHTING THE UNDISPUTED ERA IN THE ROYAL RUMBLE!! They keep fighting as more people come and go. After a bit of time, TYLER BATE GETS BOBBY FISH UP IN A FIREMAN’S CARRY WITH KYLE O’REILLY GOING AROUND IN A GIANT SWING!! Undisputed Era HIT THE AX AND SMASH followed by an Inverted Atomic Drop + Front Missile Dropkick to Bate! SEVEN THEN COMES BEHIND WITH AN O’CONNOR ROLL AND GERMAN SUPLEX COMBO!!! They keep fighting throughout the match up until number 20.
Roderick Strong enters before his number at 20 to PULL SEVEN OUT!! This causes outrage with Bate who SUICIDE DIVES OUT AT STRONG!! HE HITS RODDY WITH A HALF AND HALF SUPLEX ONTO THE STEEL RAMP!! Bate is then hit by an AX AND SMASH ON THE OUTSIDE!!! All of The Undisputed Era then walk in and wreck the place. But that’s all until Number 23: PETE DUNNE!! THE BRUISERWEIGHT IS IN!! Dunne takes out each of UE one by one with elbows and headbutts. HE THROWS BOBBY FISH OUT!! KYLE O’REILLY IS DUMPED OUT!! Strong hits a SICK KICK TO DUNNE!! DUNNE REBOUNDS OFF THE ROPES WITH A CLOTHESLINE - INTO A BITTER END!!! HE THROWS RODDY OUT!! Dunne then looks up the ramp and gestures to come on...and it’s ADAM COLE!!
Adam Cole comes out and him and Pete Dunne go big. They rehash a lot of spots from their Survivor Series encounter, fitting all the big moments in here. SUPERKICK BY COLE!! FOLLOWED BY A PANAMA SUNRISE ATTEMPT - INTO AN INVERTED TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!! DUNNE GOES TO THROW HIM OUT - BUT COLE COUNTERS WITH A FALLING DDT!! HE HITS TWO SUPERKICKS IN A ROW!! LAST SHOT!!! HE PICKS DUNNE UP TO DROP HIM OUT, BUT DUNNE HITS AN X PLEX!!! HE PICKS COLE UP TO THROW HIM OUT OF THE RING - BUT COLE SLINGSHOTS OFF THE ROPES AND FINALLY CONNECTS THE PANAMA SUNRISE!!! They both lay dead in the ring until they stand: O’Reilly and Cole vs. Dunne and Bate. They eliminate each other after Bate tips O’Reilly and Cole over. He’s pulled out with them though. Dunne is then hit by a Coaymore from behind to be eliminated. Keith Lee then eventually goes on to win.
Keith Lee wins the Men’s Royal Rumble last eliminating Drew McIntyre (55:25)
With the aftermath of the Royal Rumble there is a lot of questions being asked. Keith Lee won the Men’s match while Becky Lynch returned to win the Women’s. Who will they face? What will be happening? Well that’s not my story to tell for now, instead we deal with the fallout of British Strong Style’s star making performance. They made enemies out of their former rivals - The Undisputed Era. British Strong Style debut on SmackDown the Friday after the Rumble for their debuting ceremony.
A hype package for their arrival opens the show, showing off all their accolades in PROGRESS and NXT as Jack White’s “Love is Blindness” plays. It finishes on the three of them standing together in the Rumble last night - before we cut to back in the arena. They arrive to a chorus of cheers from the audience, coming out in their signature gear topped with custom bomber jackets. Dunne takes the mic, snarling as he paces himself while Trent and Tyler stand behind him. He lists off the names of each UE member, and calls them “cowards.” He calls them out for blindsiding Trent and trying to pick a fight with dogs bigger than them.
They bring up Cole’s failure to grab the world title. “You would grab the brass ring - but you’re not tall enough to reach it.” That’s when Adam and his posse arrive, walking out with purpose. Cole says everything they did is just business. He mocks their pristine clean cut British act, in his best Oliver Twist voice mocking them pleading to William Regal to sign them. “We’re ever so useless, please sign us, not for any reason other than Triple H likes us!” He says while the rest of UE jeer. Dunne has had enough and boots Cole in the mouth, leading to a brawl. It’s left 2-on-3 as Dunne and Cole fight on the outside.
A match is made for the next week, where Dunne and Cole fight for a spot in the Universal Championship #1 Contenders Elimination Chamber match. Dunne counters the Panama Sunrise into an X-Plex and tries for a pin, but Fish pulls Cole’s foot onto the first rope. Dunne then goes on hog wild on the outside, hitting Fish with an X-Plex on the apron! He tries for the Better End but Cole flips behind him and hits a Superkick followed by Last Shot. 1.........2........3. Adam Cole pins Pete Dunne for the second time in a row. Dunne isn’t going to make it to the Elimination Chamber.
A match is made for Elimination Chamber, with Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) of British Strong Style taking on Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong - two men they’ve waged many wars with. Bate and O’Reilly were the two iron men of the match, fighting throughout until the last few minutes. Roddy then was the guy who entered before his number to sneak eliminate Seven, meaning they have a problem. Seven and Strong face off o an episode of SmackDown, ending with Seven getting a roll up pinfall victory. They then stare down afterwards, which is the last shot before their pay-per-view bout.
Elimination Chamber 2020:
British Strong Style (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) vs. The Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong) in a Tag Team Match
These two open the show in a non-title tag team bout, just a straight up grudge match. British Strong Style come out dressed as the Peaky Blinders - because of course. Roddy does his own Goldberg entrance on the ramp, karate chops and kicks while O’Reilly plays air guitar with nothing - how sad. Roddy tries to lock up with Seven but he’s IMMEDIATELY HIT BY A GERMAN SUPLEX!! Roddy stumbles up into the corner after that shock attack. SEVEN THEN HITS A DRAGON SUPLEX! Strong writhes in the bottom corner. Seven lifts him up for an Airplane Spin but Strong navigates out and hits a Backhand Chop! FOLLOWED BY A DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX!!
Strong goes for a kick to the head but SEVEN SPINS HIM AROUND INTO A HIGH-ANGLE GERMAN SUPLEX!! HE ROLLS THROUGH INTO AN O’CONNOR ROLL!!! 1.........2......STRONG KICKS OUT! SEVEN THEN TRIES FOR ANOTHER DRAGON SUPLEX!! Roddy lets an arm loose and spins into a DISCUS ELBOW!! Roddy readjusts the armband and signals for a KNEE STRIKE!! RODDY THEN HITS A POWERBOMB ONTO HIS KNEE!! 1.......2....KICK OUT!! Roddy then makes the tag for O’Reilly. Kyle comes in with a running knee and starts to beat down on Seven with elbows. He bangs him off the corner and hits a RUNNING BACK ELBOW!! He tries for a VERTICAL SUPLEX! BUT SEVEN LANDS ON HIS FEET, SWINGS INTO A NECKBREAKER!! MAKES THE TAG TO TYLER BATE!!
Bate slingshots over the ropes but KOR IMMEDIATELY GOES FOR A YAKUZA KICK!! BATE DODGES AND HITS A DEADLIFT GERMAN SUPLEX!! 1....2.....O’REILLY KICKS OUT!! Kyle gets up and swings a closed fist to Bate’s head! ANOTHER TO THE JAW!! Tyler is down on the mat and O’Reilly sinks in an Ankle Lock! BATE STRUGGLES FOR THE ROPES!! Bate then clutches O’Reilly in a Chinlock! They’re both curled on the mat. TYLER THEN SLOWLY LIFTS HIM OFF THE FLOOR INTO A DEADLIFT POWERBOMB!! 1.....2.....O’REILLY ROLLS BACK INTO HIS OWN PINFALL!! TYLER BATE KICKS OUT! DOUBLE DOWN STEREO LARIATS!!
O’Reilly slides to the outside to recover. Bate meanwhile regained himself in the ring. The fans clap in symphony at the action that just unfolded. Tyler gets an adrenaline rush from their support and points to KOR. “Oh? Oh yes.” SUICIDE DIVE BY BATE! O’Reilly topples into the guardrail. Bate gets a fan to hold KOR in place as he runs up for a JUMPING KNEE STRIKE!! HE GOES FOR A NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX ON THE OUTSIDE! KOR GETS OUT!! HE HITS A RIPCORD KNEE AND THROWS BATE BACK IN!! HIM AND RODDY HIT THE AX AND SMASH!!! 1.........2.......SEVEN BREAKS THE PINFALL!! SEVEN HITS A SAMOAN DROP TO KYLE!! Kyle rolls out as well as Tyler, who both tag in their partners. SEVEN THEN HITS THE FIVE STAR LARIAT!!! 1.........2........KICK OUT!!!!
Seven gets up with triumph of the fans support. He pumps his fists on the canvas, and tries for another. BUT STRONG DUCKS AND HITS A GIBSON DRIVER!! HE THEN HITS A SICK KICK!!!! 1...........2..........BATE BARELY BREAKS IT UP!!! RODDY CALLS FOR AN AX AND SMASH, BUT HE’S HIT BY A SEVENTH HEAVENS!!! TYLER BATE THEN FLIES WITH A 450 SPLASH!!!! 1..........2...........3!!!!! BRITISH STRONG STYLE WIN THEIR DEBUT MATCH!! Moustache Mountain hug it out after the match as the fans give them a round of applause for the corker of a match they just saw. Pete Dunne comes out afterwards and congratulates his friends on their win.
British Strong Style defeat The Undisputed Era (17:28)
We’re fully on the road to WrestleMania, and there’s one key person here - Pete Dunne. Dunne didn’t wrestle at Elimination Chamber and is yet to have his PPV match. He’s itching for fingers to snap and bones to break. Dunne is interviewed on the SmackDown after Elimination Chamber, where he’s asked by Kayla Braxton what his primary motivations are on the main roster. Dunne tells her with a snarl that he’s here to win, and be the best in WWE. Not just the UK, not just NXT, not just SmackDown - WWE. He’s got his boys, but for now he wants to take on as many challengers as possible.
Dunne then interrupts a New Day match later on, and challenges them to a match. He says the days of them as the best trio in WWE are long gone, and now there are new players in town: British Strong Style. Trent Sven and Tyler Bate come out and stare down the opposing trio. They all look at the WrestleMania sign as the fans get rowdy. The Undisputed Era then come out, with Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish backing Cole. Adam calls out Pete Dunne to a match at Fastlane to settle their differences. However Kingston intervenes and says that neither of them should be placed above New Day, who have been doing this for 8 years. A triple threat is made for Fastlane between all of them to truly settle who is the best faction in WWE.
Fastlane 2022:
Pete Dunne vs. Adam Cole vs. Kofi Kingston - Triple Threat Match
It’s the war to settle the score as we’ll see three members of the three top factions in WWE wage war here tonight. Dunne snarls to the camera and fans, pushing aside cameraman who try and capture shots of him. He raises two fists in the air and bites towards the hard cam. Kofi then comes out with pancakes topped with ice cream coated in Booty O’s because...what else are you going to use against Pete Dunne. Adam Cole then sells them both to suck it because he’s a twat - that’s why. Once all three are in the ring the bell is rung and the bout has begun.
The three men approach each other, scouting out who makes the the first move. Cole rolls outside because he can’t be asked to do this. He waits for Dunne and Kofi to fight out while he takes a seat the commentary desk. Kofi heads to the apron to watch Cole kick his feet up on the desk. KOFI THEN JUMPS OFF THE APRON ONTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! HE GRABS COLE BY THE HAIR AND THROWS HIM BACK INSIDE. Dunne then pulls his fingers apart in glee. Pete lifts him up for a Vertical Suplex, which Kingston accompanies with a SPRINGBOARD DIVING CROSSBODY!! This leaves it to Kofi and Cole.
Kingston leapfrogs Cole who runs forward at him. He then rolls back into a Wheelbarrow Arm Drag! Cole runs under Kofi’s clothesline attempt, who runs the ropes and rebounds with a Single-leg Dropkick! Cole then lifts Kofi up with an Enziguri! He tries for a SUPERKICK FROM THE CORNER BUT KINGSTON CATCHES WITH A HURRICANERANA!!! KOFI WITH A MONKEY FLIP TO THE CORNER, FOLLOWED BY MOUNTED PUNCHES!!! HE HITS A EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!!! Kofi throws Cole out the ring with Dunne. Dunne and Cole and then hit by a SOMMERSAULT PLANCHA BY KOFI!!!
Once they’re back in the ring it’s now the three-man chaos. Everyone is countering everything, throwing it into someone. It’s like hot potato but with people and wrestling moves. Kofi hits a TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! BUT THEN FROM BEHIND IS HIT BY A LAST SHOT!! DUNNE THEN LIFTS COLE UP FOR A BITTER END - BUT COLE GETS OUT AND HITS THE FLORIDA KEYS!!! 1..........2........KOFI BREAKS IT UP WITH A BOOM DROP!!! KOFI HITS A TORNADO DDT TO ADAM COLE!! This takes Cole outside. This leaves Dunne and Kofi, who start to chop each other for shit.
Dunne throws Kofi into the corner and runs for him but he’s hit by a PENDULUM KICK!! HE GOES FOR A SPRINGBOARD ATTACK, BUT DUNNE COUNTERS WITU THE FOUR STAR FOREARM!!! HE THEN TRIES AN X-PLEX!! KOFI GETS OUT AND HITS A TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!!! We get a double down as Kingston can’t make it for the cover. Cole sneaks up from behind with a LAST SHOT TO KOFI!!! 1.........2.........3!!!!!!!!! ADAM COLE WINS THE MATCH FOR HIMSELF AND THE UNDISPUTED ERA!! Cole wins in the most on-brand way imaginable, leaving everyone but his cohorts angry.
*Adam Cole defeats Pete Dunne and Kofi Kingston (14:55)
After Fastlane we’ve fully entered the road to WrestleMania, we are approaching the big show soon and there’s a lot to unpack. The New Day and British Strong Style‘s feud is what we are focusing on today. Kofi and Dunne took themselves out of the match last Sunday, leading to Cole winning. This left both teams dissatisfied. This was the build to their WrestleMania encounter.
WrestleMania 38:
The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) vs. British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) - Six-man Tag Team Match
The two teams open the show in a clinic. This ends with British Strong Style winning the match, after Trent Seven pins Big E with a Seventh Heaven followed by a Five Star Lariat.
British Strong Style defeat The New Day (15:01)
With them after math of WrestleMania, British Strong Style are now one of the hottest commodities in WWE. They’re win over the New Day sent shockwaves through the roster of SmackDown. Dunne is vying for the Intercontinental Championship, currently held by Aleister Black, meanwhile Seven and Bate want The Street’s Profits tag straps. In a promo on the SmackDown after WrestleMania, Dunne addresses their critics. “Are we good guys? Are we bad guys? Yes, no, yes and no. We are the shades of grey you don’t see. We are unclear in if we are black or white. You don’t know, and don’t need to. This is about no one but us - and our mission for success.”
“We will take the titles we so please the only way we can - by making it happen.” They do that, as Aleister Black is met by British Strong Style backstage. Dunne calls out Black to a match for Extreme Rules, but Aleister doesn’t give it out like candy. He wants to see Dunne prove he can do it one-on-one - because he hadn’t done that yet, whereas there a lot of guys in the back who have. So Pete wrestles in the main event that night, in a winning effort. The match is then made for Extreme Rules: Aleister Black defending his Intercontinental Championship against The Bruiserweight. Dunne snaps his opponents fingers after the match to close the show.
Meanwhile Seven and Bate of Moustache Mountain are looking to get a shot at the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. They interrupt The Street Profits after a successful tag titles defence. Seven tells them they are a very good team...for how. They may have dominated the division for the past 3 years, but now the REAL dominators are here. This is a new age of tag team wrestling, and Tez and Angie’s time is up. Move aside now - new boys in town. Profits rebound that there is a reason it took Seven and Bate 5 years to arrive to the main roster, whereas it took them 1. They have dominated the division for so long because they’ve been the best for so long, and will continue to be. So they’ll gladly humble these two British boys at Extreme Rules.
Extreme Rules 2022:
British Strong Style vs. The Street Profits - SmackDown Tag Team Championships
Street Profits don’t come out through the crowd, but instead come down the stage with Dawkins behind Montez has he walks down with all the swagger of the world. Moustache Mountain do it differently, as Tyler Bate adjusts his moustache, cleans his boots and shakes the hands of the Street Profits. Trent Seven politely folds the towels for the ringkeeper. Once the bell rings we’re underway.
Angelo Dawkins and Tyler Bate start the match off hot with Angelo Dawkins using his size to try and get an edge. Tyler Bate, using his speed and some of that ol’ rough housin, manages to overcome Angelo Dawkins though by using his thick British style. Angelo Dawkins goes for a Forearm Smash, but Tyler Bate ducks and HITS A GERMAN SUPLEX FOLLOWED BY A SAMOAN DROP!!!! Tyler Bate locks in a resthold, trying time make Angelo submit. HE MANAGES TO ROLL OUT OF IT AND HIT A FACEBUSTER!!!! Angelo Dawkins starts to pick up his pace a little and hits a Running Shoulder Tackle!!! Tyler Bate trips him up and locks in a CROSSFACE!!
Dawkins comes in fast and furious hitting A BIG BOOT TO TRENT SEVEN. Angelo Dawkins then scoops him up and hits a POWERSLAM. He Irish Whips him into the corner and hits a series of stiff chops to the chest!! Trent Seven though counters, putting him into the corner then hitting his own batch of chops!! Angelo Dawkins reverses that though, putting Trent Seven in the corner and hitting his own round of chops! Dawkins has enough and KICKS SEVEN IN THE FACE!! BEFORE HE HITS AN EXPLODER SUPLEX INTO THE CORNER!!! HE TAGS IN MONTEZ!! Angelo Dawkins hits a SPEAR TO TRENT SEVEN - FOLLOWED BY A FROGSPLASH BY FORD!!! 1....2.....TYLER BATE BREAKS IT UP! DDT FROM BATE TO FORD!!
Bate rolls to the outside - BUT HE’S HIT BY A DAWKINS SPEAR ON THE FLOOR!! Montez Ford gets to his feet in the ring but he’s met by a Spinning Backfist!!! MONTEZ FORD REPLIES TO THIS WITH AN ENZIGURI!! He runs off the ropes but TRENT SEVEN HITS A SEVEN STAR LARIAT!! Trent Seven gets a Tag in on Tyler Bate who comes in fiery. TYLER BATE HITS A RUNNING ACE HANDLE AND LOCKS IN A REAR NAKED CHOKE!!! Montez Ford struggles in it and looks like he’s out but ANGELO DAWKINS BREAKS IT UP!!!! MONTE FORD GOES TO THE MIDDLE ROPES AND HITS A TORNADO DDT!!!! HE GOES TO COVER, BUT TRENT SEVEN PULLS HIM OUTSIDE; DEATH VALLEY DRIVER ON THE RING APRON!!! Seeing as Montez is the legal man, Angelo has to drag Montez back in and tag himself in.
Street Profits are FURIOUS and grabs the chairs. The fans boo but they look at each other with anger, and agree this has to be done. TRENT SEVEN COMES UP FROM BEHIND AND HITS A BACKSTABBER TO MONTEZ FORD!!! This distracts Angelo Dawkins, so he looks the opposite way. This allows TYLER BATE TO HIT A CHAIR-ASSISTED RUNNING BULLDOG! Street Profits stumble to their feet. MONTEZ FORD HITS A SUPERKICK TO TRENT SEVEN!! HE TURNS AROUND TO TYLER BATE, WHO HITS A AIRPLANE SPIN AND GIANT SWING COMBO!!! Trent Seven stumbles into the ring, DEADLIFT POWERBOMB TO MONTEZ FORD! TYLER BATE FINALLY HITS THE TYLER DRIVER 97’!!!!!! 1.....2.....3!!!!!!! MUSTACHE MOUNTAIN ARE YOUR NEW SMACKDOWN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!!
British Strong Style defeat The Street Profits (c) to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships
Pete Dunne vs. Aleister Black (c) - Intercontinental Championship
Dunne and Black are very similar style wise, both being aggressive guys who can legit shoot beat the shit out of you. Black however is strikes and martial arts based, while Dunne is more ground and grappling focused. That’s the narrative of the match. Pete Dunne ultimately wins with a Bitter End off the top rope. Seven and Bate then come out to celebrate winning all the titles with him.
Pete Dunne defeats Aleister Black (c) to win the Intercontinental Championship
Now holding all the gold, with each member having a title belt to their name, British Strong Style are reigning more supreme than ever. The only title that alludes them is the Universal Championship. With this rise to glory so fast they start to get a bit of a reputation, primarily Pete Dunne. Seven and Bate seem to still work well together, but Dunne only ever wrestles solo. This is subtle, and not especially pointed out by commentary, but if you pay attention you’ll see. We’re leading up to Backlash where they’ll prove if their rocket launch to stardom will fully take blast.
Ricochet comes around looking for an Intercontinental Championship match. He says he’s worked hard enough in the Midcard to earn this opportunity. He confronts Pete Dunne on an episode of SmackDown, and brings up when they used to be buddies a couple years back in NXT - and competed in WarGames together. Dunne gives Ricochet the match he desires, but with aggressive underlying intentions. “Say you’re intact bones goodbye.” The match is advertised for the following week on SmackDown, where it will main event the show. Of course, we need Peaky Blinders attire for a special occasion like this.
Ricochet and Dunne go 15 minutes, their clashing styles making for a work of art. In the end it ends up as a Countout, due to Bate double checking Dunne isn’t injured before he tries and renter the ring. This ends the show in drama. So, Ricochet brings in his old pals The War Raiders for Backlash, where the two opposing take will face off in a Six-man Tag Team Match.
Backlash 2022:
British Strong Style vs. Ricochet and The War Raiders - Six-man Tag Team Match
In the finishing sequence: Bate takes out both of Hanson and Rowe with a Giant Swing + Samoan Drop. Ricochet’s 630 then is broken up, which leads to a Better End by Dunne and a triple pin for the win.
British Strong Style defeat Ricochet and The War Raiders (21:31)
Ricochet comes back looking for his Intercontinental Championship match. However he’s already got it, so back of the line. Ricochet then follows in the teachings of Pete Dunne - take matters into your own hands and GET matches yourself. He does this by nearly costing Dunne’s buddies the tag titles in a defence against The War Raiders. So now Dunne is more than happy to give him another match, but this time it will be No Countout and No Disqualification - meaning they can go as wild as they want and Dunne won’t be sabotaged by his partners again. Seven and Bate offer Dunne help in the match, but he denies - wanting to go solo.
Money in the Bank 2022:
Pete Dunne (c) vs. Ricochet - No Countout and No Disqualification Match for the Intercontinental Championship
The bout is utter carnage, with weapons and fuckery galore. Dunne gets incredibly vicious with his attacks, stamping on Ricochet’s limbs covered in chairs. Dunne retains after an X Plex off the top rope through a table.
Pete Dunne defeats Ricochet (17:44)
Johnny Gargano recently made his debut on the main roster, arriving to SmackDown in the money in the bank ladder match. He targets Pete Dunne and his Intercontinental Championship. Meanwhile The War Raiders are looking for revenge on Moustache Mountain of Trent Seven and Tyler Bate. They get it, and it’s made a Ladder Match.
SummerSlam 2022:
British Strong Style (c) vs. The War Raiders - Ladder Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships
This is both teams first time competing in a Ladder Match in WWE and it will certainly be one to remember. The match ends with Hanson and Rowe both pushing Seven and Bate off the same ladder, making them fall from opposite sides through other ladders. The War Raiders then climb up to win.
The War Raiders defeat British Strong Style (20:09)
Pete Dunne (c) vs. Johnny Gargano - Intercontinental Championship
Dunne and Gargano face off for the first time ever in a WWE ring in this encounter. They go a long time, very much an endurance based bout. In the end Gargano makes Dunne tap, despite Seven and Bate’s best efforts to help him. In one night, they lose it all.
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2020.10.19 23:02 tokinwhitegirl Advice for first timers

Hey y'all, my partner and I have been looking for a diesel truck to tow our new RV which we're going to fulltime in. Our trailer has a max weight of ~10k lbs so we settled on getting a 3/4 ton diesel to pull it around. We recently found a 2019 Silverado 2500 that has everything we want (tow package, traction control, etc.) with 77k miles on it for $51k, which is a bit more than we were looking to pay, but not unreasonably so. However, it does have 2250 hours on it. The dealer informed me that it lived its first life as an oil field truck in west texas (san angelo, odessa).
We're both diesel newbs and only know what we've managed to glean off the internet, but it seems to be in solid shape afaik. The underbits are clean, it drives well with no weird noises, transmission is smooth and it shifts into 4x4 cleanly, again, afaik. Whatever blow by there was couldn't even shift the oil cap (the dealer used to be a service manager and said I was the first person to do that test in years, so good on y'all for teaching me that.)
I worry about the engine hours and the cost but other than that it ticks all the boxes for us. Should we run for the hills? Scoop it up immediately? Proceed with cautious optimism? We've gathered a lot of info but still don't know what to make of it all.

EDIT: Thanks, y'all. Looks like we'll be looking elsewhere. ^_^'
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2020.10.16 17:25 skywardsword596 OC: Serie A's Last Outsiders #1: Hellas Verona 1984/1985

With the 2020-2021 Serie A underway, there is a general sense of uncertainty about a league that has fallen from the heights of its glory in the 1990s. Juventus are looking to make it an even 10 Scudetti in a row, yet with a new, untested manager in Andrea Pirlo, a new midfield, and arguably less star quality than they have had since their unbeaten title in 2011-2012 they are facing more questions about their ability to sustain a title challenge while also competing in a European front.
Most of these questions are coming from a chasing pack that collectively looks much stronger than any top-flight season Italy has seen in the last decade. While standout individual squads such as Maurizio Sarri’s 2017-2018 Napoli have blooded the champions before, the last several years in Italian football have allowed several teams to plan on dethroning Juventus, and this season Lazio, Milan, and Inter will relish the chance to ruin Juve’s 10th.
But the sternest challenge might come from a Lombardy team that has never won major honors since 1963, when they were crowned Coppa Italia champions. Atalanta capped off a second season in 2019-20 with another Champions League place, their best European finish since 1991, and most importantly without selling any of their key players, with the only departures being the backup wing-back Timothy Castagne and the teenage winger Amad Traore.
Should Atalanta capture a miracle first ever Scudetto, they would become the first “new” title-winners since Sampdoria in 1991, a gap of 29 years. But Samp themselves didn’t have to wait that long to break an existing hegemony. Their debut title was preceded by only four years, when Napoli captured their first Scudetto in 1987, and two years earlier than that, Hellas Verona won their only title in 1985.
And that’s where we find ourselves today, exploring the unheralded Verona side of 1984/1985.
1985: Something is rotten in the state of fair Verona…
Or so the competing clubs in Italy thought at the end of the 1984/1985 season. In a league full of talented stars such as Michel Platini and Alessandro Altobelli, the Scudetto traveled the banks of the Adige to Julius Caesar’s favorite vacation spot.
The context of the league at the time adds some further spice to this particular shock. In 1980, the scandal of Totonero broke; Italian internationals such as Enrico Albertosi were found to have placed bets on teams in a complex web of movements revolving around a Roman restaurant. Totonero could be a book on its own, or perhaps a good documentary, but its most relevant consequence were the attempted reforms to the system of Italian referee selection throughout the following decade. In 1984/1985, instead of relying on the traditional designatori arbitrali, the referee assignment council, the Italian league decided to randomly draw referees, allowing no one knowledge of who was going to referee their games.
Furthermore, in January of 1984, the Italian league decided to enforce a three-season ban on signing foreign players for all teams except those newly promoted: Atalanta, Como and Cremonese. Therefore, the cream of Italy’s crop decided to invest big on foreign players already in Italy and elsewhere across the world.
La Stampa's headline 29 June 1984: Foreigners, a summer of negotiations, and then the blockade
Big names were moving: the Scot Graeme Souness, back when Pogba didn’t exist to hate, headed to Sampdoria from Liverpool, the German Karl-Heinz Rummenigge joined Inter from Bayern Munich, and across town in Milan, the English duo of Mark Hateley and Ray Wilkins moved to the red half of the San Siro from Portsmouth and Manchester United respectively. The third Brazilian midfield magician of 1982, Socrates, joined Fiorentina, while his teammate Junior signed for Torino. Oh, and Napoli signed some angry midget from Barcelona - we’ll get to him in a minute.
Verona made moves with the rest of them. It would be wrong to call them an untalented squad - their coach, Osvaldo Bagnoli, brought them to a fourth-place finish and a Coppa Italia final in 1982-1983, although Juventus triumphed over them across two legs. They already had the creative attacker Pietro Fanna and the midfield playmaker Antonio Di Gennaro, spearheaded by the speedy Giuseppe Galderisi. But they had very little pedigree in Italian football, with their main contribution being a Coppa final in 1976 where they lost to Napoli. Consequently, their signings weren’t on the same level as their competition, investing in the long-jumper-turned-left-back Hans-Peter Briegel of Kaiserslautern and the Danish playboy Preben Elkjær from Lokeren, following his performances at Euro 1984.
The Gialloblu hit the ground running, going 14 matches unbeaten until falling to an Angelo Colombo goal away to Avellino. That brief wobble allowed Inter, one of the two closest challengers, to briefly hold the top spot - until a draw in Verona set Bagnoli’s side back on top. Not even a further defeat to the other challengers Torino could knock Verona from their perch, as they sealed their first ever Scudetto in the following weeks with a draw against none other than Atalanta.
Sadly, I was only able to find one full match of this historic Verona team, in their opening day victory over Napoli. While obviously there are going to be distinct differences between today’s football and that of the 1980s, there are some interesting patterns that we can see in Verona’s play, some that actually continue to manifest to this day. You can watch the complete match here. Here are four takeaways:
1) The Genius of Di Gennaro
Taking the #10 shirt at a historic Italian club like Fiorentina is never easy. Especially when the current holder of that shirt is Fiorentina icon and World Cup winner Giancarlo Antognoni. That’s why Antonio Di Gennaro, who could never fit into a midfield featuring Antognoni, swapped purple for the yellow and blue of Verona, and a more comfortable #10.
As was common for playmakers in those days, Di Gennaro looks remarkably undisciplined in a positional sense; floating from wing to wing, dropping deeper than the center backs, and charging forward into space to support the attack. However, throughout the Napoli game, the Florentine showed his preference to begin his attacks from deeper in midfield, in contrast to his opposite number Diego Maradona, who tended to stay in his team’s attacking half. Di Gennaro also pitched in defensively, making interceptions and tackles to spark quick counterattacks led by the likes of Luciano Marangon, Pietro Fanna, and Luciano Bruni. When Napoli attempted to press him higher in the second half, Di Gennaro countered by playing the fast forwards Giuseppe Galderisi and Pietro Fanna into space with some delicious long passes.
His tendency to play deeper also opened up space ahead of him for Fanna to operate as an advanced creative midfielder, while Bruni and Hans-Peter Briegel also surged into the open areas in the Verona attacking third. That didn’t stop Di Gennaro from doing plenty of attacking himself - the move that resulted in Giuseppe Galderisi’s goal was started and assisted by Verona’s #10, and he added a third goal from a Fanna free-kick.
Oh, and most importantly...he had some silky skills
2) All-Action Briegel
In another universe, Hans-Peter Briegel is a decorated member of Germany’s Olympics athletics team. In this one however, the Rodendach native left the long jump behind to become a defensive midfielder and left back, initially at Kaiserslautern before making the jump to Verona. The summer signing made an immediate impact at both ends of the pitch against Napoli.
Briegel, was given freedom to rampage forward from his midfield position, and was a beneficiary of the passes from Di Gennaro and Fanna. The corner that led to his opening goal came from a lung-bursting run through the center and a slick through ball for Fanna, who returned the favor moments later with an inch-perfect cross.
Perhaps as important as his goal, however, was his man-marking of Maradona. Bagnoli was no stranger to the threat that the Argentine possessed, so whenever Napoli was in possession, their star signing found himself bullied off the ball by Briegel’s relentless marking. Napoli found themselves forced to go long or to the flanks rather than make their play through Maradona. In the second half, Maradona was able to buy himself more time on the ball by dropping deeper to pick it up, but it greatly reduced his goal threat and saw him resort to set-pieces to chip away at the Venetians.
Briegel’s brilliant form saw him end as Verona’s 2nd-top scorer with 11 goals in all competitions, behind the duo of Galderisi and Elkjær. Sadly, there are no statistics for how many other playmakers “the Rhineland steamroller” flattened en route to his winner’s medal.
3) The Best Defenders can be Great Attackers
While the back five or back three formations are fairly common throughout Italian football history, Bagnoli’s Verona brought an interesting twist to the position by having his nominal outside center-backs, Luciano Marangon and Roberto Tricella move forwards into attacking positions, while the wide players Domenico Volpati and Pietro Fanna moved inside. In a rather modern take on the wing-back positions, Bagnoli had Fanna stay forwards to serve as a creative influence in the final third, while Volpati tucked in to become another defensive midfielder, protecting the remaining center back Mauro Ferroni and supporting the midfielders Di Gennaro, Briegel and Bruni when they moved forwards.
Marangon, naturally a left-back, pushed particularly up high to support the left-sided striker Elkjær when he moved inside. While he did not make a contribution to the goals or assists against Napoli, he would net two goals during the season. Tricella was less of an attacking influence, mainly due to the presence of Fanna ahead of him, but similarly to modern day center-backs, was tasked with carrying the ball out of defense, or playing long passes upfield when necessary.
4) The Midget and the Mad Mayor of Verona: Galderisi and Elkjær
Standing at roughly five-foot seven-inches, or about one Alexis Sanchez, the then-21-year-old Giuseppe Galderisi did not immediately appear to be in the mold of some of his contemporary forwards, such as Mark Hateley or Alessandro Altobelli. But for Verona, he was more than enough to lead the attack.
During the early phases of the Napoli game, as both teams probe each other’s weaknesses, Galderisi doesn’t have much to feed on. Consequently, he drops a little deeper than normal to pick up the ball and attempt to win a foul. Galderisi also pops up on the right flank, where he helps support Briegel, Bruni and Fanna in their attempts to combine. His scrappiness off the ball leads to Verona’s 2nd goal; after a slick move by Di Gennaro, Galderisi is perfectly timed to smash home the rebound.
Galderisi’s strike partner Elkjær was another who didn’t mind a scrap; while he tended to stay higher up than the diminutive #9, the two would combine to hound defenders out of possession and limit the buildup, as demonstrated here. While Galderisi dropped out of the box to hunt for the ball, Elkjær would move into the penalty area, and several times both Galderisi and Fanna narrowly missed serving the perfect cross to the big man’s head. While he would fire a blank against Napoli, the Dane would equal Galderisi’s 13 goals across all competitions, and his performances would see him nominated for the 1984 and 1985 Ballon D’Or, where he finished third and second respectively, losing out to Juventus’ Michel Platini.
While Galderisi’s stay at Verona wouldn’t last long, Elkjær would remain in Veneto until the tail end of his career. The chainsmoking Dane is still an incredibly popular figure in the city, even receiving votes in mayoral elections to this day.
The Aftermath
Verona’s story following their fairytale title might have come from a Shakespearean tragedy, with several of their best players leaving and the club returning to its yo-yo status within the decade. Attackers Pietro Fanna and Giuseppe Galderisi departed for Inter in 1985 and Milan in 1986 respectively, but neither could recapture their Gialloblu form. World Cup winner Paolo Rossi did replace them in 1986/1987 as the club managed to gain a fourth-place finish and UEFA Cup qualification, and Bagnoli stuck around to guide them to a quarterfinal finish in the tournament. From there, however, it was only downhill; finishes of 10th, 11th and 16th in 1990 condemned Verona to relegation.
Perhaps the bitterest pill to swallow after tasting victory was the resurgence of the referee selection commission. The random ballot for the 1984/1985 season was swiftly shelved, and various systems that allowed the biggest teams influence over referee selection returned. Historian John Foot notes that some clubs recognized Verona’s victory as a threat to their order; their “psychological power” was reduced by the free draw. And while this particular incident was not of an Italian making, Verona’s European Cup adventure in 1985/1986 was ended by Juventus, and the Gialloblu bitterly suspected the French referee of aiding their downfall.
After financial difficulties forced a temporary rebrand to simply Verona, the club regained their name and Serie A continuity in 1999, but disaster was only three seasons away. Hellas Verona slipped back into Serie B in 2002, and would spend most of the early 2000s bouncing between Serie B and Serie C1. Finally, in 2013, they tasted top-flight football - temporarily. A further two promotions were needed until the Gialloblu could cling on to the top-division spot they now hold.
Osvaldo Bagnoli, meanwhile, headed to Liguria to join Genoa after Verona’s 1990 relegation. He once again achieved UEFA Cup qualification with an unheralded squad. More financial troubles finally saw him arrive at his hometown to coach Inter Milan, but sadly his magic touch deserted him in the face of conflicts with Dennis Bergkamp, and he retired at the relatively early age of 59.
Thanks all for reading my work! Stay tuned for the next entry in this series, featuring a very familiar shaggy-haired Argentine...
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2020.10.13 14:05 BuckGB Cryptic Studios Interview

Cryptic Studios, the team behind Champions Online, Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and the upcoming Magic: Legends, has been working on MMORPGs for over two decades by this point. And if you wouldn't mind knowing more about this company and the lessons they’ve learned over the years, you should check out this massive VentureBeat interview with Cryptic’s CEO Stephen D’Angelo (Part 1, Part 2).
The interview goes over D’Angelo’s background, the studio’s journey through the years, their current and past projects, the ins and outs of the free-to-play model, and some general MMO-related musings. Here’s a couple of questions to get you started:
GamesBeat: I was looking up your career, and I saw you joined in 2007. What brought you to Cryptic?
Stephen D’Angelo: I have a background as a software engineer. I was doing multiple successful startups around the tech industry in the Bay Area. One of things I had been doing, moonlighting if you will, I was doing a lot of work in the paper game industry. I did a lot of work for Wizards of the Coast on Magic: The Gathering, as well as playtesting other pen-and-paper games they were doing. I jumped into the video game industry and joined Cryptic, a very dynamic gaming company, and I’ve been loving it ever since, more than 13 years now.
GamesBeat: I’m intrigued about your work on Magic and with Wizards and how that all relates to what you’re doing now. Cryptic didn’t have a partnership with Wizards when you were starting there, but now Wizards is one of your most important partners. Does that play into the past you’ve had?
D’Angelo: The work that we did with Neverwinter has actually nothing to do with my past. I had to do with Cryptic at one point being owned by Atari, which had the D&D worldwide licenses. But the Magic game we’re making now has everything to do with my long-term relationship with Wizards of the Coast.
We were sitting around one day, filling whiteboards with what we could be doing next, and someone said, why aren’t we doing Magic? I was face-palming myself. Why aren’t we doing Magic? We put together a pitch and I called the Wizards folks I know. I went up to Washington and sat down in the room, and the first thing they said was, Stephen, the only reason we’re doing this meeting is because of our history with you. We get pitches all the time for games, and we’re going to say no to yours like we say no to everyone. Don’t take it personally. All right?
Well, hear me out, I said. We did the pitch, and by the end of the meeting they said, damn, we want this game. Part of it is I got the meeting because of the relationship. Another part of it is, it comes back to this thing — I generally believe this: Know your IP and love it as much as the owner of the IP does, and you’ll make a better partnership out of it, make a better game out of it. We came in and pitched them something that represented the IP, and that got them super-excited in a way a lot of people who didn’t get the IP weren’t able to do.
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2020.10.12 20:56 Brune_04 Only two more days to set up your own Amazing Race RealTVFantasy Leagues

You can always set up the league after the premiere, but you won't receive points from the week's you've missed

Link to the App in the Apple store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/realtvfantasy/id1513607707?mt=8
Link to the App in the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.realtvfantasy.realtvfantasy&hl=en_US
Please let me know if you have any issues with the App since it is new.

Who are we?
Real TV Fantasy is a site that I created so that I could make fantasy leagues for my favorite shows and play with my friends with our own rules and scoring system. The thought behind the site is to make it so every league can be as close to 100% customizable as they can be so that anyone can play with any scoring that they want to. The only limitations currently is that there are only three types of leagues (Weekly Redraft, Team, and Full Draft).

Join Public League or Create Your Own Private League
Go to https://www.realtvfantasy.com/shows/view/the-amazing-race-32 sign in with gmail or facebook and then click "Create New Private League", "Public Weekly Redraft League", or "Public Team League" and join league on the public leagues page.

League Types
The site currently only has three types of leagues: Team League, Weekly Redraft League and a Full Draft League:

Weekly Redraft League:
Full Draft League:
Team League:

Currently we are running public and private leagues:
The public leagues are a Weekly Redraft league or a Team league where you play against everyone who has joined the public league site wide.
Private leagues are leagues where you have the ability to customize everything there is to customize in a league including the type of league (Full Draft, Weekly Redraft, Team) and scoring system.

Scoring Breakdown
Scores updated automatically up to 48 hours after the episode on Sunday has aired (If it will be anything over 48 hours I will let people know that scores are delayed)
note: these scores are only the defaults. They can all be updated to your liking for your leagues. For example if you don't like getting points for any Drama/Romance points you can set them all to 0 and they won't get counted in your league
These aren't set in stone. If you have more scoring fields that you would like, please let me know in a PM or in the comments and I can add them since the show hasn't started yet. Also as I learn more about the season and how it's laid out more scoring fields will be added

All questions about trades can be answered here: http://realtvfantasy.com/tradingguide

Questions/Suggestions and Issues
You can comment on this thread or PM me and I will try to get it fixed as soon as I can.
Thank you guys and I hope you enjoy the site & the app!
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2020.10.08 17:57 gainesville-celtic DKC Mock Draft: Mock Edition

GC's 1st Annual Mockery Chalkery Mock Draft

Now that YoungNick and WLE have put out real mocks, time to really make a mock-ery of things.
1. LaMelo Ball -- Despite rumors that they might shock the world and take Bolmoro #1, Lakers select LaMelo, sign LiAngelo and use the rest of their $32m in caproom on team counselling when Kyrie and LaMelos fail to, uh, see eye-to-third-eye.
2. Killian Hayes -- DPD embraces being in Toronto and begins building a truly international super-team.
3. James Wiseman -- Making the first of his 26 picks, YN makes this one mostly so in 2-3 years he can say he "was a wise man for drafting Wiseman".
4. Obi Toppin -- a scouting intern makes a joke about Obi being on the "toppin" his BPA list in the team's virtual draft HQ and tjmml mistakenly thinks it's the real selection.
5. Anthony Edwards -- Kane is reportedly shopping this pick, but jumps at the chance of pairing the sliding Edwards — and his effort concerns — with Wall coming off a major injury, the always revved up Andrew Wiggins and a rosy DeMarcus Cousins. What could go wrong? Other than Jae Crowder choking one of his own teammates during a timeout.
6. Onyeka Okongwu - maybe this is too high for OO, but keep in mind if WAS pairs him with Zubac, builds off the U and hits a triple word score he could score 95 points with O-K-O-N-G-W-U.
7. Devin Vassell - I considered Haliburton, but I always think of Dick Chaney when i hear his name, so I pivoted to one of the 2 players I've seen IRL — and on a poster in my asst. GM's room.
8. Isaac Okoro - will NOP field a team of all 6-7 to 6-9 players next year (remember Isaac is likely out for the season and Jeff Teague is a FA).
9. Deni Avdija - After drafing Hayes and resigning fellow-Frenchman-Fournier, TOR has international players from: France, Canada (SGA), Isreal (Avdija) and Texas (Justin Jackson).
10. Tyrese Haliburton - Haliburton & Dinwiddie is (a) an Auburn Hills law firm, (b) the leads in a buddy cop movie set in Detroit, (c) a starting backcourt in a D&D-like fantasy league.
11. Saddiq Tyler Bey -- see above comment:
> will NOP field a team of all 6-6 to 6-9 players next year?
The "other" Bey played C in college an slots in nicely for a Huerter-Tatum-Okoro-Oubre-Bey starting five six-foot-sixers.
12. Tyrese Maxey -- Tyrese and D'Angelo sounds like a R&B duo that could hit it big in the CHI.
13. Aleksej Pokusevski - no surprise or comment here.
14. Precious Achiuwa -- a bit more of a surprise, but YN probably knows what he's doing.
15. Saddiq Bey -- There are better players still on the board — maybe even ones that fill a need (see: Cole Anthony, PG) — but NOP ain't having it b/c they ain't 6-6 to 6-9.
16. Leandro Bolmaro -- NOP considers taking another Bey just to stay on brand, but with 4 first round picks, he goes draft-and-stash — but only b/c Bolmaro is 6-7.
17. RJ Hampton - Looking for players with upside Lucky pairs the athletic HS phenom with RJ Barrett. Rumors abound that he's had trade talks to acquire Reddick, Ford and Tucker... in no small part so ORL fans can delight in plays like this:
> PJ rebounds it, outlets to TJ, who passess it to RJ, RJ whips it to JJ in the corner who fakes the three and instead fires an alley oop to RJ!!!!
18. Patrick Williams -- TheWalkerWiggle is so confident in his ability to find talent in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the draft that he considers reigniting his blood fued with his co-GM Champkind by passing on their #18 pick; but then remembers I called Williams a “rich-man's Ryan Gomes” and takes him with visions of the 90s dancing in his head.
19. Isaiah Stewart -- More surprises from YoungNick though as a HS Senior, Stewart was #2 on NBAdraft.net's 2020 mock the week after the 2019 draft.
20. Kira Lewis Jr. -- UTA already has a lighting quick, rail thin PG in Ja Morant. JGod might be seeing if he could like stick the 2 of them together and make one normal sized player.
21. Aaron Nesmith -- Nesmith is apparently a player a team can draft in the NBA.
22. Jaden McDaniels -- I'm sticking Rebus with my least favorite prospect (don't have him in my top 40) because he beat me in the DKC Playoffs 1st Round. Take that DKC ATL!
23. Theo Maledon -- Haliburton, Dinwiddie and Maledon is (a) an Auburn Hills law firm who just added a 3rd partner, (b) the leads in a buddy cop movie set in Detroit, (c) a backcourt rotation in a D&D-like fantasy league.
24. Zeke Nnaji -- DKC Jay Williams, DKC Jay Billas, DKC Fran Frascilla, Røy (who for some reason is on the DKC ESPN set) and DKC Mike Schmitz are all aghast as Arizona's fab freshman goes off the board 10 spots earlier than anyone expected.
25. Tyrell Terry -- Post pick exchange with a reporter:
  • JGod: “Having a weight and conditioning test has worked out great for RL MIA. Ours will be even more demanding. Therefore we're only gonna roster players like Morant, Lewis and Terry who are borderline anoerexic."
  • Reporter: “What about guys like Nurkic, Randle and Felicio?”
  • JGod: .........
26. Jahmi'us Ramsey -- IDK... why not? FWIW, MIN could roll out a lineup of Goran, Jahmi'us, Juancho, Luc-Richard and Mfiondu. That's an all-DKC-First-Name-First-Team right there.
27. Nico Mannion -- C18 picks Mannion just to watch Jevon Carter literally disembowl him.
28. Xavier Tillman -- Seems like another great first name addition to an already stacked team in that department.
29. Udoka Azubuike -- Cole Anthony is still on the board, but YoungNick inexplicably takes his 6th center of the first round. Instead of the tired trope of surrounding Trae Young with four shooters, YN appears to be zigging while others are zagging and surrounding Young with four 7-footers!
30. Robert Woodard -- Another pick, another 6-6 to 6-9 guy for the Pels.
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2020.10.02 19:34 Claudi471 [SPOILER MADIA TRILOGY]Is Tommy Angelo a good person deep inside?

Hey, after a lot of years I had the opportunity to replay Mafia 1 thanks to the remake that has lately came out. While I was playing it I had this constant doubt. Is Thomas Angelo really a bad person? Don't get me wrong, whoever chooses this lifestyle has something not wrong in him. We see that on Vito and Joe on Mafia 2, they love the job and they never regretted killing someone, same for Lincoln Clay. Fact is that Vito has still a human side in him and he might show mercy just like he did with Leo Galante and in the end of the game he suffered the death of Henry and Martin. Lincoln to me is a complete sociopath. He cares about his family but without it he doesn't care about nothing, just a war machine who never stops killing and committing atrocious acts. But Tommy is different from all the others. Since the very first beginning he is not sure about killing people, that always had shocked him and he was always pushed to do that by Sam, Paulie and Don Salieri. In my opinion, when Tommy got made and joined the family he didn't absolutely know what he was really doing. He thought that what he would have always done for those people was driving, he probably didn't even know what mafia was. He has an Italian name and Italian origins sure but as we understand when he partners with Salvatore to open the safe, he doesn't even know Italian and almost every Italian in that period knew Italian. It looks like his parents never tried to get him into their culture at all. Thomas Angelo regrets every killing he has done, and the worst one was when he killed that young lady as a mistake, he never forgot himself for that. So in my opinion, he is just a good person who got caught in something bigger than him and eventually brought him to his own death. What do you think about it? I'd love to hear your opinions!
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2020.10.02 18:22 Sk80Boi Booking the Draft and Raw's Run Until Wrestlemania 37 (Part 1)- The Most DOMINANT Brand in Sports Entertainment

In this booking, draft picks are decided lottery style, executives don’t get to choose who gets drafted.
Draft Night 1:
  1. King Corbin
  2. John Morrison
  3. The Fiend
  4. Big E
  5. Carmella
  1. Drew McIntyre
  2. Edge
  3. Angel Garza
  4. Dominick Mysterio
  5. Kevin Owens
Draft Night 2:
  1. Alexa Bliss
  2. Otis
  3. Naomi
  4. Tucker
  5. Roman Reigns
  1. Charlotte Flair
  2. Natalya
  3. Riddick Moss
  4. Zelina Vega
  5. Seth Rollins
Raw (Oct. 19, 2020)- Roman Reigns starts off the program by proclaiming that Raw is now his island. His promo is cut short by Heavy Machinery who have been reunited with Mandy Rose. Otis flexes his Money in the Bank briefcase before Roman challenges “all y’all” to an elimination handicap match.
-John Morrison beats King Corbin via roll up
-Alexa Bliss and Billie Kay defeat Naomi and Dana Brooke via pinfall
-Big E defeats Bobby Lashley via Disqualification after interference from the Hurt Business
-Roman Reigns pins Tucker and eliminates Otis via countout before turning his attention to Mandy Rose. “I said I could beat all y’all.” He drags Mandy Rose into the ring, plants her with a spear, and pins her. After the match Otis and Tucker attack Roman to a state of unconsciousness all while Mandy Rose is getting medical attention. Otis looks at the Money in the Bank briefcase and then at Mandy Rose, prone on the stretcher. He opts to take care of Mandy instead of cashing in.
Raw (Oct. 26, 2020)- Otis wants a match against Roman Reigns for what he did to Mandy last week. Roman refuses, coaxing Otis to cash in his briefcase. Otis announces that at Hell in a Cell, he wants to face Roman in a Hell in a cell match.
-Alexa Bliss w/Billie Kay defeats Peyton Royce via pinfall
-Roman attacks Tucker backstage
-Andrade defeats Montez Ford via pinfall
-Big E defeats John Morrison via pinfall after interference from King Corbin, Big E is now the no.1 contender for the U.S championship
Hell in a Cell- Big E defeats Bobby Lashley to become the U.S Champion
-King Corbin defeats John Morrison via clocking Morrison over the head with his ceptor while the ref wasn’t looking.
-Andrade and Bo Dallas (the returning mystery partner) defeat The Street profits in a non-title match. Dallas declares him and Andrade will be known as AB Positive.
-Roman Reigns defeats Otis in a Hell in a Cell match. After the match, Mandy Rose proposes to Otis, and Otis says “o yeA!”
Raw (Nov. 2nd, 2020)- Otis and Mandy announce their wedding for Survivor Series.
-Bo Dallas w/ Andrade defeat Angelo Dawkins w/Montez Ford via pinfall
-Carmella w/ Peyton Royce defeats Billie Kay w/ Alexa Bliss via pinfall
-MVP announces Lashley is invoking his rematch clause the Raw before Survivor Series
-John Morrison vs. King Corbin in the brawl to end it all ends in a no contest after interference from the invading SmackDown roster.
-Raw (Nov. 9th, 2020) -Roman announces that he is taking the night off in order to stay fresh before his match at survivor series. Tucker comes out and says that as a wedding gift for Otis, he’s gonna beat Roman Reigns.
- Bo Dallas w/Andrade defeats Montez Ford w/Angelo Dawkins via pinfall
-Big E defeats MVP in a dance off and is beaten down by the Hurt Business.
-Carmella and Peyton Royce defeat Billie Kay and Alexa Bliss to earn a shot at the women’s tag titles at Survivor Series.
-Tucker defeats Roman Reigns via countout after Reigns walks out on the match
-Raw fights off an attack from the SmackDown roster.
-Raw (Nov. 16th, 2020) -Big E defeats Bobby Lashley in a U.S title match.
-Billie Kay and Alexa Bliss demand another opportunity to get into the women’s tag title match
-Billie Kay defeats Peyton Royce, making the Women’s tag title match at Survivor Series a triple threat.
-King Corbin wins the 24/7 championship from R-Truth
-AB Positive vs. The Street Profits for the Raw tag titles ends in a no contest after interference from the SmackDown roster.
-Otis and Mandy are about to get married, but while exchanging vows, Mandy expresses how Otis has nothing to rocket him to success after losing the money in the bank briefcase. John Morrison attacks Tucker from behind as Mandy kicks Otis in the balls. Mandy and Otis are through.
Survivor Series- Sami Zayn defeats Big E and Damian Priest
-Natalya, Charlotte Flair, Nikki Cross, Sasha Banks and Tamina defeat Bianca Belair, Dana Brooke, Naomi, Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan and Candice LeRae, Chelsea Green, Dakota Kai, Rhea Ripley and Shotzi Blackheart
-MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander, and Rey Mysterio defeat Edge, Jeff Hardy, Dominick Mysterio, The Miz, and Daniel Bryan and Johnny Gargano, Tomasso Ciampa, Oney Lorcan, Adam Cole and Bronson Reed
-Breezango defeat The Street Profits and Cesaro and Nakamura
-Bliss and Carmella are found backstage after being jumped
-Asuka defeats Bayley and Io Shirai
-Billie Kay and Peyton Royce defeat Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the Women’s tag team championships
-Roman Reigns defeats Drew McIntyre and Finn Balor
Raw-3 SmackDown-2 NXT-1
Raw wins Survivor Series
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2020.09.26 18:57 Brune_04 The Amazing Race: Season 32 RealTVFantasy leagues are open!

Link to the App in the Apple store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/realtvfantasy/id1513607707?mt=8
Link to the App in the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.realtvfantasy.realtvfantasy&hl=en_US
Please let me know if you have any issues with the App since it is new.

Who are we?
Real TV Fantasy is a site that I created so that I could make fantasy leagues for my favorite shows and play with my friends with our own rules and scoring system. The thought behind the site is to make it so every league can be as close to 100% customizable as they can be so that anyone can play with any scoring that they want to. The only limitations currently is that there are only three types of leagues (Weekly Redraft, Team, and Full Draft).

Join Public League or Create Your Own Private League
Go to https://www.realtvfantasy.com/shows/view/the-amazing-race-32 sign in with gmail or facebook and then click "Create New Private League", "Public Weekly Redraft League", or "Public Team League" and join league on the public leagues page.

League Types
The site currently only has three types of leagues: Team League, Weekly Redraft League and a Full Draft League:

Weekly Redraft League:
Full Draft League:
Team League:

Currently we are running public and private leagues:
The public leagues are a Weekly Redraft league or a Team league where you play against everyone who has joined the public league site wide.
Private leagues are leagues where you have the ability to customize everything there is to customize in a league including the type of league (Full Draft, Weekly Redraft, Team) and scoring system.

Scoring Breakdown
Scores updated automatically up to 48 hours after the episode on Sunday has aired (If it will be anything over 48 hours I will let people know that scores are delayed)
note: these scores are only the defaults. They can all be updated to your liking for your leagues. For example if you don't like getting points for any Drama/Romance points you can set them all to 0 and they won't get counted in your league
These aren't set in stone. If you have more scoring fields that you would like, please let me know in a PM or in the comments and I can add them since the show hasn't started yet. Also as I learn more about the season and how it's laid out more scoring fields will be added

All questions about trades can be answered here: http://realtvfantasy.com/tradingguide

Questions/Suggestions and Issues
You can comment on this thread or PM me and I will try to get it fixed as soon as I can.
Thank you guys and I hope you enjoy the site & the app!
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2020.09.25 20:34 ConorCulture Rebookiversary Pt. 7 - Slammiversary IX

Amazing Red defeats Brian Kendrick, Doug Williams and Kazarian (c) in an Ultimate X Match to win the X Division Championship
Douglas Williams goes on a 7-month long reign with the title until dropping it at Bound for Glory to Alex Shelley. Shelley’s third reign with the belt would be short however, as Jay Lethal would then defeat him at Turning Point to enter his fourth reign with the belt. He would hold it until dropping to Samoa Joe, a man feuding with Immortal. Bischoff books him in a match with his fellow Immortal-hater, A.J. Styles, for his X Division Championship at Victory Road. AJ wins, but then drops it next week to Kazarian after interference from Doug Williams. Kazarian then holds it up until now. Meanwhile, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels have been feuding, but Daniels never gets his title match.
Doug Williams and Magnus have been part of Immortal since its inception alongside Team 3D, Hogan and Bischoff, Abyss and Jeff Hardy. Williams costs A.J. the match and the week after sees the reformation of The TNA Front Line - more on that later. Brian Kendrick then also is a hater of Immortal so he wants at Douglas Williams, who wants at Kazarian. This sets up a Three-way feud, and Amazing Red joins the fray after winning the X Cup at Sacrifice. The four guys agree to an Ultimate X Match for their encounter. Kendrick sacrifices himself from winning, hitting a Hurricanerana off the structure to Doug Williams, just to make sure it doesn’t get into the grasps of Immortal. Amazing Red and Kazarian then fight on the cables, with Red winning and retrieving the title. Afterwards Christopher Daniels then comes out and blindsides Kazarian, raising Red’s hand to a chorus of cheers.
Winter and Mickie James defeat Sarita and Rosita (c) to win the Knockouts Tag Team Championships
Sarita and Rosita join forces with Hernandez and Homicide to join the Latin American Xchange. They would then soon after win the Knockouts Tag Team Championships to hold all the gold for a short while. But Mickie James arrival to TNA births a new lease of life into the division, and this is soon followed by her friend Winter. They challenge LAX for the titles, wanting some immediate gold to establish themselves as top contenders. They get their wish, with James pinning Rosita to win the belts.
The Motor City Machine Guns (c) defeat The Latin American Xchange to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championships
The Motor City Machine Guns would defeat Beer Money at Victory Road to win the titles, and hold the belts until December where they would drop them to The Young Bucks. The Bucks would defeat them at Genesis again, but soon lose to LAX. MCMG would then regain them at Lockdown, have a Three-way Ladder Match with The Bucks at Sacrifice, and then here - the rubber match. MCMG win for the third time in a row, fully cementing themselves as the best team in TNA.
James Storm (Front Line: 1) defeats Abyss (Immortal: 0)
The rise of Immortal has sent TNA into a frenzy. Dixie was conned by Hogan and Bischoff into handing over power and now they control the show. The ones who take charge against them come in the form of first A.J. Styles, and then Samoa Joe. They’re two-on-eight though, but soon enough the ranks start to fill. Beer Money are one of these guys who band with AJ and Joe. Immortal send a message though, and break Roode’s shoulder.
This leaves Storm in outcry, and he is the one to announce what will happen at Slammiversary. He says he wants to fight Abyss (the guy who hurt Roode), AJ and Joe say they want to fight Team 3D, and Sting says he wants to fight Matt Morgan. If The TNA Front Line get more wins, Immortal are out of power. If Immortal gets more wins, they stay in power and every member of the TNA Front Line is fired. Storm and Abyss fight first, with two Last Call Superkicks sealing the deal for the first win going to the Front Line.
Angelina Love defeats ODB (c) to win the Knockouts Championship
Tara would defeat Velvet Sky at BFG to win her TNA Knockouts Championship back she lost earlier in the year. Tara would drop it to ODB, but she would then lose it to Angelina the same night. Mickie James on her debut night would defeat Angelina, but then ODB would take the title off of Mickie. Angelina doesn’t get her rematch, ODB gets the first title shot. This leads into this match, where Angelina wins the title back to enter her third reign with the title,
Team 3D (Immortal: 1) defeat A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe (Front Line: 1) in a Tag Team Street Fight
A.J. Styles is originally set to defend his TNA Championship against Desmond Wolfe at BFG 2010, but he has to pull out due to his health issue. This leads to a match with Jeff Hardy, which ends with Immortal forming. Him and seven others then rule the roost of TNA. A.J. Styles meanwhile is busy plotting with Samoa Joe to reform their TNA Front Line to take down Immortal. Fortune split apart with Wolfe being gone, with Beer Money turning face and Kaz staying heel.
Immortal have so much power that they cancel Against All Odds, and instead replace it with an Immortal branded PPV called “Forever” (Immortal Forever as the full title, similar to nWo Souled Out). The main event sees Jeff Hardy defeat his old friend Rob Van Dam, but it’s crashed by Styles and who announce that they declare war on Immortal. The battle lines are then drawn when Beer Money, Eric Young and Motor City Machine Guns come out and each faction stare at each other. Immortal send a message next week when Abyss takes out Samoa Joe’s protege, Okato, with a lead pipe.
In the Lethal Lockdown Match, The Front Line (Styles, Joe, Beer Money and a mystery partner) take on Immortal (Abyss, Matt Morgan, Team 3D and Doug Williams). The mystery man is Sting, the current world champion who we thought was out of action. He’s not, and is here to finally end Hogan and Bischoff once and for all. Immortal win after Hogan interference, and their new main guy Matt Morgan gives it to Sting afterwards; more on that later. James Storm then declares what will happen at Slammiversary, and AJ/Joe are set to face Team 3D. But these four guys can’t contain their hatred, it must be a Street Fight. Styles/Joe have a lot of the same spots as their match on real life from this show, but additional ones involving their teammates. A 3D through a table wins Immortal a point to even the score.
Kurt Angle defeats Jeff Jarrett; Since Angle won, he became the #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Had Jarrett won, he would have received Angle's Olympic gold medal.
Mr. Anderson (c) defeats D’Angelo Dinero to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy holds the TNA World Championship for 6 months after his BFG win. The biggest test though is all building to Victory Road though, with the returning Sting stepping up to challenge him, after him and Kevin Nash bailed months ago. Then Hardy of course, does what he did, and Stings win the title in a frustrating way. He would have his first defence at Sacrifice against the majorly over D’Angelo Dinero, but he would be in a losing effort when The Pope would win in a huge upset. Dinero would lose the belt 17 days later to Mr. Anderson though, after Anderson uses dirty tactics to win his first world title.
Dinero is majorly furious that the run of his life was cut short by a cheater, and gets a match for Slammiversary using his rematch clause. Anderson then in anger, attacks him with his microphone and busts him open with it. He then uses a dog collar to choke him out. The battle is set, Dinero has every want in the world to beat Mr. Anderson up. This is his second World Championship match at Slammiversary in a row, but this time he’s going in as champion - and he sure as shit ain’t gonna go 0-2 in world title matches. Sure enough he doesn’t, because after a hellacious match he wins clean as a whistle to retain his title.
Sting (Front Line: 2) defeats Matt Morgan (Immortal: 1)
After Jeff Hardy loses his TNA World Heavyweight Championship and is suspended at Victory Road, “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan is handpicked by Hulk Hogan himself as his official endorsement and the new leader of Immortal. Morgan goes on a tear, dominating in Lethal Lockdown and injuring the TNA Television Champion, Hernandez, to win the title. In Lethal Lockdown he targets Sting specifically, and in his promo on Impact he’s interrupted by Sting - who doesn’t the first time ever, finally descends form the rafters and storms the ring to beat up all of Immortal. 16 months of anger have led to this beat down, and the Impact Zone explode.
Sting would then rant the next episode about Immortal and the state of TNA. He goes over the points he made last year, but this time it isn’t “I think Hogan and Bischoff are untrustworthy” it’s that they ARE untrustworthy. After BFG, him and Kevin Nash had enough. He was sick of it, and Dixie Carter doing nothing about it. But he realised that TNA needed a hero, and with The Front Line slowly forming - he completed the set. “Matt Morgan: I think you’re a tall lumbering talentless piece of meat, and I want to beat your ass with the black bat.” Morgan fakes out an attack, but Sting is prepared.
Morgan says he wants Sting’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship, but The Pope has the match for Sacrifice. Matt Morgan hits Sting with a Carbon Footprint while Dinero is stunned, and this allows Dinero to hit his finisher to win the title to a huge ovation. Afterwards, Sting wants blood. On an episode of Impact, every match is followed with a segment of Sting beating up a member of Immortal. The last two are Hogan and Bischoff, but when he arrives to the office - he’s stopped by Miss Tessmacher. She says this isn’t right, this won’t resolve the issue. Sting then begrudgingly follows her plea.
James Storm then announces what will happen at Slammiversary - Immortal vs. TNA Front Line. They accept the offer, and it’s 8-on-8. AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Sting, James Storm, Robert Roode, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin...and Kurt Angle. Angle comes out and claims his allegiance is with TNA. Scott Steiner then comes out. Then Amazing Red. Then Brian Kendrick. Then RVD. All the babyface roster come out and claim their allegiance is with the Front Line. They will take down Immortal, and prove that Immortal isn’t Forever. This the last visual before Slammiversary, with Sting pointing the bat at Hogan. After a hard fought match, with Sting doing everything he can for a 52 year old, a F5 countered into a Scorpion Death Drop wins the match. Immortal are out of power, everyone keeps their jobs, and after 18 months since they arrived - Sting took down Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff.
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2020.09.24 07:59 Tejayes DEBATE OF THE DAY #1: Should acts from previous seasons' live shows be allowed to audition again?

My big, long, tedious poll may not have been that well-received, but I did get 12 responses. From those responses, I found the items that received a decent split of "agree" and "disagree" votes. Now that the season is over and we need something to distract us from Broken Roots' near-win, I'll be re-presenting these debate-worthy items as singular polls where we can debate the question at hand.
For this first debate, we shall discuss the idea of allowing acts that had performed on the live shows of previous seasons to audition again in a later season. So far, there have been a few returning acts. Of these, most of them were on Season 1 (AcroDunk of Season 4, All That of Season 7, and The Passing Zone of Season 11). Some others returned as part of a group (e.g. Bello Nock returning with his daughter) or went solo-ish (e.g. D'Angelo of Season 6's The Untouchables returned in Season 7 with his dance partner, Amanda).
So what do you think? Should acts from any past season's live shows get a chance to return for a regular, non-Champions season? Vote in the poll, then debate your choice in the comments.
View Poll
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2020.09.22 19:24 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in NH Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Konica Minolta Prof Services Engineer West Lebanon
The Home Depot Cashier Windham
A. Duie Pyle Diesel Mechanic 2nd Shift Hooksett
A. Duie Pyle Local Class A City Driver Hooksett
The Home Depot Customer Service/Sales Tamworth
The Home Depot Retail Merchandiser Alton
FedEx Ground PH US FedEx - Warehouse Pro Enfield Center
FedEx Ground PH US FedEx - Package Handler, Warehouse Enfield Center
CRST International CDL-A Owner Operator Truck Driver Nashua
Meadow Lark Transport CDL Class A OTR Company Driver - Dry Van Nashua
General Healthcare Resources - Travel Nursing Travel Nurse - OR RN - Concord, NH Concord
Papa Gino''s Holdings Delivery Driver Papa Gino''s Derry
Papa Gino''s Holdings Delivery Driver Papa Gino''s Gilford
Trek Bicycle Service Technician (Bicycle Mechanic) Hooksett
Papa Gino''s Holdings Delivery Driver Papa Gino''s Hudson
Penn Tank Lines, Inc. Truck Driver - Class A - Flatbed Laconia
BrightStar Care of Bedford/Manchester Licensed Nursing Assistant LNA HHA Caregiver Home Care Nashua
D''Angelo Grilled Sandwiches Delivery Driver D''Angelo''s Portsmouth
Normandeau Associates, Inc. Project/Billing Coordinator Bedford
CareerStaff Unlimited Registered Nursing- RN - Skilled Nursing Facility Claremont
Sig Sauer CNC Machine Set-up I Exeter
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol Agent Hillsborough County
Sig Sauer CNC Machine Operator I Newington
CareerStaff Unlimited Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN - Skilled Nursing Facility North Conway
CareerStaff Unlimited Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN - Skilled Nursing Facility Peterborough
Cardinal Logistics CDL A Truck Driver Bow
Hca Registered Nurse RN Psychiatric Derry
Exeter Hospital Registered Nurse (RN) Progressive Care Unit Exeter
Exeter Hospital Registered Nurse (RN) 4West/Med-Surg Exeter
Advanced Medical Respiratory Therapist - RT - Critical Care: ICU - COVID-19 Exeter
Elliot Health System REGISTERED NURSE - Family Medicine, 8:00am-5:00pm Hooksett
Genesis Healthcare LLC Registered Nurse Laconia
Usaa Property Field Adjuster- Concord, NH Laconia
Partners Healthcare System Registered Nurse - Urgent Care Lee
Elliot Health System Registered Nurse Londonderry
Amedisys Home Health Services Hospice Clinical Manager Registered Nurse Londonderry
Harris Hill Center Genesis HealthCare Registered Nurse (Full Time) Merrimack County
Mountain Ridge Center Genesis HealthCare Licensed Practical Nurse (Full Time) Merrimack County
Genesis Healthcare LLC Registered Nurse Milford
Usaa Property Field Adjuster- Concord, NH New Durham
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nh. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.19 00:27 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in NH Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
CompHealth Physician: Outpatient Pediatrician Opportunity in New Hampshire Only 40 Minutes From Boston JOB-2649417 Pelham
The Home Depot Customer Service/Sales Plaistow
The Home Depot Customer Service/Sales Tamworth
Home Depot Cashier Windham
Amerit Fleet Solutions Trailer Technician Londonderry
FedEx Ground PH US FedEx - Package Handler, Warehouse Manchester
The Home Depot Freight/Receiving North Hampton
Sig Sauer CNC Machine Set-up I Exeter
Sig Sauer CNC Machine Operator I Newington
New Penn Truck Driver CDL A Candia
New Penn Truck Driver CDL A Hancock
D''Angelo Grilled Sandwiches Delivery Driver D''Angelo''s Concord
Papa Gino''s Holdings Delivery Driver Papa Gino''s Derry
A. Duie Pyle Diesel Mechanic 2nd Shift Hooksett
Waste Management Diesel Truck Technician Mechanic Keene
United Parcel Service Tractor Trailer Driver Londonderry
Waste Management Diesel Technician Mechanic Londonderry
D''Angelo Grilled Sandwiches Delivery Driver D''Angelo''s Manchester
United Parcel Service Package Delivery Driver New Hampshire
Papa Gino''s Holdings Delivery Driver Papa Gino''s Plaistow
D''Angelo Grilled Sandwiches Delivery Driver D''Angelo''s Portsmouth
United Parcel Service Tractor Trailer Driver Sandown
Meadow Lark Transport CDL Class A OTR Company Driver - Dry Van Derry
Konica Minolta Prof Services Engineer-SymQuest Grafton County
Meadow Lark Transport CDL Class A OTR Company Driver - Dry Van Keene
Ansys DevOps Engineer Lebanon
Schneider Owner-Operator Truck Driver Merrimack County
Schneider Class A CDL - Team Truck Driver Merrimack County
CareerStaff Unlimited Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN - Skilled Nursing Facility North Conway
CareerStaff Unlimited Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN - Skilled Nursing Facility Peterborough
Waste Management CDL - Commercial Front Load or Rear Load Driver - (Experience Required) Atkinson
Ridgewood Center - Genesis HealthCare Registered Nurse (Full Time) Bedford
Beautiful Skin Waxer Bedford
Compassus Registered Nurse Case Manager Bedford
Cardinal Logistics CDL A Truck Driver Bow
Hca Registered Nurse RN Psychiatric Derry
Hca Registered Nurse RN Intensive Care Unit ICU PRN I Derry
Partners Healthcare System Registered Nurse - Pain Office RN Dover
Advanced Medical Respiratory Therapist - RT - Critical Care: ICU - COVID-19 Exeter
Cross Country Allied Respiratory Cardio - Registered Respiratory Therapist Exeter
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nh. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.18 19:10 slumpadoochous Canadian Mafia War Casualties 2005-2020 (updated 9/18/20)

Summary of murdered and missing people connected to the MTL Mafia war. I separated them into two groups, Rizzuto Allies and Enemies. Bolded names are those whose allegiances I'm unsure of. If anyone can give me a hand rearranging the list, pointing out mistakes or missing names, that'd be awesome. Also couldn't find decent articles for some. Considering adding a third section for people who don't necessarily fit under the first two. EX) Paolo Gervasi was whacked by the Rizzutos over a disagreement, but I'm not sure if one could technically count this as a part of the war as it sort of seems like a "business as usual" killing. It did motivate guys like De Vito and Facchina to assist Desjardins when the war did break out, though.
added a changelog to the bottom.
Rizzuto/Allies Casualties:
Rizzuto Enemies:
Total: 59
Change Log:
Moves & Removals:
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2020.09.18 16:08 eerongal D&D Celebration Megathread

Looking for the magic item hombrew thread? Look here!

Use this thread for discussion about the D&D celebration stream, occurring this weekend!
Saturday Schedule:
8:00 – 11:00

D&D Feature Game

DM: Chris Hislop Featuring: Brandy Camel, Anjuli Smith, Kim Richards, Aoife Wilson, and TK Johnson

11:00 – 12:00

Behind the Screen: DM Roundtable

Moderator: Kelly Lynne D’Angelo with B. Dave Walters, Travis McElroy, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Deborah Ann Woll, and Satine Phoenix

12:00 – 3:00

D&D Feature Game: The Great Knucklehead Rally

DM: Brennan Lee Mulligan Featuring: Jody Houser, Carlos Luna, Guarav Gulati, Liam O’Brien, Aabria Iyengar, and Chris Perkins3:00 – 4:00

What it Means to Be a Bard

Moderator: Critical Bard with Lauren Urban, Krystina Arielle, Kelli Butler, and Eugenio Vargas

4:00 – 7:00

D&D Feature Game

DM: David Harmon Featuring: Michael Hing, Ben Jenkins, Alex Lee, Rowan Bettjemen, Adam King and Alan Morrison

7:30 – 9:30

I Speak Giant

DM: Zac Naoum Players: Elyssa Grant, Luke Lancaster, and Felicia McEntire


D&D Celebration 2020 allows anyone to take part in the event from their own home. Gather your party, go online, and join us for a weekend of play, panels, and celebration!
We've partnered with Extra Life to create special apparel—with all Wizards of the Coast proceeds going directly to Extra Life/Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Additionally, all ticket sales from the D&D Celebration Event Portal will be donated to the cause. Through Extra Life, we're endeavoring to raise funds, have fun, and help heal kids at local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals!
Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised over $70 million for sick and injured kids. Right now, children's hospitals need your support. Be a hero. Take part today and help raise funds for the Children's Hospitals COVID-19 Impact Fund.
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2020.09.17 17:36 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in NH Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
CompHealth Physician: Outpatient Pediatrician Opportunity in New Hampshire Only 40 Minutes From Boston JOB-2649417 Pelham
The Home Depot Customer Service/Sales Plaistow
The Home Depot Customer Service/Sales Tamworth
Home Depot Cashier Windham
Amerit Fleet Solutions Trailer Technician Londonderry
FedEx Ground PH US FedEx - Package Handler, Warehouse Manchester
The Home Depot Freight/Receiving North Hampton
Sig Sauer CNC Machine Set-up I Exeter
Sig Sauer CNC Machine Operator I Newington
New Penn Truck Driver CDL A Candia
New Penn Truck Driver CDL A Hancock
D''Angelo Grilled Sandwiches Delivery Driver D''Angelo''s Concord
Papa Gino''s Holdings Delivery Driver Papa Gino''s Derry
A. Duie Pyle Diesel Mechanic 2nd Shift Hooksett
Waste Management Diesel Truck Technician Mechanic Keene
United Parcel Service Tractor Trailer Driver Londonderry
Waste Management Diesel Technician Mechanic Londonderry
D''Angelo Grilled Sandwiches Delivery Driver D''Angelo''s Manchester
United Parcel Service Package Delivery Driver New Hampshire
Papa Gino''s Holdings Delivery Driver Papa Gino''s Plaistow
D''Angelo Grilled Sandwiches Delivery Driver D''Angelo''s Portsmouth
United Parcel Service Tractor Trailer Driver Sandown
Meadow Lark Transport CDL Class A OTR Company Driver - Dry Van Derry
Konica Minolta Prof Services Engineer-SymQuest Grafton County
Meadow Lark Transport CDL Class A OTR Company Driver - Dry Van Keene
Ansys DevOps Engineer Lebanon
Schneider Owner-Operator Truck Driver Merrimack County
Schneider Class A CDL - Team Truck Driver Merrimack County
CareerStaff Unlimited Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN - Skilled Nursing Facility North Conway
CareerStaff Unlimited Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN - Skilled Nursing Facility Peterborough
Waste Management CDL - Commercial Front Load or Rear Load Driver - (Experience Required) Atkinson
Ridgewood Center - Genesis HealthCare Registered Nurse (Full Time) Bedford
Beautiful Skin Waxer Bedford
Compassus Registered Nurse Case Manager Bedford
Cardinal Logistics CDL A Truck Driver Bow
Hca Registered Nurse RN Psychiatric Derry
Hca Registered Nurse RN Intensive Care Unit ICU PRN I Derry
Partners Healthcare System Registered Nurse - Pain Office RN Dover
Advanced Medical Respiratory Therapist - RT - Critical Care: ICU - COVID-19 Exeter
Cross Country Allied Respiratory Cardio - Registered Respiratory Therapist Exeter
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nh. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.15 05:09 MarrecoBR My Heritage - Request - Solve a suicide attempt

Does anyone with a subscription, could fill the below gaps?
When she passed away? I wondering if she was who shot herself in 1927 (was taken alive to hospital, but don't know what happened later) in São Paulo, Brazil.
It's a good mystery to solve
Herminia Scalco Prado was born on ____ _____ 1897, to Angelo Scalco and Marieta Scalco.Herminia had 5 siblings: Sirio Scalco, Dandalo Scalco and 3 other siblings.Herminia married Sebastião da Silva Prado.They had 4 children: Jorge da Silva Prado and 3 other children.Herminia married first name Donzelini.They had one daughter: Nair Donzelini.Herminia passed away.
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2020.09.14 21:44 domino519 Live WWE Raw Discussion (9-14-20)

Welcome to the Wreddit Live Raw Discussion thread!

Feel free to use this thread to discuss the show as a whole, your expectations, your fantasy bookings, or even just the WWE in general.
Credit: wwe.com
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2020.09.14 21:34 MGTElite489 Weekly Report: Week IV January 25, 2020 - January 31, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to the fourth edition of the FNW Weekly Report! Where we recap everything that went down in (and out) of the squared circle for all four brands that are looking to change the professional wrestling world forever. Let's start things off with Apex Wrestling, and Flashpoint IV, emanating from Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

Apex Flashpoint IV

Angel Garza defeats The Miz (9:34)
El Hijo de Ninja's first match in Apex Wrestling turned out to be the A Lister the Miz, who was coming off being pinned by Tommaso Ciampa in the World Tag Team Championship match between #DIY and Miz and Morrison on Flashpoint II. Looking to get back on track, the Money Maker looked to spoil the rising upstart's arrival. But despite Morrison interfering on his behalf multiple times, Miz fell victim to Angel Garza's Wing Clipper, the new signee making a good debut for himself.

Following the show opener, we're hit with a vignette, where we see Mark and Vicky Haskins entering a bar, looking for a drink, only to get anything but a happy hour. Nonetheless, they're the last two standing in the middle of a full scale bar fight, showcasing just how accurate the "Overkill" nickname is when applied to Mark Haskins.

As the video caps off, we're then graced with the presence of Chris Hero, who demands an explanation from Drew Gulak as to why he ambushed him after his match two weeks before. But instead of getting who he wants, Hero faces off with the man he beat right before being attacked: Royce Isaacs. Isaacs claims his loss was simply a fluke, but right in the middle of his rant, he's rocked by a Rolling Elbow from the seasoned veteran, who's fed up with Isaacs mouth, and is solely focused on the University Stretcher.

Bobby Lashley defeats Royce Isaacs (0:22)
Isaacs' woes continue, as his opponent, the Dominator quickly has his way with him. After a quick spear and pin, Lashley's manager MVP goes on the mic and warns the Apex roster to stand back and let them past through, straight to the top of the mountain. As they arrive backstage, they find that Garza also has similar aspirations, leaving them to take it upon themselves to interrupt his interview and give him a personal notice that there is a new force to be reckoned with in Apex Wrestling.

The Sacred Ring make their appearance at the top of the stage, the trio making their presence known as they menacingly walk down the stairs and enter the ring, led by International Champion Timothy Thatcher. Thatcher addresses the events of last week, denouncing OJMO's intentions of coming after his strap once again. Axel Dieter Jr. is handed the stick, and he announces his intentions to chase after the Apex Tag Team Championships, saying that he and Marcel Barthel will dominate anyone who stands in their way, including the current champions, #DIY.

Apex Women's Championship First Round Match: Priscilla Kelly defeats Scarlett Bordeaux (8:12)
The Apex Women's Championship Tournament continues, with Priscilla Kelly going head to head against Scarlett Bordeaux. Hell's Favorite Harlot controls a good length of the match, until the Smokeshow is able to build offense and burst out of her predicament and straight into a comeback sequence. But just as she begins to build momentum, Scarlett's path to victory comes to a screeching halt, as Dexter Lumis appears, staring her down with an entranced look in his eye. Scarlett, stopping everything, is frozen by his gaze, leaving Priscilla the perfect opportunity to lock in the Roma Clutch, leaving Bordeaux no choice but to tap out, give her the win, and punch Kelly's ticket to the semi finals. After the match, Lumis stalks Bordeaux's unmoving body, drawing concerns from multiple referees, and even General Manager Aiden English, who all swoop in to protect her from this dangerous madman.

The frightening actions of Dexter Lumis are followed by the equality unsettling presence of Bray Wyatt. Wyatt welcomes everyone to the second episode of the Firefly Funhouse. He addresses Aleister Black's statement from the week before, warning him that the entity that cost him the Grand Championship is nothing like the world's ever seen before. On this being's behalf, Wyatt accepts Black's challenge for No Time To Die, before we are forced to bid an unsettling farewell to the Firefly Funhouse.

Back in the ring, Aiden English introduces the semi finalists of the Apex Women's Championship Tournament. Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox enter first, followed by Priscilla Kelly and Becky Lynch. English attempts to hype up the tournament finals occurring at No Time To Die, but Becky Lynch takes control of the segment, taking verbal shots on both members of Team Kick, saying Priscilla is the only competitor worthy of her attention. Nox attempts to get her point across and face off against Becky, but she's interrupted by Kelly, who says that Kai will be a cakewalk to run through on her way to the finals. After both Dakota and Tegan get worked up by their opponents, English decides that in one week, Team Kick will face Becky Lynch and Priscilla Kelly in tag team action. All four women leave the scene, the tension obviously still there and still rising. And before we know it, it's time for the main event...

Apex Grand Championship: Will Ospreay defeats Drew McIntyre (c) to win the Apex Grand Championship (13:26)
Two titans of the sport, two of arguably Apex's biggest stars clash over the promotion's top achievement. After a physical sequence that included the Scottish Terminator flying over the ropes for a big tope, Drew fell into a compromising position, unable to stop his hand from colliding with the steel steps after Ospreay dodged the knife edge chop. Taking advantage of the situation, Will took the damage further, crushing it in between the steps and the ring post. Nonetheless, Drew continued to fight, refusing to give in now. He planted a Glasgow Kiss on Ospreay, headbutting him into next week, building space. But ultimately, a badly placed Claymore kick proved to be the fall of McIntyre. Ospreay took advantage, sickeningly trying to tear the shoulder out of Drew's socket. Despite escaping the hold, McIntyre just didn't have anything in the tank to defend himself from Ospreay's deathblow, the Hidden Blade. Ospreay covered Drew as the referee came to, and made the cover to become your new Apex Grand Champion.

PRIDE Wrestling #004

Brit-Am Brawlers defeat New Day by DQ (14:25)
Detroit, Michigan is lit on fire as this tag team match kicks off the night in Little Caesars Arena. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, the no nonsense ass kickers of PRIDE, versus the gyrating, merch selling unicorns that are Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. After a bit of a rocky start, New Day tries fighting out from underneath, but Danny Burch takes back control of the match, even when Xavier Woods tries to distract the opposition with Francesca! Oney and Burch land stereo suicide dives, but loses control when trying for a springboard crossbody, getting a dropkick in the process. Kofi and Oney trade shots, going back and forth in the match, until Lorcan starts to get more momentum on his side. Woods and Kingston attempt to stifle him, but Lorcan has no plan to stop until he lands a gigantic half and half suplex from the top rope. He crawls over... about to make the cover... when the lights go out... in comes GoD. Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa clean house, kicking Burch and Lorcan's asses, forcing the referee to call the match off.

Once Brit-Am Brawlers vs New Day is called off, we travel backstage and watch as Jenn Decker interviews Roman Reigns, who's slated to compete in the Fatal Four Way main event that will determine PRIDE Champion Daniel Bryan's next challenger. Reigns promises he will bust ass and prove that he's top dog in the company, all while securing his spot against Daniel Bryan at Survival of The Fittest.

PRIDE Women's Championship Tournament First Round Match: Sasha Banks defeats Jordynne Grace (12:21)
After Roman's interview, we see the entrances of Jordynne Grace and Sasha Banks, two women who have the chance to move forward and get closer to becoming the inaugural PRIDE Women's Champion. After a collar and elbow tie up that falls in Grace's favor, Sasha attempts to use her speed and agility to tie up her opponent. Her and Jordynne trade submissions for a bit, before Sasha tries to lock in a quick Banks Statement, but Grace breaks out of it, thinking she's back in control, only for Sasha to put things right back at her speed with an arm drag! She follows up with a lariat, a suicide dive, and even a crossbody, and even when Grace counters that, Sasha is able to escape and hit a meteora! Both women struggle to roll back into the ring and beat the count, and continue their battle in the squared circle. Both women then continue, doing everything they can to score the final heat needed to come away with the victory. Grace comes dangerously close, slamming Sasha down with a Muscle Buster, before wrenching her arm back with a Fujiwara armbar. Somehow, someway, Banks is able to roll out and rally, landing a hurricanrana and a meteora in the corner. Finally Sasha locks in the Banks Statement, and refuses to let go, leaving Grace no choice but to tap out. Banks is moving on to the next round, and what a match to determine who would advance.

As the first round match wraps up, we go backstage, and see the General Manager of PRIDE, Paige speaking to someone we just barely can't see, only for a suited man to enter the frame, followed by KENOH, who's not exactly happy. The man, who turns out to be KENOH's translator, complains to Paige, saying that KENOH was expecting better competition when he signed with PRIDE, but last week's opposition clearly wasn't the case. As KENOH and the translator leave in a hurry, Paige returns to the first person she was talking to, asking when their client is available.

Street Profits defeat Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado (11:08)
In PRIDE's third match of the night, we see Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford take on luchadors Metalik and Dorado, both teams jockeying for a better position in the tag ranks. Metalik starts off hot, landing a few quick shots on Ford for an early cover of two. But as he tags in Dorado, Ford is able to recover and deal out some offense of his own. Now with some space, Ford takes advantage by tagging in the fresh Dawkins, who pops off, landing a dropkick and a spinning Stinger Splash. Dorado is able to reverse Dawkins' powerbomb attempt into a frankensteiner. Tagging back in, Metalik rope walks like he only can and lands a splash, but cannot seal the deal. Metalik attempts to finish Dawkins off, but Angelo surprises him with a pop up spinebuster! Trying for another proves to be too much, as Dorado reverses and gets ready to cap things off with a shooting star press! But Dawkins lets out one last gasp, getting the knees up, before tagging in Ford and setting him up for the frog splash, getting the Street Profits a big win in the process!

Once PRIDE comes back from commercial, the floor soon belongs to Suzuki Gun, as the Sadistic One steps into the ring along with the Technical Wizard, the Right Hand of Destruction, the Bastard, and the Murderhawk Monster. Joe gets on the mic, and he goes over the losses his faction has been taking lately, but promises that those failures will be rectified... once they do away with some of the dead weight that's been dragging them down. They immediately turn toward PAC, and pounce on the Brit, beating on him and laying waste to their former brother in arms. After eating a big boot, a Zack Driver, a Gotch Style Piledriver, and a Coquina, PAC is finally left for dead as Suzuki Gun walks off, satisfied with their decision.

With the events that just went down, Kayla Braxton stands with the Switchblade Jay White, and asks him about his thoughts on what we just saw, as well as how he feels about tonight's main event. White brushes off both questions, saying kicking PAC out of Suzuki Gun won't help their cause in trying to fight the Bullet Club, and he will prove that tonight by being at the right place at the right time, and claim his right spot in the main event of Survival of The Fittest against Daniel Bryan for the PRIDE Championship.

Tomohiro Ishii defeats Austin Theory (8:37)
Two of the eight participants in the gauntlet match to crown an inaugural PRIDE Intercontinental Championship square off, the young prodigy Austin Theory facing off against the seasoned Strong Style veteran, Tomohiro Ishii. Theory is all talk in his little promo backstage, but the talk dies down once he comes face to face with the Stone Pitbull. It starts out as all Ishii, him just trampling Theory with chops and a decapitating lariat! He continues the onslaught on the outside, but Theory evades one of his attacks and takes advantage, landing a slingshot double foot stomp back in the ring. But despite landing that big move, it only takes attempting a fisherman's suplex for Ishii to fight back with a chop and an enzuigiri. Despite snapping Theory's neck with a German, Austin still has enough to get the shoulder up. In a last ditch effort, Theory was able to escape an Ishii Driller and land a Rolling Thunder Blockbuster. Knowing he had one chance at this, Theory turned around, looking for a moonsault, but Ishii moved at the last second, and put Theory out to pasture with a Ishii Driller. After the match, a furious Theory attempted to lay down steel across Ishii's spine, but the Stone Pitbull catches the chair and sends Austin packing.

Suddenly, there's a cutaway to backstage, where a commotion seems to have occurred. As Paige investigates, she realizes that the subject is Roman Reigns, who is laid out on the grown, out cold. With him planned to be in the Fatal Four Way later in the night, Paige realizes she might just have a substitute for him as PRIDE goes to commercial.

We come back to Chad Gable backstage, reviewing the footage last week, from when he was ambushed by Ace Austin after celebrating his victory. Gable brushes it off, saying that he refuses to let that stay in his head, and will instead move on to next week, when he goes head to head with fellow young upstart Austin Theory. Afterwards, the commentators give the viewers a preview of next week's show, before gearing up for the main event.

PRIDE Championship #1 Contenders' Fatal Four Way: Jay White defeats Tetsuya Naito, Chris Jericho, and Santos Escobar (18:54)
As White, Naito, and Jericho all prepare for the fight of their lives, they're surprised by the arrival of Taynara Conti, who appears on stage with a microphone. As it turns out, she's the client of the fourth entrant in this match, who is... Santos Escobar. Escobar enters to the shock of everyone, kicking off an insane battle, taking a shot at Chris Jericho, but most important targeting Tetsuya Naito's knee, ripping off the tape and beating on the injured appendage. Just like he promised, White picks his spots, pouncing on Naito when he gets the chance, destroying the leg even more so the Ungovernable One is damaged goods. With Conti's help as a distraction, Escobar is able to take control of the match at moments, laying waste to all three men, leading people to believe his first match in the company would end in a huge win. For a while, Escobar and the White went at it, both fighting tooth and nail, hoping it'll be enough to earn a shot against Daniel Bryan at Survival of The Fittest. But right at the climax of their battle Naito comes flying back in to interject himself! Escobar rolls out, and Jericho steps back into the match as he and Naito brawl! But right when it seems like Naito has this won, Escobar ruins the moment, wrecking his knee even further with a steel chair as the match goes on! Because of Escobar, Naito is dead on arrival... and who should reap the benefits but Jay White? After landing a Saito suplex on Escobar, the Switchblade steals the pin and signs his name to the main event of Survival of The Fittest!

Despite the match being over, and Jay White being carried by his Bullet Club comrades out of the building, the action doesn't stop as Escobar shoves away any help for Naito and continues attacking the leader of Los Ingobernables! Chris Jericho slowly comes to, will he put a stop to this? Of course not, he joins in and stretches out Naito in the Walls of Jericho! It is only until LIJ run down to make the save that they stop, and make to leave with Conti, only for Mansoor to block their path, swinging a steel chair! Escobar, Jericho, and Conti all make a break for the other barricade, hopping it and melting into the crowd as PRIDE goes off the air.


Chris Van Vliet hosted a docu-short earlier this week, going over the very short, but explosive history of REVOLT Wrestling, the supposed fourth competitor in the famed "Friday Night Wars". After going over its inception and first two events featuring some of the world's best talent, Van Vliet went in depth explaining some of the company's hardships. Starting with the #SpeakingOut Movement, he reflected on REVOLT receiving extensive backlash for not implementing background checks thorough enough to make sure their roster had no pressing allegations against them at the time of signing. Van Vliet also went over the timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic, stating that multiple roster and staff members being infected is what turned out to be the nail in the coffin, as Amazon Prime is seemingly having cold feet about continuing to support the promotion. But just when we get to the goods, and Van Vliet interviews Ricky Steamboat, inquiring about the future of REVOLT, the feed cuts out, and multiple graphics replace the interview, that of a diamond and "REVOLT" being crossed out in favor of "REBIRTH". More questions than answers come in light of this REVOLT Exposé.

Infinity Blackout IV

Infinity Wrestling comes at us from Full Sail University for the fourth edition of Blackout, and the crowd is on their feet, losing their minds, knowing that the promotion will outdo last week's phenomenal output in the form of Blackout III. Kicking off the show is Bianca Belair, who reflects on how she attacked Shayna Baszler last week, before saying it's just payback for Baszler targeting her eye on Night 2 of New Dawn, screwing her out of the chance to become the inaugural Infinity Women's Champion. While calling Baszler out, saying she wants a shot for the strap, she's interrupted by William Regal, who says that in order for Belair to qualify for a shot against Baszler, she's going to have to go through the Queen of Spades' fellow MMA compadres, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, in a handicap match. Belair immediately accepted, saying she doesn't care what she has to do to get in the ring with Baszler. As Belair leaves through the crowd, we prepare for the first match of the night...

8 Man Tag: Dead Rose Clique (Damian Priest, Lars Sullivan, Authors of Pain) defeats Bulletproof (Darby Allin, Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, Joey Janela) (16:35)
The mystery partner that had been hyped up by Oblivion Champion Darby turned out to be the returning Bad Boy, who joined in the fight against the Dead Rose Clique! It was an eight man car crash, with Darby and Joey throwing caution into the wind against their much bigger opponents, who had a hard time dealing with the speed of their enemies. Marko Stunt has the highlight of the match, and possibly the night with a big assisted Canadian Destroyer to Akam at ringside, but the end of the match belonged to the Dead Rose Clique. Damian Priest landed a chokeslam on Darby, sending him flying from the top rope into the unforgiving barricade! Akam and Rezar turned the tide back in the ring, landing a brutal Super Collider on the two Jungle Express members, picking up the win for their faction.

Karl Anderson defeats Trent Seven (11:25)
Seven looked for revenge, following the team of Gallows and Anderson exploding onto the scene the week before, debuting at Mustache Mountain's expense, beating them down after their loss to the Authors of Pain. Seven burst out of the gate hot, using his power to take control of the match, but Anderson was experienced enough to stay in it, whether it was his agility, technical ability, or less than legal methods of dealing out damage. Gallows proved to be downfall of Seven, as his distraction gave Karl enough space to land a deadly Stun Gun for the victory. Leaving through the crowd, Gunz 'n' Gallows stared down Mustache Mountain back in the ring, cocky grins plastered over their face.

Cody Rhodes defeats Keith Lee (19:55)
After taking two straight losses in his open challenge, Lee hoped to turn around his fortunes, thinking that third time would be the charm. The American Nightmare answered the challenge, and went head to head with the Limitless One in an captivating bout! Lee put Rhodes through the announce table with a spinebuster, but Cody targeted the leg throughout the match, turning Lee into a one legged man with his American Nightmare submission hold. It looked like we were about to see Lee rectify his past two losses with a Supernova, only for Rhodes to flip the script and hit a Cross Rhodes, scoring the pin and adding his name to the list of people who successfully answered Keith's open challenge, along with Adam Cole and AJ Styles. After the match, Cody offered a handshake, but Lee couldn't respond before being attacked by Finn Balor! The Prince laid waste to Cody, expelling him to the outside, before destroying Lee's leg even further, ending the attack with a brutal Coup de grâce to stand tall at the end of the segment.

Ilja Dragunov defeats Hiromu Takahashi (13:00)
Hiromu's original opponent was slated to be BUSHI, but the Dead Rose Clique had other ideas, Lio Rush and Authors of Pain dragging his unmoving carcass out to the stage, posing with him as Hiromu stood shocked. The surprising look on his face when Rush announced his new opponent, Ilja Dragunov. Despite being thrown off guard, the Time Bomb fought back and tried to make this a competitive match, but Ilja had all the momentum on his side as he used his breakneck speed and chaotic speed to break Hiromu down bit by bit. All it took was a Torpedo Moscow to finish off Takahashi and claim a win for the newcomer. Lio attempted to be friendly with Ilja, but Dragunov shoved him off, before feeding him a Torpedo Moscow of his own! Dragunov stands over both competitors of the Empyrean Championship match at Blackout rolls on.

Nikki Cross defeats Alexa Bliss (11:30)
In Nikki Cross' first match in Infinity, the woman who stood in her way was none other than the Goddess Alexa Bliss, both wrestlers looking to climb up the ranks and prove themselves as a possible challenger for Shayna Baszler's Women's Championship. Cross came off as unhinged and spontaneous, thinking up of moves on the fly, while Bliss was more straightforward, obviously employing a strategy. However, that strategy was not enough, as Nikki's "Strike first, think later" attitude led her to landing the Purge on Alexa and getting the pinfall on her, making her debut on Blackout a complete success!

Phenomenal Ace vs The War Raiders ended in a double countout (25:45)
In the main event, we saw Bulletproof, represented by AJ Styles and Hiroshi Tanahashi, go to war with Hanson and Raymond Rowe, who were representing Rogue Glory. The War Raiders beat down Hiroshi Tanahashi at first, taking turns breaking down the old man as they got closer and closer to picking up a win for their team. But somehow, someway, Tanahashi was able to escape danger in the form of a Fallout, and send Raymond Rowe colliding with his tag team partner! Getting the hot tag to AJ, the Phenomenal One came in like a house of fire, landing a Stylin' DDT on both Hanson and Rowe, but Raymond quickly shut it down with a lariat. The War Raiders continue to dominate, until they collide into the referee in an attempt to finish AJ with the Call of Fenrir! In comes the Young Bucks! The Infinity Tag Team Champions Nick and Matt Jackson interfere on Styles' behalf, the Bulletproof comrades landing a barrage of superkicks on Rogue Glory's resident monster tag team! Styles and Tanahashi thought that was it, as AJ fell into the cover, but it wasn't! Following Hanson's kickout, the two teams continued to brawl, both inside the ring and out, until all Hell broke loose when Hanson hit AJ Styles with a Death Valley Driver off the top rope to the floor below on Rowe and Tanahashi, taking everyone out at once! The referee counted, and continued to count, and count... but unfortunately all we were left with from this amazing match was a draw, an inconclusive finish that left the fans begging for more.

After the match, as the War Raiders left the building, AJ Styles went on the stick, and accepted Adam Cole's challenge for Bulletproof to face Rogue Glory at Genocide, wanting to finish this affair between the two factions off for good. As the show came to a close, a graphic flashed on the screen, featuring AJ Styles, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and Joey Janela vs Adam Cole, Brodie Lee, and Killian Dain set for the Genocide PPV.

Week V Preview

Apex Wrestling
Next week, the Aerial Assassin, the NEW Apex Grand Champion, Will Ospreay will address the fans for the first time, and speak his mind on the actions he took to become champion. Drew Gulak and Io Shirai will be live, where Gulak will explain his actions, most notably attacking Chris Hero, and Shirai will confront her demons. Angel Garza has been invited to the VIP lounge to air his grievances to MVP. And finally, Flashpoint will feature blockbuster main event action as Team Kick takes on Becky Lynch and Priscilla Kelly, the semi finalists showing us a bit of a preview of what's to come.

PRIDE Wrestling
On PRIDE #005, we will see TJP face off against the Technical Wizard Zack Sabre Jr, Chad Gable going one on one against Austin Theory, and KENOH stepping into the ring with the Swiss Superman Cesaro. And as if that's not enough, the PRIDE Women's Championship Tournament kicks into second gear, as the semi finals begin with Kairi Sane taking on Candice LeRae. Finally, the reigning champion Usos will collide with Bullet Club's own Guerrillas of Destiny with the PRIDE Tag Team Championships on the line.

Infinity Wrestling
Infinity Wrestling continues to one-up itself every week, with Blackout V set to be an absolute banger of a show. We're seeing not one, but two championship matches, as Darby Allin defends his Oblivion Championship against Lars Sullivan, as well as The Young Bucks versus The Ghost Soldiers for the Infinity Tag Team Championships. Joey Janela faces Brodie Lee in a Street Fight, Luke Gallows faces Tyler Bate, Nikki Cross takes on Sonya Deville, and we'll see Bianca Belair compete in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match, where if she defeats Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, she'll receive a Women's Title shot against Shayna Baszler. And for the second consecutive week, Blackout's Main Event is a stacked tag team bout; this time we only know 3 of the competitors! Cody Rhodes and Keith Lee team up to battle Finn Balor and a mystery DRC member; who will it be? Find out next week!

The Dirt Sheets

Apex Wrestling
  1. The wrestling world was in awe when Drew McIntyre shockingly lost the Apex Grand Championship to Will Ospreay. The exact events that took place are unclear, what we do know is that Drew is out with a broken hand and suspected separated shoulder. Also unclear is whether Ospreay went into business for himself or if a change was made on the fly.
  2. Insider talks have revealed that we will see the Apex Commissioner revealed in the coming weeks, who it could be is another question, some names that have been recommended are Stu Bennett, Shane McMahon or Trish Stratus.
  3. Apex have some big plans to rework the presentation of the product, this change could be coming with the introduction of the aforementioned Commissioner, all relying on the previous rumor, unclear how trusted these can truly be however.

PRIDE Wrestling
  1. For PRIDE #005, KENOH and Cesaro is apparently set to open the show, the company seems interested in what the new star can bring to the table, which is why they're putting him up against a versatile wrestler like Cesaro. The two were allegedly told to "show what they're made of" and are being given more time to give the fans a show of what they can deliver.
  2. Recently off life support, Enzo is allegedly using the time away from the ring to record a new album, the name of the project apparently being "Insanely Curing Unhappiness: ICU", and the lead single being called "Comatose State of Mind".

REVOLT Wrestling
  1. Sources claim that this entire hiatus and disappearance of REVOLT is simply a ploy in their plan to rebrand, including the docu-short from Chris Van Vliet. Some claims even suggest Van Vliet is outright collaborating with REVOLT, and is being brought on as a backstage personality once the company returns to television.
  2. On the flip side, reigning REVOLT Imperial Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega seemingly confirmed the death of his home promotion, appearing at a AAA live event, challenging El Tejano Jr for the AAA Mega Championship. To further this claim, Omega also laid down the REVOLT strap in a casket in his cinematic vignette on Twitter, implying that he was moving on to new territory.
  3. On the flip flip side, speculation has been rising in terms of the other promotions involved in the Friday Night Wars, primarily Infinity Wrestling. Upper management has allegedly reached out to the higher ups at REVOLT, hoping to form a relationship not unlike the New Japan/Ring of Honor situation.

Infinity Wrestling
  1. The speculation over Infinity's potential fourth faction has been debunked; multiple insiders have revealed that Bulletproof, The Dead Rose Clique, and Rogue Glory are the only 3 factions planned for the rest of the calendar year.
  2. Infinity is supposedly heavily interwoven into the rebranding of REVOLT, with talent, production, and resources all being shared between the two companies as FNW's underground promotion undergoes changes.
  3. With Finn Balor attacking Keith Lee and Cody Rhodes this past Friday, Cody is set to start a program with Balor heading into Genocide, Keith entering himself in a Triple Threat with the other two for the PPV, however the latter has come from a new source, so take it with a pinch of salt.
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2020.09.14 18:36 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in NH Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Elements Massage Massage Therapist Salem
Papa Gino's Holdings Delivery Driver Papa Gino's Londonderry
Papa Gino's Holdings Delivery Driver Papa Gino's Merrimack
Papa Gino's Holdings Delivery Driver Papa Gino's Plaistow
D'Angelo Grilled Sandwiches Delivery Driver D'Angelo's Portsmouth
The Home Depot The Home Depot: Retail Merchandiser Strafford County
The Home Depot Merchandising Gilmanton
Sig Sauer Sr. Capital Analyst Newington
The Home Depot Freight/Receiving Nottingham
Walmart CDL-A Truck Driver - Walmart Transportation Acworth
Walmart CDL-A Truck Driver - Walmart Transportation Antrim
Walmart CDL-A Truck Driver - Walmart Transportation Ashland
BrightStar Care of Bedford/Manchester LNA Medical Staffing Concord
Portsmouth Regional Hospital Registered Nurse RN Intensive Care Unit ICU Portsmouth
FedEx Ground Package Handler- Warehouse West Lebanon
Jordan's Furniture Furniture Repair Technician Windham
Cardinal Logistics CDL A Truck Driver Bow
FedEx Ground PH US FedEx - Warehouse Pro Derry
FedEx Ground PH US FedEx Warehouse - Package/Handling Derry
FedEx Ground PH US FedEx Packaging - Warehouse Derry
Centra Healthcare Solutions Speech Language Pathologist (SLP - CCC) Franconia
Centra Healthcare Solutions Speech Language Pathologist (SLP - CCC) - SNF / LTC - Contract Jaffrey
Sig Sauer Finisher I Newington
Greta M. Cocco Need Help W/selling Household Clutter Somersworth
Hca Registered Nurse RN Psychiatric Derry
Hca Registered Nurse RN Emergency Room Derry
Partners Healthcare System Registered Nurse ( RN)-Critical Care Unit *Sign On Bonus! Dover
Exeter Hospital Registered Nurse (RN) Emergency Department Exeter
Genesis Healthcare LLC Registered Nurse Exeter
Genesis Healthcare LLC Registered Nurse Franconia
CareerStaff Unlimited Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN - Skilled Nursing Facility Franconia
Genesis Healthcare LLC Registered Nurse Franklin
A. Duie Pyle Diesel Mechanic 2nd Shift Hooksett
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. Dishwasher Londonderry
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. Retail Sales Londonderry
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. Cook Londonderry
Waste Management Diesel Technician Mechanic Londonderry
Elliot Health System REGISTERED NURSE - General Surgery, 7:00am-5:00pm Manchester
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord Care Coordinator - Registered Nurse (FT), Family Medicine - Merrimack, NH Merrimack
Maine Health Registered Nurse (RN) - ICU North Conway
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nh. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.14 07:44 banngbanng NBA Duos

This NBA season has been dominated by Dynamic Duos. You have LeBron and AD, Kawhi and PG, Luka and KP, Jimmy and Bam, Harden and Westbrook, Dame and CJ, Murray and Jokic, Embiid and Simmons, Giannis and Middleton, etc.
This prompted a dumb thought experiment for me. What if the playoff teams were all built around a duo? What I did was take the (roughly, 13-20 is debatable imo) 16 best players in the NBA and pair them with an eligible bachelor. I also avoided most guys like Ja and Zion, because the other 14 teams need some rebuilding blocks.
This is the pairs I came up with sorted by how much I like them.
  1. Curry and Klay- Klay is someone that can be partnered with any player and fit, but you cannot just partner him with anyone and have the best shooting backcourt of all time that could help lead you to multiple titles.
  2. Booker and Ben Simmons- Booker needs to play with a facilitator and should play with people that can hide him on defense. Maybe, add-in a person that can run a devastating pick-and-roll with him and play in the cutter role when Booker has the ball in his hand. Simmons fills all of those roles. They’re also a similar age and like Kendall Jenner.
  3. Giannis and Kyrie- Kyrie gets to partner with one of the most stable and consistent presence in the NBA who isn’t going to hog the limelight (on purpose at least). Giannis gets partnered with a very good PG and the only guy outside of the top 16 that I fully trust to get me buckets in the last 2 minutes of an elimination game.
  4. AD and Bradley Beal- Arguably, this pairing shouldn’t be available, but I had Beal just out of my top-16 (and didn’t feel good about it). A big and a guard from the same draft class that fit very nicely together. This is almost certainly the best pairing. My only concern would be that neither guy has that fuck you edge necessarily, but it’s hard to argue the tangibles of the partnership.
  5. Luka and Bam- 2 awesome stars that are shockingly young. If the Mavs had Bam instead of KP in the Clippers series, do they win? Regardless, these 2 would be a winning core for many, many years to come. Luka is great at putting bigs in a position to win on offense and Bam is great at cleaning things up on defense and around the rim.
  6. Jokic and Siakam- The immediate thought with any big is to pair him with a guard that can get him the ball. The thing is that Jokic can be the main facilitator on offense. I’d rather pair him with a frontcourt partner that can help make up for his defensive shortcomings and be a nice complementary piece on offense. I don’t know, I just think you could do really cool shit with this twin towers combo as your core. (Note: Not saying that this or Embiid/Murray is a better combo than Jokic/Murray. I just think Embiid needs a guy like Murray more than Jokic does, if that makes sense.)
  7. Embiid and Murray- Murray and Jokic are a good pair, but they are both very offense focused dudes. Honestly, this is the exact same idea as 4 of the pairs above them. Big guy that’s good on defense with a small guy that good at offense is just a good combo. This one is lower because there is a mental side of things with Embiid and this doesn’t do anything to solve it (or exacerbate it). Also, I’m just lower on these guys than the ones above.
  8. KAT and Lowry- Obviously, the age gap is a problem. But the mental issues with KAT are the number 1 issue and I think Lowry has the best chance of unlocking him. Lowry is a tough dude with that 2nd coach vibe, but he’s also beloved and not as much of a dick as Jimmy or CP3. I like the basketball fit too even if it only lasts a couple of years.
  9. Dame and Gobert- Dame has been very good with traditional centers the last few years and Gobert is a high-end traditional center. Small guy that gets buckets + big guy DPOY. Also, I think some of the Mitchell/Gobert tension comes from Mitchell being a younger guy coming in to “Gobert’s team”. Dame is established and respected enough that I don’t think those same issues will be there as much at least.
  10. Tatum and Brown- These guys are young as hell and have already been the core of multiple ECF teams. Lots of versatility and defense with these guys.
  11. Harden and PG- On paper, I think this is a great combo (also very possible PG outside the top 16 is a crazy overreaction but also nothing in the world could convince that PG can ever be a 1A on a championship team so relegating him to the Robin side seems fair). PG is easier to handle than CP3/Russ and less flaky and difficult than Dwight. He can take over on the possessions Harden decides not to play basketball and he can pick up some defensive slack, all while providing sometimes reliable spacing. The downside to this is that these guys don’t have a great playoff track record and combining them seems a little dangerous.
  12. KD and CP3- I think KD should be paired with a mature stable person. CP3 brings that and is a widely recognized all-timer that demands respect. He also brings defense, playmaking, and spacing. KD is very good at basketball and brings most of the basketball skills to the table. The defensive team you could build around these guys would be dope.
  13. Kawhi and Kemba- You can put anyone with Kawhi really, but he has a proven track record with undersized star point guards. They’re also the same age which is nice. Also, they provide a nice zag as 2 of the best clutch time midrange guys in the league.
  14. Jimmy and Jrue- The defensive potential is elite. I think Jrue has the mentality to hang with Jimmy. You have a decent amount of versatility with these 2. But, they would be on the low end of these pairs in terms of pure talent. Arguably, Jrue is number 32 of these 32 guys.
  15. LeBron and CJ- This is just a discount version of Bron and Kyrie. That combo beat an all-time great team so maybe this combo could beat a normal level championship team.
  16. Don Mitchell and Khris Middleton- If this seems like I realized late that I need to put Khris Middleton on and the guy I had Mitchell with was the most replaceable, it’s because that is what happened. Khris Middleton isn’t ever going to be a bad fit with a guy, but the ages don’t match-up at all. I also don’t think that a team with these 2 as their best players would ever win anything significant.
I, also, put together pairs of building block guys, but this is way more arbitrary and dumb. I will not be explaining much or ranking these at all. I am very open to someone else taking a crack at this. I tried but I watch very little lottery basketball. It’s an even more nebulous concept because of how future-focused it is, plus a lot of the exciting young guys are in the good 32.
  1. Trae and Lonzo- Lonzo provides defense and would work well in a motion offense. I remain a Lonzo believer.
  2. Zion and Brandon Clarke- Just a really fun futuristic take on a classic twin towers concept.
  3. Ja and John Collins- Dunks
  4. Fox and Wendell- PG and Center combo
  5. Brandon Ingram and Marvin Bagely- Duke guys that went top 3 and disappointed early. I feel like they could be a fun combo on offense. Could they be the guys that finally draw Coach K to the NBA? No, almost definitely not.
  6. Ayton and Coby White- PG and Center combo
  7. Kristaps and RJ Barret- Gives RJ spacing. Needs 6 or 7 PFs to really work tho
  8. Jonathon Issac and Dejounte Murray- Defense
  9. SGA and Myles Turner- 2 of the only guys with playoff experience. This combo could pair nicely with a superstar.
  10. Sabonis and Devonte’ Graham- Big guy and little guy. I have not seen a single Devonte’ Graham minute in the NBA.
  11. Sexton and Mitchell Robinson- I feel like this combo has upside. Another PG/C mashup
  12. JJJ and OG- This is one of the only combos that is theoretically doable and cool. The defensive potential would be crazy. This isn’t even the game, but tell me Ja OG JJJ Clarke isn’t a super exciting core for years to come.
  13. D’Angelo Russel and Aaron Gordon- You could build a 35 maybe even 37 win team around these 2. Honestly, both guys are positive assets with tradeable contracts, so it’s not that bad. Trade them for bad contracts and picks, process time.
  14. Tyler Herro and MPJ- In theory, this could be a dope offensive pair in the future. You get two irrational confidence guys which could go either way. They are also very young but have serious playoff experience.
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